The Three Little Guardian Angels, Chapter 1445

The Three Little Guardian Angels, Chapter 1445

Elaine was stunned.She jerked her head up and looked into his deep-set eyes in astonishment.She took a deep breath and asked, “You are messing with me, right, Mr.Saldana?”

‘A marriage of convenience? With him? A man who I’ve only seen a few times and known for less than half a month?’ He fixed his gaze at her and continued in a calm voice.

“I’ll give you all the freedom you want after our marriage.You can do whatever you want.”

Elaine fell silent for a long while.

“Are you talking about a deal? Like a fake marriage?”

He lowered his head, and although he did not say anything, Elaine knew what he was trying to say.

“Why me?” asked Elaine.

Ian retracted his gaze and turned his eyes to look at the wine glass.

“You don’t want to be bound by marriage, and I don’t like other people to tell me what to do in my life.If I have to make a choice, I think you’re a very suitable person, Ms.Xavier.”

Elaine did not say anything.

A marriage of convenience…

In other words, they would get what they wanted and needed.

Although they would be a couple on the marriage certificate, they would not be related to each other.She never wanted to get married.

This was because she had her own goal in life.

A woman could live her life freely without getting married.

No matter how the world looked at her, she was going to live the life she wanted.

She rested her forehead with her hand and smiled mischievously.

“What if you come across a woman in your life? Are you not worried that she might not like i t when she finds out you’re married?”

He was stunned, and a figure flitted across his mind before disappearing into oblivion.He took a sip of wine and replied, “Don’t worry.It won’t happen.”

Elaine frowned and looked at him speechlessly.

‘Why is he so sure that it won’t happen?’ Cocking his head, he looked at her with a faint smile o n his face and said, 

“However, you can let me know if you come across a man that you like.”

She chuckled and picked up the wine glass.

As she shook the glass in her hand, she said, “I’m the daughter of a businessman.Even if I’m going to have a marriage of convenience, I need to get some of the benefits I deserve.”

She did not know why he wanted to have a marriage o f convenience with her, but she did not want to get taken advantage of.

Ian was stunned and seemed to be a little surprised by her.

A smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he said, “How about 5% of the Synergy Group’s shares? Is that enough?”

Elaine nearly choked on the wine she just swallowed and looked at him in disbelief.

“You’re giving me shares?”

He ran his finger over the rim of the glass and added, “5% of the Synergy Group should be enough, right?”

“What is your relationship with the Synergy Group?”

She had heard of the Synergy Group before.

It was a large corporation in Hewston, but Juan Saldana was someone that even her father was very wary of.

If even her father was not willing to do business with Juan, one could imagine how bad Juan’s reputation was in the industry.

‘Hold on a second.


Isn’t Juan one of the Saldanas? Besides, those two men called him “Young Master Saldana” that night…

What is his relationship with Juan?’ Ian replied flatly, “Well, if you say we’re related, we’re not really related.If you say we’re not related, we’re somehow related.”

Elaine did not know what he was talking about at all.

After finishing their meal, they came out of the restaurant.

The rain had stopped.

The dark night was dyed with neon lights, and the wind was cold.

Ian drove the car to the entrance, and she went inside.

He started the engine, and they left in the car.

When they arrived at the gate of the Xavier mansion, Ian turned his head to look at her.

There was a smile on his face as he said, “If you make up your mind, you can come and look for me anytime you want.”

Elaine was stumped for a moment, but she still got out of the car in the end.She watched as the car disappeared from her vision before she went inside her house.

Edward was reading a newspaper in the living room.

He lifted his head and asked, “Why are you so late today?”

At the same time, Jenna came out with a plate of fruits in her hand.

She placed the plate on the table and said with a smile, “Maybe Elaine worked overtime? That’s why she’s late tonight.”

Edward did not say anything.

Elaine put her purse on the couch and replied, “Nope.I just went out to have dinner with a friend of mine.”

After sitting on the couch, she picked up a slice of apple and asked, “Dad, does Mr.Saldana have a son?”

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