The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1517

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1517

After the older officer behind the desk drank his tea and tightened the cap.

“Alright, you should just speak about this in private.Mr.Lovegood covered it up, so don’t go prying.”

The two younger officers clicked their tongues and continued working.

The person outside had already walked away.

Violet was having some food in the cell.She had ordered some delivery from the hotel.

It was a unique situation, so they allowed her to order in.

“How could you still have an appetite for good food in a place like this?”

She froze when she heard Jackie’s voice but didn’t look up, “What I eat is none of your business.”

“I’m not minding your business.” Jackie was calm.

“Grandpa asked me to come and get you.” Violet looked around.

Thomas treated her quite nicely and was lenient with her.

She never understood that as a granddaughter- in-law, even though she brought shame to the Cliffords, he never once spoke against her.It was totally dark outside.

The neon lights were clouded by the fog and looked mysterious.

Even the chilling wind couldn’t blow the fog away.

Violet walked out of the station with him.

The driver opened the car door, and she sat on the passenger’s seat.He looked into the rearview mirror at Jackie, who didn’t say anything, then drove away.

Daisie and Maisie were waiting for her in the living room.

Daisie walked over when Violet entered the house.

“Aunt Violet, you’re back.”

Violet pinched her cheeks, “Were you worried?”

She said, “I was quite worried.”

Maisie could see that Daisie was close to Violet and didn’t mind because she was her aunt.

Violet looked back and officially met Maisie, so she greeted her.She was actually worried that Daisie’s mother wouldn’t like her, but her worries were pointless.

The way Maisie looked at her was different from the rest.

At least she wasn’t looked down on, “It’s great that you’re back.Daisie was really worried.”

Violet paused for a few seconds and felt embarrassed.

After a few days, Thomas asked Nolan and his family to stay longer, and they agreed because the children seemed to enjoy their time with Violet.

Thomas sat at the dining table and was drinking tea.He looked out the window, and Maisie and Nolan followed his line of sight and saw that the three children and Violet were walking the dog.

It was Violet’s poodle.

“Viv seems to be herself most when she’s with children.” Thomas sighed.

Maisie paused, then laughed, “I’m really curious what she is like.”

Nolan looked at her.

“Why are you always so curious?” She poked his waist.

Thomas saw that they were teasing and flirting and cleared his throat.

“She’s quite a nice lady.It was all because of her father.” Maisie went back to being serious.

“Her father?”

“when her father proposed a marriage of convenience, I accepted for one reason.”

Thomas looked toward the garden.

“She reminded me of myself.I hope she won’t be like me, only letting go when I’m so old.” Maisie frowned because she didn’t understand.

But Nolan did.

Thomas hinted that Violet was like him back then, like how he had treated his grandmother.It wasn’t hard to look into the Cliffords.

It was easy to find that he had covered up some news in the past, and that was related to this.

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