The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1519

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1519

Waylon handed Jackie the kite and walked toward Colton and Daisie.

Violet turned to look at Jackie, tugging at the string, and crossed her arms.

“Why did you join in?”

“I can do what I want at my home.”

He was right, and Violet had no retort.

“Alright, have fun.”

When Daisie saw that she was leaving, she immediately yelled, “If you leave now, you’ll be considered the loser.”

They were having a kite- flying competition, and the highest flier would be the winner.If the string broke, it would be counted as a loss.

The loser would have to accept one condition by the winner, and they had set the rules before they started.

Violet paused and was annoyed.

“Then get Waylon back here.” Daisie smiled.

“But Uncle Jackie is on your team now.”

“Emergency change in a teammate, it shouldn’t count!”

“It should count.” Daisie continued.

“Only one person could give up, and Waylon already did that.You have one less teammate, and Uncle Jackie replaced him, so it should continue.”

Colton and Waylon were quiet because no one could argue over their sister.

Violet was rendered speechless.

Why did she have a feeling that the three kids had ganged up to trap her? It was indeed a trap because the string in Jackie’s hand snapped.

Daisie jumped up.

“Aunt Viv, your string broke.You lost!”

Violet looked at Jackie and laughed.

“You did that on purpose.” Jackie was still calm.

“Did I break it?”

“why did you join in then? We lost, so you have to bear the consequences.”

“You wanted to be part of the bet.”

“You want to trap me!”

The three stood there and watched them argue.It was the ‘worst’ relationship that they had witnessed.

They were like fire and ice, unable to blend.

Thomas knew that the three wanted to pull them together and was quite glad, but he knew that one couldn’t force a relationship.

He smiled and said, “You don’t have to get involved.Let them settle it themselves.”

Daisie didn’t understand.

“Aunt Violet is fun.Why doesn’t Uncle Jackie like her?”

Thomas paused because he didn’t know the answer to that.

After a while, he slowly said, “If you loved apples, but someone forced you to have durians, and you didn’t like the smell of it, would you still be willing to try?”

Daisie frowned.She really hated the smell of durian.

“I don’t think I can.”


Thomas laughed.

“People who love durian think that it smells great, but people who don’t would need to accept the smell before they even try it.

“So whether Jackie likes Violet or not should be up to him.We can’t force them together.”

Daisie scratched her cheek.

“We managed to do that to Dad and Mom.”

Nolan suddenly appeared in the doorway.

“Your mother and I aren’t the same as them.”

Daisie covered her mouth.

‘Oh no, Dad heard that”

Nolan walked over and rubbed her head.

“Your mom and I love each other.”

She smiled because her father was shameless.

She and her brothers were the ones who had pulled them together.

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