This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 893

Chapter 893 Connor in Seafield

She took the breakfast and said thanks to the waiter. Sonia closed the door and went back to have her food. The breakfast was as big as usual, and it was all her favorite. He really remembers what I like, huh? Sonia thought as she ate. Despite how great the breakfast was, she felt that Toby’s absence took away some of the enjoyment.

She massaged her forehead and sighed. It hasn’t been too long, and I’m already missing him just because he’s not around for breakfast. At this rate, will I lose all my appetite just because he isn’t around? No, no, no. She shook her head. I can’t let this happen. She patted her cheeks.

She was fine with missing him, but not to the point it controlled her. If they were to break up in that state, she would lose everything. She must not lose herself and feel demotivated just because Toby was not around for a while. I can’t become a girl who can’t do anything without him. I should be more rational about this.

True love was cherishing your partner while they were around and doing your own thing while they were not. Staying calm at all times was key. Losing all motivation to do anything while they were gone would be dangerous. I should put him aside for now. He’ll be back at night, and we can spend a lot of time together then. Now that he’s working, I should get to work too. Love is important, but work takes priority.

If she were to lose love, at least she would still have her career. If she put love before her career, she would be left with nothing if the love was gone. Sonia took a deep breath and put Toby aside for now. She finished her breakfast and took a shower. She then got changed and went out.

Right after she came out of the complex, a man in a black suit suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stood before her. “A minute, Miss Reed.”

Sonia looked at the man, a frown furrowing her brows. “And you are?”

The man seemed like an ordinary Joe in a suit and glasses, and he had a professional smile on his face. He looked like Tom, and Sonia thought he must be someone’s assistant. “Hello, Miss Reed. Allow me to introduce myself.” He adjusted his glasses. “I’m Xander Little, and I came here on my employer’s orders. He wants to see you.”

“Your employer?” Her frown deepened. “Who is he? Why does he want to see me?”

Xander was still smiling. “His surname is Salzburg. I think you can guess who he is, Miss Reed.”

Salzburg? Sonia froze up for a moment, and a name popped into her mind. Connor? Her eyes widened, and she looked at Xander in shock.

The look on Xander’s face did not change, though there was a mysterious air about his smile now. “I see you know who he is. Yes, he’s the head of Westsanshire’s Salzburg Family—Mr. Connor Salzburg. Miss Reed, if you may. He’s right outside the neighborhood.” Xander extended his arm outward, inviting Sonia to go with him. He seemed demanding though, apparently telling her that she had to go whether she liked it or not.

Sonia stopped looking shocked, but she was still panicking internally. Her heart raced, and her lips were pursed. She had never thought Connor would come to see her. Toby did tell her that Connor would try to convince her to let Anya go, and she was prepared to take that call, as she thought that was how he would contact her. Connor was in Westsanshire and would not travel to Seafield that easily, or so she thought.

Instead of giving her a call, he came to Seafield himself and waited right outside her neighborhood. She was not prepared to see him. After all, she had no idea what kind of person he was. If she met him just like that, she would be at a disadvantage. What should I do? Should I see him? She bit her lip and hesitated.

Sonia’s hesitation annoyed Xander, and he wasn’t smiling so hugely anymore. When he spoke again, he sounded a lot colder. “Are you listening, Miss Reed?”

She noticed the hostility, and she was not surprised. Sonia already knew that Xander was not a good person from the start. He might have the same cunning smile like Tom had, but Tom’s smile was mysterious, not unnerving.

Xander, on the other hand, had an eerie and unnerving smile. Connor is infamous in Westsanshire. I can’t expect much from his assistant. With that kind of master, it’d be a miracle if his assistant turns out to be a great guy. Sonia took a deep breath and held her unease down. She put on a deadpan look and scoffed. “How laughable.”

That wiped the smile completely off Xander’s face, and he asked icily, “What do you mean, Miss Reed?”

“I’m talking about you and your boss,” Sonia said. “He’s here for Anya’s case, isn’t he?”

Xander did not answer.

Sonia continued, “You want to save Anya, but you can’t ask for the local authority’s help, since the Colemans are at the helm. They’re friends with the Fullers, so they won’t let Anya go just because you asked them to. The only way to free her will be through me or Toby. If Toby and I sign the memorandum of understanding, Anya can be released, but there’s a little thing preventing your boss from going straight to Toby, so I’m the only avenue left. But…”

“But what? Speak up, Miss Reed.” The look on Xander’s face was getting stormier by the minute.

Sonia pursed her lips. “You came to me for help, but you’re giving me attitude instead. You tried to push me around, and quite frankly, I’m upset. Don’t forget that you’re the one who’s asking for my help. Shouldn’t your boss be the one to see me? Why is it the other way around? You don’t even know what you should do when you’re asking me for help, and you think I’ll do as you say? Go back and tell your boss to see me himself.”

Xander did not expect her outright refusal, and he seemed irritated. He thought taking Sonia to Connor would be a simple task. She’s just a useless woman who got this far with Toby’s help. How hard can it be? She won’t say no. Reality proved him wrong, however. Sonia was far from useless, and she was not someone who could only rely on men to solve her problems.

A useless woman would never have the courage to refuse him. His employer was the head of the Salzburg Family after all. However, aside from the initial shock after hearing Connor’s name, Sonia had remained calm since then. She did not even care about who Connor was. It might be either a brave or stupid move, but her reply alone told him that it would be difficult to take her to Connor. For a moment there, Xander felt humiliated, and there was a hint of anger in his eyes. “Are you sure you’re not going, Miss Reed?”

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