The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1523

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1523

Jackie patted the driving seat and signaled the driver to start the engine.

Without waiting for Violet to say anything, the car drove away.

Violet shouted exasperatingly, “You’re right! There are a lot of men who want to come here and pick me up! I don’t even want to sit in your car!”

She pulled her phone out.

As she browsed her contact list, she discovered that there were not many people she could ask.

Her car was inside the garage of her house, and she had not brought her purse when she came out to the city hall to finalize their divorce procedure.

Her phone was not linked to any cards, and she did not expect that Jackie would be so cruel as to leave her behind.She thought Jackie would treat her better after they got a divorce, but it now seemed to her that she was too naive.She did not have other choices anymore, so she called her mother.

However, she did not know that someone secretly captured the scene of them coming out of the city hall and Jackie leaving her behind on camera.

The next day…

Thomas threw the magazine on the table, his expression dark.

“This is what you promised me?”

Jackie looked at the magazine.It was the image of them going to the city hall yesterday for a divorce.

They had promised Thomas they wouldn’t make their divorce public.

However, little did they expect that paparazzi would follow them.

Now the media speculated they had gotten a divorce.

Jackie pressed his lips tightly, and it took him a while before answering, “The media would find out sooner or later, so I don’t think it’ll affect anything.”

After all, his grandfather was going to tell the public that he was going to take Violet in as his god-granddaughter.

Thomas’ face sank, and he asked, “You don’t think it’ll affect anything, but have you thought about Viv?

“Yes, I agreed to let both of you get a divorce, but I also said before that you can’t make your divorce public before I announce that I’m going to make Violet my god-granddaughter.Look at what you’ve done now.Have you ever thought about what the media is going to say about Violet because of this?”

Tf the divorce between him and Violet was confirmed, the media would certainly think that he had terminated their marriage because of Violet’s misconduct.This would have a big impact on her reputation in the future.

Even if Violet did not care about it, there was no way the Lovegoods would swallow the bitter pill] of humiliation.

Jackie chuckled and asked, “Grandpa, what exactly did the Lovegoods offer you? Don’t you think you’re a little bit too good to their daughter?”

Thomas was stunned.


“It’s already ridiculous enough that you would take Violet in as your god- granddaughter.”

Jackie stuck his hands into his pockets, “Besides, do you think she cares about her reputation? No matter what the media says about her, even if it isn’t real, you can’t deny the fact that she ruined her reputation with her own hands.She doesn’t even care about it, so why do you have to care about it for her?”

“Jackie!” shouted Thomas.

Meanwhile, Maisie and Nolan came downstairs.

Both of them looked at each other and came to the living room.Then, they saw the magazine that had captured them coming out of the city hall on the table.It had only been a day, and the magazine had already been printed.

If Violet went out today, she would certainly be surrounded by reporters.

Jackie did not say anything anymore because his grandfather had gotten angry.He turned around and left.

Maisie stretched her arm to stop him and said, “Can I have a second with you?”

Maisie and Jackie stood in the corridor outside.

Jackie knew what she wanted to talk to him about, so he said, “If you want to talk about the things between Violet and me, then save your breath.We’ve gotten divorced, and I don’t want to know anything about her.”

“I’m not going to tell you either.”

Maisie squinted, “I just want you to know that you don’t have to have a prejudice against her.She has never done anything that harms the Cliffords.It’s fine if you don’t know about the whole story, but you’re in no position to comment on what kind of person she is.”

Jackie frowned.

“She has never harmed the Cliffords? She brought disgrace to the Cliffords.”

“She brought disgrace to the Cliffords? Are you sure? Everyone is just criticizing her for what she did.Has anyone talked about or commented on you?”

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