The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1522

 “Are you mad at me?”

Violet clenched her fists tightly and shook her head as she smiled.

“I know you only want the best for me, so I’m not mad at you.”

When she thought about it, she was the one who owed Thomas something.

“Thank you, Viv,” Thomas said as he smiled gently at her.

“Don’t worry.Even if you get a divorce, you will be my god- granddaughter.Even though you and Jackie can’t be husband and wife, you can treat each other as brother and sister.I think it should be better, right?” Violet pressed her lips thin.

After a short bout of hesitation, she said, “Honestly, this is all my fault.Grandpa, you shouldn’t blame him as well.”

Jackie hated her because he thought she was that kind of woman.She had never cared about how others thought of her.

That’s why she had thrown caution into the wind and had done so many stupid things to the point that she had overlooked how good Thomas was to her.It was only now she realized how stubborn she was.

Even now, Thomas was worried about her, and she felt even guiltier.

“I know.None of you has done anything wrong.I just don’t want you to end up like me,” Thomas lamented.

When he was young, he had been ambitious and sought nothing but profits.

However, Simmone’s death had woken him up completely.He had been living in the midst of revenge and guilt for Simmone.It was not like he hadn’t done anything wild or stupid before.He had even sought revenge against the wrong person.

Aaron was Violet’s father.

Even though Violet resented her father for what he had done, she did not choose to take revenge on him.

Instead, she had chosen to punish herself.She was such a good and kind girl, so how was there any chance he could bring himself to blame her? When Violet came out of the study room, she raised her head and saw Jackie standing in the corridor.

Lowering her head, she walked over and stopped in front of him.

“I’ve signed the divorce papers.”

After she finished speaking, she paused for a few seconds before adding, “I’m sorry for all the troubles I’ve caused you guys this whole time.”

Jackie was stunned.He was kind of surprised that Violet would apologize to him.

After all, she had never said something like that to him so sincerely.He let out a scoff and said nonchalantly, “I didn’t know that you know how to apologize as well.”

Violet knew he wouldn’t accept her apology.She crossed her arms in front of her chest.

When she thought that he still couldn’t get rid of her even though they had gotten a divorce, a hint of triumph crossed her eyes.

“Well, even after we’ve gotten a divorce, we’ll become siblings.So, consider it a little favor that I did for you, my brother.”

After that, she strode away.Jackie turned his head around to look at her, and it was only now that he realized she was so childish.

Everything she did was unpleasant, but the good thing was that she knew what she was doing, so she wasn’t too bad after all.It was considered a relief for both of them as well now that Thomas had asked them to get a divorce.

However, when Jackie thought that his wife had become his sister…He let out a scoff as he found it ridiculous.

In the afternoon, Jackie and Violet finalized their divorce procedure in the city hall.

After that, they came out of the city hall one after another.

Violet stood in front of the car and waited for him.

“Hey, my dear brother.”

He was opening the door and froze.He frowned slightly, and it was apparent that he hadn’t gotten used to the sudden change of identity yet.

“Call my name.”

He went into the car.

Just when Violet was about to open the door, she found that the door was locked from the inside.She knocked on the window and asked the driver to roll down the window.

After the window had rolled down, she put her hand on the edge of the window, leaned forward, and looked at the people inside.

“What do you mean by that? Are you going to leave me here after the divorce?” Jackie placed his hand on his forehead and glanced at her.

“I’m sure there are a lot of men who want to come and pick you up, my dear sister.”

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