When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1368

Chapter 1368

“The inpatient department is over there, let’s go.” Ali, the bodyguard, saw that the two of them were standing still, so he opened his mouth to break the silence.

The three walked towards the inpatient department.

Arriving at the neurology department, Avery said to Elliot, “Let your bodyguard pay the fee.”

Elliot immediately took out a card and handed it to the bodyguard.

After the bodyguard left, Avery took Elliot into the doctor’s office.

There are two doctors sitting in the office. Elliot was a little surprised to see the two of them coming in.

Avery directly pulled Elliot into the bathroom attached to the office and closed the door.

“Didn’t I tell you to refuse? Why didn’t you listen to me?” Elliot asked Avery first.

“Why should I refuse to see Kyrie?” Avery has her own ideas. “Nick told me that as long as Kyrie dies, your promise to him will not be fulfilled.”

Elliot was shocked by her bold idea. He said, “You want to take this opportunity to kill Kyrie?”

“Can’t you?” Avery raised her eyebrows, “I can do it without knowing it, and I promise not to let others see that I did it.”

Elliot: “Do you think they are reasonable gentlemen?”

Avery was stunned.

“If Kyrie dies accidentally, even if you didn’t kill him, his subordinates would kill you. Not to mention you killed him.” Elliot rejected Avery’s idea.

Avery: “I don’t want to kill him, do you want me to treat him? What a joke…”

Elliot looked at her gown again, and asked, “Why are you wearing a hospital gown? Are you sick?”

Avery blushed nervously, remembering the lie she told Mike, so she said: “Gynecological disease, I need a minor surgery.”

An unnatural look flashed in Elliot eyes: “Wait when they come over, You just pretend your stomach hurts and say you can’t help. If Kyrie wakes up and sees you, he’ll definitely remember Cristian’s death! He’ll never be grateful to you. Do you understand what I mean?”

“Oh…. ..” Avery lowered her eyes sadly, and soon raised her eyes to look at Elliot again, “You promised Kyrie that he would never leave the Yonroeville, and you promised him to have a child with Rebecca, which is against your will, right?”

Elliot’s adam’s apple rolling up and down sensually.

“Elliot, if you don’t let me kill Kyrie, then you can find a way to kill him.” Avery’s eyes suddenly turned cold, her tone even colder, “Please give me a happy answer, If I do it, or you do?”

“Are you forcing me?” Elliot frowned.

If Avery killed Kyrie rashly, her bodyguard and classmate would all have to die.

“Yes, I’m just forcing you.” Avery felt like she was going crazy, if she didn’t force Elliot, life would drive her crazy, “Either you don’t care about my life or death. Kyrie is going to deal with me and talk to me. What does it have to do with you? You have always wanted to protect me from here. Your feelings for me, who can you deceive? Do you think your new wife, Rebecca doesn’t know anything.”

Elliot looked at her aggressive look. His eyes were getting thicker, and the teeth were clenched.

‘Bang bang bang’. There was a knock on the door.

Ali, The bodyguard went to pay the bills and came back. He didn’t see the two of them. After asking around, a doctor told him that the two of them were in the bathroom.

–Two adults in one bathroom?

–Even if the two of them were going to plot something, they won’t run to the bathroom to plot it.

With a ‘squeak’, the bathroom door opened. Avery bent over with a pained face, while Elliot held her arm and helped her out of the bathroom.

Ali was shocked, “What’s wrong? Dr. Tate, are you alright?”

Avery gasped and said intermittently, “I…I’m afraid. I can’t help Kyrie because I am too sick.”

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