The Three Little Guardian Angels, Chapter 1447

The Three Little Guardian Angels, Chapter 1447

Ian’s voice pulled her back to reality.

Elaine frowned, walked up to him, and crossed her arms.

“Mr.Saldana, I tried to look past your lack of sincerity, but you actually lied to me?” 

“I lied?” Ian’s hands, which were holding the hem of the collar and adjusting his shirt, stopped moving, and his eyes were fixed on her face.

Elaine looked up at him.

“My father said that Mr.Juan Saldana has only one son, and he’s mentally ill.So, Mr.Saldana, are you trying to make a fool out of me?” Ian gave off a soft chuckle and said nothing.

“What are you laughing at?” Elaine wondered.

He walked aside and poured a cup of coffee calmly and slowly.

“I didn’t make a fool out of you.” 

“Then I…I don’t think you look like a mentally ill person,” she murmured.

‘What’s going on here?’ Ian took the cup of coffee, walked to the couch, sat down, laughed, and explained calmly, “Juan Saldana does only have one son, but that’s the life that he discloses to the public.” 

Elaine stared at him and sank into her thoughts for a long time.

‘His eyes look indifferent, and there’s no warmth in the bottom of his eyes when he mentioned Mr.Saldana.

‘The richer men get, the more “fun” they tend to have.

So, Mr.Juan Saldana may be no exception.

When aman has the power and the money, having extramarital affairs might become an achievement that fulfills their “sense of accomplishment”. Mr.Juan Saldana having an extra “son” doesn’t sound too baffling”

 “So, are you saying that you’re an illegitimate child?” She immediately regretted it after asking the question, thinking she might have put it forward too bluntly.

Ian did not mind it and drank his coffee slowly.

“Ms.Xavier, haven’t you thought about it?” Elaine put down her bag, propped her arms against the desk, and leaned forward.

“Mr.Saldana, let’s talk about the purpose of you doing so first.” 

“Take advantage of the situation and seize power.” Ian leaned half an inch closer to her.

“Are you satisfied with my answer?” She was astounded.

Ian was only a few inches away from her, and when he spoke, his mouth smelled of vanilla- flavored coffee.

There was also a hint of refreshing mint fragrance from the toothpaste he used, and there was no smell of cigarettes.

Although she did not mind men smoking, she would never kiss a man who smoked.

Elaine’s heart skipped a beat at the thought of kissing.

Her gaze was accurately fixed on his lips, so she quickly shifted her gaze away and straightened her posture.

“You want to obtain the Synergy Group?”

 “That’s pretty much it.” 

He did not even try to hide his scheme, and his gaze caught a glimpse of her flushed ears.

On the surface, she looked extremely calm.

“I’m not i n charge of my own marriage.That’s unless you can convince my father to let go of his prejudice for your father.He doesn’t like Mr.Juan Saldana, and you’re related to him, so he might not agree to it.” Ian let off a smirk.

“As long as you believe in me.” She choked on her own words.

‘I wanted to make things hard for him to see if he would back down.I didn’t expect him to make such a promise! Is he that determined in marrying me?’ Ian added calmly, seeing her stand in place without saying anything, “I’ll keep my word.You’ll definitely get the benefits that I’ve promised to give you.”

 At Blackgold…

Quincy pushed open the office’s door.

“Mr.Goldmann.” Nolan did not lift his eyelids and continued going through the documents in his hands.

“You’re back.” 

“I went to visit Mrs.Saldana.” Quincy stood in front o f the desk and said calmly, “Mrs.Saldana and Mr.Saldana had a divorce a few years ago.It’s just that it hasn’t been made public yet.” 

Nolan tapped the document with his fingertips.

” They’re divorced?” 

“Yes, Mrs.Saldana hasn’t been in contact with Mr.Saldana all these years.She didn’t look very happy when I mentioned Mr.Saldana.”

 It was conceivable that the relationship between the two had long crumbled and ended on rather unpleasant terms.

Nolan lifted his head.

“What about their son?” 

“Their son, Marco Saldana, is being treated in the Hewston’s Psychiatric Medical Center, but they’re still raising their son together.Mrs.Saldana visits her son every month.Mr.Saldana has never been there, but he pays the mental hospital an exorbitant amount of money monthly.”

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