When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 1585

Chapter 1585

Mike stood outside the door of the guest room. He originally heard the two of them quarreling fiercely. He hesitated to push the door and go in to help Avery.

As a result, the fierce quarrel began to calm down within 2 minutes.

After a while, the door to the guest room opened, and the two of them were ready to come out.

“Are you finished talking?” Mike scratched his head, “So soon?”

“Mike, let’s go back first.” Avery seemed to calm down, but the redness in her eyes became heavier.

“Oh, are you guys going to move the battlefield and have another quarrel?” Mike followed them and walked towards the door, “Avery, you must not be brainwashed by him. You are a woman in the new era, and you have to stand your ground. What can’t be tolerated, no matter how Elliot begs you, don’t swallow it. I know Elliot, if you endure this time, he will definitely have another time.”

Avery was very moved when she listened to his rambling reminders.

“You go to our house for dinner at night. Gwen will be back at noon.” Avery changed the topic slightly and spoke to Mike.

Mike: “Oh, yes! Is yours or Elliot’s?” Mike asked.

Avery: “Let’s celebrate the New Year at Elliot house.”

“Okay! I’ll see the situation at night. If I’m free, I’ll go there.” Mike sent them out.

Elliot followed Avery into a car, and the driver drove another car.

After the two cars drove away, Mike sent Avery a message: [What did you two talk about? Did you just let him go? ]

After Avery got home, she replied: [New Year first. After the Spring Festival.]

Mike: [Oh, yes, it’s New Year now! It’s just how aggrieved you are! There are only six days until the end of the New Year]

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Avery: [Elliot refused to separate.]

Mike: [I knew he would not be separated. If he were to be separated from you, none of the three children would be with him. He even wants Rebecca’s children, let alone your three children. In fact, he is very ruthless towards women, all he wants is his children]

Avery: [I’m a little sleepy. I’ll go to bed first. You come over for dinner tonight.]

Mike: [Since you want me to go so much, I’ll definitely go.]

Avery didn’t reply. She didn’t sleep last night, she was very dizzy. Every time she took a step forward, it felt like she was going to fall down the next second.

Seeing that her mental state was not right, Elliot immediately supported her arm.

After Avery entered the bedroom, she went straight to the bed and lay down.

Elliot did not leave. He sat on the edge of the bed and watched her sleep.

Not long after, Ben Schaffer sent Gwen to Foster’s house.

There was laughter and laughter downstairs, it was very lively.

“Auntie, you are amazing.” Layla blew the rainbow fart to Gwen, “When you are in the finals, I want to see you perform.”

“Okay! As long as you don’t delay your studies, of course I welcome you to the scene.” Gwen opened the suitcase in the living room and took out the New Year’s gift she bought for them, “Layla, where is your mother? I bought her a super beautiful bracelet. She will definitely like it.”

“My mother this morning went to my grandmother’s grave and After returned she is sleeping.” Layla looked at Gwen’s suitcase without blinking, “Auntie, is your suitcase full of gifts?”

The reason why Layla asked, It was because there were few clothes in the box.

v: “Yes! My clothes are in my satchel. This box is full of gifts for you.”

Adrian also came over.

When Gwen saw him, he immediately shouted at him, “Adrian! I bought you a gift.”

“If you don’t call me a fool, it’s the best gift.” Adrian had a shy smile on his face.

“My conditioned reflex wanted to call you a fool, but with so many people in my family, I held back. I must give you some face.” Gwen took out a box and handed it to him, “This is a drawing board for Drawing. When you are bored, you can use it to write and draw.”

Adrian took the gift, a little worried that he would not use it.

“I’ll send you a tutorial later, and you can watch the video more. If you really can’t, I’ll find a way for you.” Gwen asked, “Do you like it?”

Adrian nodded implicitly: “I like it…”

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