The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1520

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1520

“Alright, I’m going to speak to your grandfather outside.Go play with your brothers.”

Daisie nodded and walked away.She saw her two brothers standing in the living room with Zephir and paused.

“Zeph?” Zephir smiled.

“Happy new year.I brought presents for you.”

“What is it?”

Her eyes shone as she ran over.

Zephir handed her a box, and she took it over with a smile, then opened it.It was a pink custom-made crystal bracelet.

Colton clicked his tongue.

“Why didn’t you bring us presents too?” He was such a schemer, only treating their sister nicely.

Zephir seemed to know that Colton would say that, so he smiled.

“I did.” He asked the bodyguards to bring the presents over —there was one for each of them.

“Alright, I’ll forgive you.” Colton took it.

Daisie turned to look at him.

“Can’t you be nice, Colton? You accepted his present.”

Colton smiled.

“I’ll listen to you when you’re the first in class.”


“I can’t lie when Waylon is here.”


Daisie patted her shoulder.

“I’m going to show you!”

Colton crossed his arms.

“Not first from the back, please.”

She put her hands on her waist.

“No way, don’t underestimate me!”

In the evening…

The Lovegoods went over to have dinner with the Cliffords.

Rose and Aaron both knew the relationship between Nolan and the Cliffords, so they weren’t surprised that the family was there.

During their meal, Rose smiled and said, “I didn’t expect Mrs.Goldmann to have three children who are so grown up when you’re only so young.”

Nolan answered, “She gave birth early.”

Aaron said, “It will be perfect when Violet and Jackie have children.”

The mood became awkward, and Thomas was quiet.

Maisie and Nolan didn’t want to interfere while the children were silent.

Jackie looked like this wasn’t about him, but only Violet wasn’t polite about it.

“You have to drag me in?” Aaron frowned.

“How could you talk like that?”

She put down her cutlery and wiped the corner of her mouth with the napkin.

“I’m done.” Aaron put down his cutlery forcefully.

“Come back.”

She didn’t stop or look back.

Thomas couldn’t stand it, so he said, “Aaron, let it go.”

“Thomas, you’ve spoiled Violet.This can’t be tolerated.”

Thomas said, “I’ve been thinking about something for a while already, and since everyone is here, I think I should announce it today.”

Maisie paused.

Was it about ‘that’? Aaron was curious.

“What are you announcing?”

“I want to take Viv as my god-granddaughter.”

Everyone from the Lovegood family was shocked.

Even the children were shocked.

Aaron couldn’t believe him.

“Thomas, what…”

Thomas continued.

“Jackie and Viv don’t get along, and there’s no point in forcing them.I’ve thought about this for a long time, and I quite like Viv, so I’ve decided to make her my god- granddaughter.”

Violet looked toward Thomas and didn’t expect that he would speak up for her and even say that he wanted her as a god- granddaughter.

“Thomas, this…This is nonsense!”

Aaron didn’t look too happy.

His daughter was already married to Jackie, but Thomas suddenly wanted to make her his god-granddaughter.

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