This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 892

Chapter 892 Toby’s EQ

The thought of Toby looking cautious and nervous when he met her foster parents made her smile. However, the amusement did not last long. Her parents had passed away, and Toby would never have the chance to see them in the flesh. There were only graves of them left.

Toby noticed the sorrow coming from Sonia. One look at her face was enough to tell him what she was thinking about. He patted her head and assured, “Alright, don’t think too much about it. We should think about the gifts I should bring for Mrs. Lane tomorrow.”

“Are you free tomorrow?” Sonia looked at him.

“Yes. This is important. Even if I don’t have time, I’ll make some.”

“You don’t have to do this.” Sonia shook her head. “I can tell Mrs. Lane about this. She’ll understand.”

“This is nothing.” He kissed her forehead. “There are a lot of capable people in the company. If the company can’t run just because I’m out for one day, I would have trained them for nothing. Don’t worry about it. Tom can handle things without me.”

Since he was being serious, Sonia had no reason to refuse. “I see. I’ll tell Charles we’ll be going tomorrow.” She got up from his embrace and whipped her phone out.

Toby watched as her fingers flew across her phone screen. It did not take long for her to send her reply. Charles had been waiting for it, so not long after Sonia sent her reply, he texted her back. It was a cat emoji that said okay, and he also texted, ‘See you tomorrow’.

Sonia locked her phone. “I texted Charles. We can go straight to his place tomorrow.”

Toby nodded. “Now can you tell me what kind of stuff the Lanes like? I need to get prepared.”

“Mr. Lane likes wine, and as for Mrs. Lane…” Sonia pointed at her cheek and smiled. “She likes handbags and makeup products.”

Toby nodded. “I have some original wine back at my place. Mr. Lane should love it. As for Mrs. Lane, I’ll give her Doir and Chenal’s makeup products and perfume. They’re next season’s stuff that hasn’t been released yet. What do you think?” Toby looked at Sonia.

Sonia nodded. “They’ll love it.”

Original wine? They’re the first batch of wine made by the biggest wine factories in the world, and they cost a lot. Toby’s listed on Forbes. That’s why he has the wine.

The Lane Family was not one of the top families in the world. They were rich in Seafield, but not when it came to the whole nation, let alone the world, so despite their wealth, they could never purchase original wines. Mr. Lane loved wine, and he loved collecting them. When she was a kid, he lamented the fact that he had no original wine among his large collection. I bet Mr. Lane is going to be ecstatic about this gift tomorrow.

There was also the case of Mrs. Lane. She might be in her fifties, but she was elegant and loved to look beautiful like any other woman. She was young at heart and loved anything young ladies liked. She could buy any of the most expensive luxury items she wanted, but the most she could do was purchase the in-season items. She was not privileged enough to get anything that would only come out next season.

Toby was different, however. All the companies would happily give him the products that would only be released in the next season or even the next year if he asked for it. He would be spoiled for choice. Mrs. Lane is going to be excited to get next season’s items.

Mrs. Lane was the one inviting them over, and Sonia knew her well enough to figure out her plan. She was probably going to warn Toby and ask her to cherish Sonia for life. Sonia lost her mother, so Mrs. Lane would step up as her defender. She would quiz Toby in the place of Lina and support Sonia all the way.

However, if Toby were to give her all these presents, Mrs. Lane would probably toss everything behind her and acknowledge Toby right away. She would probably see him as her own son, as his presents were perfect for a lady, and it stroked her ego. Mrs. Lane could show off the items to her friends, and she would enjoy a higher status among them. That alone was enough to make Mrs. Lane support Toby.

The thought that the Lane couple would be delighted upon receiving the gifts made Sonia smile. He can be stupid at times but really smart at other times. I only brought their preferences up casually, and he’s already preparing the perfect gifts that they can’t refuse. No wonder he can be so successful. He reacts fast.

Toby was oblivious to her thoughts. He patted her head and stood up. “Stay here. I’ll call Tom.”

Oh, he’s going to ask Tom to prepare the gifts. “Okay, sure.”

Toby went back into the study. He had left his phone in the study, so he could only make the call inside. Sonia sat back down on the couch and switched the TV on. Toby came back out a few minutes later. He sat beside Sonia, wrapped his arm around her waist, and watched TV with her.

Sonia was used to him hugging her every time he sat down beside her. She did not look uneasy when he held her. In fact, she accepted it easily and offered him half the blanket. They watched TV together side by side like a family. Two hours later, Sonia could not fight off her sleepiness anymore, and she fell asleep on Toby’s shoulder. Toby looked at her and smiled. He slowly removed her head from his shoulder and carried her in his arms before taking her to the bedroom.

It was eight when Sonia woke up the next day. Toby had left for Fuller Group a while ago. Tom might have handled work for him the day before, but he needed to sign a lot of documents himself. He had to work, or the documents would pile up, so after he woke up, he left a slip of paper for Sonia and left.

Sonia yawned. She looked at the slip and put it on the cabinet before getting out of bed, then went to the porch and opened the door to take her breakfast. Toby’s message did not tell her that someone would be sending breakfast over because he was sure that she knew he would send someone to give her the breakfast of the day if he left home before she did. She behaved like he expected and came to the door right after she woke up.

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