When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 1588

Chapter 1588

“Avery, should I call you sister-in-law instead?” Gwen also took a longan and peeled it off, “But I think calling you sister-in-law will make you old. If the two of us go out shopping, others will see, maybe we will think that I am an older sister and you are a younger sister.”

Avery: “Gwen: you should call me Avery. It sounds more affectionate.”

“Tell me, let me call you sister-in-law when I come back this time.” Gwen said in a low voice, “Ben always relies on his age and feels that he eats a little more salt than me and knows more than me, so he likes to teach me. The truth of life.”

“Ben Schaffer is kind. If you call my sister-in-law sweetly, your second brother can accept you faster.” Avery expressed Ben Schaffer’s thoughts.

“I know. I don’t think it’s necessary to be as glib and cunning as he is. I just like to call you Avery, I have a good relationship with you, you can call me whatever you want. If Elliot is willing to accept it, I will accept it, and if I don’t want to accept it, I will pull it down. I can support myself.” Gwen said confidently.

“You can say that Ben is slick, but he must be sad when you say that he is cunning and cunning. If he hears it, he must be sad.”

“His mental capacity has improved a lot recently. In Bridgedale, he lives with me, and we bicker every night.” Gwen recalled the short period of time in the past, and a sweet smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

Avery smelled the gossip: “You two… live together?”

Gwen shook her head hurriedly: “I share a house with him. It can only be counted under the same roof, not living together. I am with him. I haven’t decided to fall in love yet, how can we live together.”

Avery: “Well. It’s better to be cautious.”

“I must really want to marry him before I agree to be with him… Huh? Where’s Shea?” Gwen suddenly remembered Shea, “I brought her a gift too, but I never saw her.”

Avery whispered, “She should go to Wesley’s house. She is going to marry Wesley.”

Gwen: “Wow! When are they getting married? Can I attend their wedding?”

Avery smiled, “The wedding date has not been set yet. They will get the certificate first. This is the first good news in the new year.”

“Really I envy them. Shea and Wesley are very pure. They are really suitable.” Gwen diverged her thoughts, “The two of them will definitely not quarrel.”

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Avery: “Brother Wesley has a very good personality, I have never met him. Shea is also more gentle.”

“Then the child born by the two of them will definitely be more gentle.” Gwen said casually.

The smile on Avery’s face suddenly froze.

Gwen also suddenly thought of this question, “Avery, if Shea gives birth to a child, will the child have a certain chance of inheriting bad genes?”

Avery: “Well. Putting this aside, Shea’s body is too weak. She will have children.”

“Ah! I envy them more and more! I don’t want to have children either.” Gwen was madly envious, “The pain is one aspect, and on the other hand, I heard that postpartum training is particularly painful.”

Avery: “You keep your current training and you’ll be able to recover soon.”

“I don’t even have a partner, so giving birth is far from me.” Gwen wiped her hands with a tissue, “Avery, let’s go eat. I can smell it all. It smells good.”

“Yeah.” Avery got up and walked towards the dining room with her.

Several of their men have already drank.

Avery glanced at Elliot’s reddened face.

Mrs. Cooper divided two tables, one for drinking and one for not drinking.

After Avery finished eating, he accompanied Gwen to the guest room.

Because Gwen was about to suffer from jet lag, Avery didn’t stay in the guest room too much.

“Avery, you look a little tired. Did you go to the grave today to catch the cold?” Mrs. Cooper came over and picked Robert up after finishing her kitchen work.

“It’s okay.” Avery forced a smile, “Robert is already well, you can start your vacation tomorrow!”

“This… Mr. Foster drank a lot of alcohol tonight, and it is estimated that he will have a headache tomorrow. I will wait until the day after tomorrow.” Mrs. Cooper said sympathetically, “Mike has been drinking alcohol, why don’t you take care of it?”

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