The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1518

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1518

Nolan smiled, “If you made Jackie marry her because of that, that doesn’t seem very fair to him.”

Thomas looked up and cooly replied, “I would agree if they wanted a divorce because I would prefer if Viv becomes my god- granddaughter.”

Jackie walked down the stairs and heard what Thomas said.

Thomas wasn’t joking because he had had an arranged marriage too.He could understand how sad it was to be forced to marry a woman he didn’t love.

A sense of responsibility couldn’t be forced.

Even if he accepted unwillingly and chose to respect his wife, it didn’t change the way he felt for Simmone.It was mostly because she passed away when he loved her the most.

It was inevitable for someone to forget a living person, but if it was a deceased person, there would be some nostalgia.

When Thomas left Yaramoor, he would never have thought it would be the last time he saw her.

Feelings could change, but it was hard to let go of sadness.

Thomas slowly drank his tea, “I’ve already decided to cancel the agreement with Aaron, but I don’t want people to think it was because of Viv.”

“So that was why you decided to make her your god- granddaughter?”

Maisie understood what he meant.

Violet didn’t have the best reputation and always had scandals, so if the marriage was annulled, everyone would probably think it was because she messed up and was kicked out of the family.

However, if Thomas made her his god-granddaughter, it would look different.

Nolan looked at Thomas and smiled.

“Why don’t you ask Jackie about it?”

Thomas and Maisie finally noticed Jackie, who was standing there for god knew how long.

Jackie walked over with his hand in his pocket.

“Canceling the marriage would be a great thing.Why would I object?”

Thomas scoffed.

“I think it’s quite nice if Viv becomes your god- sister.It’s decided then.”

He slowly got up.

“I’m going to my room.Help yourselves.”

After he went upstairs, Nolan held Maisie’s hand.

“Let’s go take a walk.You haven’t gotten the chance to relax since we got here.”

Maisie looked at him.

“You’re in the mood for it?”

He smiled and hugged her.


The two lovebirds started flirting as if Jackie wasn’t there.He couldn’t stand it anymore, so he left.

The grass in the garden was nicely mown, and the warm sun shone down on them.

Violet was flying a kite with the three children, and Lady ran after them.

The garden was filled with the sound of their laughter.

“Colton, ours is flying too low.See Waylon’s, it’s higher than ours already!”


Colton fed it more string, and the kite flew higher as if it was going straight through the clouds.

Jackie walked into the garden, and Daisie saw him first.

“Uncle Jackie!” She waved.

“Do you want to join us?”

Violet said, “He doesn’t have time for kids.”

“But you’re not a kid.”

Daisie winked and smiled cheekily.

“You’re his wife.”

She looked annoyed.

“Nonsense, I’m going to punish you.”

Daisie stuck out her tongue.

Jackie didn’t plan to join them, but he wanted to after what Violet said.

“It’s just flying a kite.How hard can it be?” Daisie nodded.

“Yes, not hard at all.”

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