The Three Little Guardian Angels, Chapter 1449

The Three Little Guardian Angels, Chapter 1449

Quincy put his glasses back on.

Saydie always felt that it was very awkward for him to wear glasses.She felt that it was not pleasing to the eye, so she stretched out her hand, intending to s****h them off his face again.

“Stop it.Mrs.Goldmann is here.” Quincy evaded her hand.

She explained bluntly, “You look even uglier with glasses on.” 

Quincy was rendered speechless while Maisie burst into laughter.She walked to Saydie and patted her on the shoulder.

” Saydie, don’t keep bullying Quincy just because you think he’s a pushover.If you were to bully him until he loses his mind, he’d lose his job as the person in charge of Blackgold’s brain.” Saydie nodded.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Quincy was at a loss for words.

Maisie left Blackgold with Saydie and got into the car.

Her gaze landed on Saydie while they were in the car, and she asked meaningfully, “Saydie, do you really hate Quincy that much?” 

Saydie paused for a bit, wondered for a while, and replied, “No.” 

Maisie supported the side of her forehead with one hand and looked out the car window.

“You’re always bullying Quincy, so I was under the impression you hate him.” She kept quiet for a split second and responded, “It’s not that I hate him.I just think it’s fun to bully him.” 

‘It’s just to relieve my boredom.Since I can’t fight anyone so casually now, I want to bully someone for the fun of it.

‘In fact, I’m very curious too.No matter what I do to bully him, he just won’t get provoked, nor will he get angry and fight back.He has an extremely good temper.

Much better than those people that I had bullied before.

‘Before I went to the Metropolis with Strix, I wandered around the country and would take on any job for a living, even if it was a life-threatening one.

‘I had always been very straightforward, so many people didn’t like me.

They often bullied me, but I would always retaliate against them in the end.

‘All those people had a temper, and they would fight with me whenever we couldn’t reach an agreement.

However, after working for Strix for several years, I finally understand that those who wish to accomplish great things must always stay calm, and only those who have a steady temper can achieve greatness.

‘Quincy’s skills are indeed not as good as mine, but if he were to take me on seriously, he would be able to hurt me at least.

‘Quincy has no temper, however.But perhaps it’s not that he has no temper.It’s just that he’s a magnanimous man and someone who can keep his head cool at all times.Otherwise, Mr.Goldmann wouldn’t have kept him by his side for so many years.

‘Everyone has a bottom line, and so does he.I won’t step on his bottom line just because I want to bully him.I bully him just to make fun of him” Maisie smiled and said nothing.

She then inadvertently glanced out the window and sawa white Land Rover pass them.

The car’s window was half-lowered, and the driver’s side profile looked extremely familiar to her, not to mention that the woman sitting in the front passenger seat was Elaine.

Ian parked the car outside the Xavier mansion.

Elaine unfastened her seat belt, looked to the left, and her gaze landed on him as she inquired, “Are you really this confident?” Ian laughed.

“Are you worried about me?” She choked on her own words and laughed.

“I’m afraid that you’ll get rejected and embarrassed.” He claimed that it would be impossible.

Elaine got out of the car and watched him drive away before stepping into the courtyard.

As soon as she entered the living room, she realized that the atmosphere in the mansion was lively as Lucy had brought Hector back to the mansion to visit her mother.

Jenna prepared snacks while Edward stayed at home deliberately to welcome them.

Jenna looked up, saw Elaine come in, and gave a merry smile.

“Elaine, you’ve come back.” Elaine responded with a hum and walked up to the couch.

“You guys are truly developing at lightspeed.You guys are already meeting each other’s parents?” Hector turned his head to look at Lucy.

“Everything has been made public, so there’s no need to hide it anymore.” Lucy’s cheeks were on fire.

“It’s normal for aman to date a woman at this age.” Edward laughed, took a look at Elaine, and stopped laughing instantly.

“Not everyone’s like you.I would feel a lot more at ease if only you could be a little more like Lucy.”

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