When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 1584

Chapter 1584

Mike: [She came to Aryadelle to find Elliot. And Elliot, a scmbag, even secretly ran to see her. I’ll ask you, never give up! Scm is not sc*m.]

Chad: [… sc*m!]

Mike: [Hahahaha!]

Chad: [How can my boss do this? Is he worthy of Avery like this? Is it worth three kids?]

Chad was a little sad.

Mike: [When he’s smart, he’s pretty smart, but when he’s stupid, he’s really stupid. He was deceived by Rebecca.]

Chad: [My boss was deceived? Oh my God! Rebecca cheated on my boss’s body?]

Because Avery had run away from home, Chad took this matter more seriously.

Mike: [Pfft! If your boss slept with Rebecca, I wouldn’t say he was cheated. I’ll just say he cheated.]

Chad:[Oh, how did you get deceived? You f*cking talk half way, it makes me sick to death. I really want to kill you.]

Mike: [Rebecca said that the child in her womb looks like Layla, your boss believed it. You say it’s not funny. I’am happy!]

Chad: [What’s so good about this? You are laughing weirdly.]

Mike: [You idiot. Layla looks like Avery, but Rebecca lied to Elliot and said that their children look like Avery. Don’t you think it’s funny?]

Chad: […I’ll go! Isn’t Rebecca a bad brain? Telling such a lie can deceive for a while, but not forever!]

In the guest room.

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Avery sat down beside the bed, while Elliot squatted in front of her and looked at her reverently.

“Rebecca came to me last night and said that he would see me for the last time and would never come to Aryadelle again, so I went.” Elliot explained what happened last night to her.

Avery said firmly, “Why do you believe what Rebecca said? After she gave birth, she brought the child to you, and you would still go to see her. Elliot, I underestimated Rebecca’s threat to our relationship. “

Elliot: “Avery, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gone to see her…I shouldn’t have believed her. She said the child was like Layla, so I went to see her out of curiosity. I have absolutely no personal feelings for Rebecca.”

“I know. I believe that you have no feelings for Rebecca. But I also believe that you have feelings for your children.” Avery held his face in both hands, “You can’t ignore your children. Just like you clearly hated children before, but when you saw Hayden and Layla, you naturally assumed the responsibility of a father.”

Elliot lowered his eyes and didn’t dare to promise her that he would never see that child again.

If Rebecca brings the child to his door in the future, how can he keep the door behind him?

He felt that Rebecca could definitely do such a thing.

It’s like Rebecca has been deceiving Elliot with fake color ultrasound photos! Rebecca can do anything!

“Avery, I won’t divorce you, and I won’t give up our children.” After pondering for a moment, Elliot said his determination, “You don’t want to separate from me, and don’t want to take the children away.”

“Are you here to quarrel with me?” Avery withdrew her hand, her body trembling with anger.

“No.” Elliot got up, took her into his arms again, his voice choked up slightly, “I don’t want to make you angry, I don’t want to see you sad. I’m just afraid that you will make up your mind to leave me silently.”

“Elliot, let me be quiet…I want to be quiet.” Avery’s eyes were red and tears were swirling in her eyes.

“No. I can’t leave you alone.” Elliot knew her character too well. If she was left alone, she would definitely think wildly and go slanted.

“Then what do you want me to do?” Avery raised her fist in tears and slammed her fist on his shoulder, “Will you let me endure it? Will you endure it for the rest of your life? You want that child of Rebecca and you.”

“I don’t want it. Avery, I don’t want that child.” Elliot held her angry little face tightly with both hands and pressed his forehead to hers, “I swear, I will never see Rebecca again, but if that child comes look for me, I can’t promise you not to see her.”

“You met the child, and then what?” Avery looked at him with hard eyes, “If the child wants to recognize you, if she is crying and begging you, kneel down and beg you. What? Elliot, how dare you tell me you don’t want it. You promise me now, coax me well, and when the child is born in the future, if you recognize her, what can I do to you.”

Elliot tightened his body and didn’t say anything.

“The most worthless thing in this world is a promise.” Avery squeezed his wrist tightly with both hands, trying to pull his hand away.

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