The Three Little Guardian Angels, Chapter 1450

The Three Little Guardian Angels, Chapter 1450

“What makes you think I’m the same as Lucy?” Elaine crossed her arms.

“Lucy has had a hard life, and now that there’s a man who can take care of her, you can finally rest easy.But just in case you don’t know this, I don’t need it.”


“Dear, there’s no need to rush Elaine.In fact, it’s not a bad thing to get married later in life.It won’t be too late for Elaine to think about it when she meets her Mr.Right.” Jenna tried to persuade Edward gently.

Edward snorted.

“If she had the ability to think about i t, she wouldn’t have been deceived.”

 “Dad, I didn’t lie to you.” 

“You didn’t lie? You’re doing so because you deliberately want to p**s me off.Are the Saldanas a family that you can think about marrying into? You didn’t even go around gathering more information about Juan’s son, and you’ve chosen to believe in him!” 

‘‘Sure enough, he still cares about the Saldanas” Lucy wondered.

“What about the Saldanas?” Elaine did not answer Lucy but explained, “Ian is the other son of Juan Saldana.I don’t want to get married anyway, but the conditions he offered piqued my interest.” 

Edward’s expression changed slightly.

“You…Do you think marriage is a child’s play?” 

“Isn’t marriage a process in which we humans find someone to live with for the rest of our lives? Anyway, I have to live the rest of my life no matter what, so if you want me to get married, it’s equivalent to you asking me to find a man to live with.Then I just get myself a man who meets my requirements and makes do with it, won’t that do the job too?” 

“You…” Edward was so furious that his face was ashen.

Lucy and Hector looked at each other, and Hector held the back of her hand as if he was reassuring her.

At this time, Edward received a call.

He got up and walked to the side to answer it.

The person on the other end of the call said something to him, and he frowned.

“Okay, I’ll head to the company right now.” He ended the call, turned his head, and said to Hector, “You make yourself at home.Something just came u p, and I have to deal with it.” Hector nodded.

Elaine went upstairs without eating any of the snacks.

Lucy leaned over to Hector’s ear and said something t o him.

Hector then smiled.

“Go ahead.” 

Lucy went after Elaine and called her at the door of her room.

Elaine leaned against the door.

“What’s up?” 

“I should be the one asking you what’s up.Who are you going to marry?” 

She tucked her hair behind her ears and laughed.

“A man.” Lucy asked, “And you’re just making do with what you have?” 

Elaine did not say anything.

‘I’m indeed making do with Ian.I’ve found a man who meets my requirements to live with, I can continue to do the things I want, and I don’t need to abandon my career for my marriage.

‘It’s said that all marriages should be built on a base made out of love, but people who love each other might still face estrangements after marriage because of the little things they face in life.

‘So, instead of finding someone I love, I might as well give up on love.This will save me a lot of trouble” Lucy asked again just to be sure, “Elaine, are you serious?” 

“Lucy, just leave me alone and worry about yourself more.” Elaine closed the door.

Lucy stood at the door.She always felt that Elaine had never considered herself.

‘A marriage that’s held together and maintained by the interest of both parties is beneficial to her only because it will save her a lot of trouble.

‘But isn’t she worried about herself? Isn’t she worried she’ll fall for that man after marriage?’ On the side of the city, at Beyond Tech Corporation…

Ian was already waiting in the office.

Edward and his secretary came in and were both stunned when they saw the man sitting on the couch.

Ian stood up.

“Mr.Xavier, it’s nice to finally meet you.” 

“And you’re…” 

Edward took a good look at him.His secretary had called and told him that a distinguished guest had come to discuss a collaboration with him.

Ian took a business card out of his chest pocket and handed it to Edward.

“I’m Ian Saldana.” 

“Saldana..” Edward could not help but think of something and frowned.

“Are you the Mr.Saldana my daughter, Elaine, mentioned to me?” Ian gave off a faint smirk.

“Has Ms.Xavier mentioned me to you?”

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