This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 894

Chapter 894 This is Connor

Of course Xander thought it was humiliating. He had strutted in like a peacock, thinking that a mere woman would never refuse him. He thought she would do as he said, but Sonia was not the coward he thought she was. Instead, she had great courage within her, and it was a reminder of his earlier foolishness. It was as if she just broke his pride, and it made him snap.

Sonia noticed the veiled threat, and she tightened her grip on her handbag. “My answer is still the same no matter how many times you’re going to ask. I won’t go.” I’d be mad if I went with him. Who knows what would happen if I did? I’m not going, just in case.

Xander finally ran out of patience, and venom dripped in his eyes. “Since you’re not coming with me, then I might have to take you by force, Miss Reed.”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” She froze up for a moment and took a step back. Fear bubbled within her, but she held it down and looked at the man cautiously. “You’re at Bayside Residence, one of the high-end condominium complexes in Seafield. There are surveillance cameras everywhere. Touch me and it won’t be pretty. Same thing goes for your boss. Do you think Toby will let this slide?” She used Toby to threaten them.

Xander stopped in his tracks, and the anger on his face subsided. It was replaced by concern and worry. He was just trying to finish his task and take her to him, but he forgot that he was in Seafield. He was on Toby’s turf, not somewhere he could do whatever he wanted. He was the outsider here, and if Toby found out that he attacked Sonia, he would fly into a rage and ruin Connor’s plan. Xander clenched his fists as he was out of ideas.

The sight of him stopping in his tracks told Sonia that her warning worked. She heaved a sigh of relief in silence, and she was touched at the same time. Toby did protect her at all times. Even though he was not around, his name alone made her feel safe. As long as he was there, she had nothing to fear. He actually managed to be my biggest defender and protect me at all times, just like he promised.

Sonia took a deep breath and put those thoughts aside. It was not the time for sentiments. She was planning on leaving and escaping into her home while Xander was still in a trance. She would then call Toby and tell him that Connor had come to Seafield.

Sonia stared at Xander as she slowly retreated. She planned to turn back and run once she had put some distance between them. If she ran right away, Xander would be alarmed, and he would catch up to her in no time.

She closed her eyes and retreated, keeping her breathing and mind calm at all times. It was imperative to stay collected, or she might slip up and get caught. However, Xander had already snapped out of it even though Sonia did not make any mistakes. He noticed her backing off and realized what she was trying to do. He shot her a fierce look. “You think you can run?”

Sonia looked shocked that he saw through her. She ditched her original plan and made a run for the complex right away.

Xander tried to go after her, but then a deep male voice sounded. “Xander, stop.”

The look on Xander’s face changed, and he stopped. He turned around to bow at the man in fear and respect. “Sir.”

The man who came was Connor, and Sonia heard Xander greeting him. She realized who he was as well, and she stopped. Connor’s here himself? Sonia looked surprised for a moment. Did his patience run out from waiting outside too long?

Sonia was still caught up in her mind, but Connor broke her train of thoughts. “You must be Miss Reed. Can we have a chat? I mean you no harm, I promise,” he said. He sounded warmer than his cold, cruel assistant.

Sonia pursed her lips, but she said nothing. She was weighing her choices. Her mind was telling her to ignore Connor and go straight into the complex. She would be safe if she did that, but her heart was telling her to stay. She wanted to see Connor with her own eyes and judge what kind of man he was. It was both for her and Toby’s sake. Sonia took a deep breath and decided to follow her heart. She turned around slowly.

Sonia finally saw the legendary Connor Salzburg, but she was shocked. This man is Connor?

She had never seen Connor in person until this moment, but from what Oscar and Toby told her, she imagined Connor to be a big, burly thug who cussed every time he spoke. She thought he would smoke cigars and look murderous like the mafia bosses on TV. Sonia thought he would be a capricious man who killed people for fun.

However, it was different in reality. He was the opposite of what she had in mind. Connor was in his fifties, but he looked no older than thirty years old. He took good care of himself, and he had soft, gentle features. The man was in white traditional attire, and his hair was slicked back. A warm smile hung on his face, and he looked nothing like the head of an aristocratic family.

He did not have the majestic air that the typical family head had. In fact, he looked like a scholar or artist. The man was young, and he did not look or act like a scheming, conniving b*****d.

Looks are deceiving though. So he’s the man Toby’s mother loved. I can see why she loved him so much. Any woman would fall for just his looks alone.

There are girls whom boys would fall in love at first sight with, and the same goes for girls. I bet all the girls had a crush on him when he was younger. He’s the guy of every girl’s dream. She never thought Connor would be a guy like that. It was completely different from what she had in mind.

Connor noticed her staring at him, and he fiddled with his jade ring. Something glinted in his eyes for a moment, and he asked gently, “You’re expecting a burlier, more thuggish man, aren’t you, Miss Reed?”

He saw through me? Sonia’s eyes widened.

Connor smiled. His smile was as gentle as his voice. “It’s nothing. Everyone looks at me the same the first time they see me, and they think about the same thing every time. I don’t have to even guess what you were thinking about.”

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