The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire, Chapter 453: Biological Parents

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire, Chapter 453: Biological Parents

“The result of paternity test has proven that Janet is indeed your biological daughter.”

 In fact, when Frank first saw the match rate between the two was as high as 99.8%, he couldn’t help but be in awe of Ethan’s wife. The White family was considered one of the most influential families in the country. They had the most contacts the most resources, and the most enterprises. 

Although the Lester family in Seacisco was by no means weak, it was not as influential as the White family. They had become so strong thanks to years and years of accumulated businesses and connections. Few families were as influential as this one.

As Frank continued to discuss the results of the paternity test, Ethan noticed that the Whites had been looking at Janet for quite a while with tears in their eyes.

Beal stood up first and stumbled over to Janet, throwing his arms around her clumsily.

The middle-aged man disregarded any semblance of dignity and burst into tears. Afraid that she might frighten Janet off if she broke down as well, Johanna simply stood aside and simply patted Janet on the back, covering her mouth with a handkerchief as she sobbed. 

Janet, on the other hand, was stunned. Finally, the sounds of her parents’ s**s brought her back to reality, and she too couldn’t help but burst into tears. They had finally found each other after so many years. They had only met their daughter once before, right after she was born. Naturally, Beal had a lot to say to his daughter, with whom he had lost contact ever since.

“How have you been all these years, my dear child? I’m so sorry. Your mother and I weren’t able to find you until now. This is all our fault.” Beal took off his glasses and wiped them with the hem of his shirt. When he put them

back on, his eyes were still tearful and red. 

“I heard that the Lind family adopted you.”

He had investigated the Lind family before he came here. Although the Linds were not that big a family, they were well-off. At the mention of that particular family name, Johanna’s nostrils flared in anger.

 “There is not a single good Lind,” she snorted.

After all, judging from the way Janet spoke of her adoptive family, she didn’t have a good time with the Lind family. 

“Bernie and Fiona adopted me and it was also true that we had some issues, but that doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve cut ties with them.” Janet wiped the tears on her face.

She still wasn’t used to the idea of her biological parents.

Johanna hugged Janet tightly and said, “It’s okay, my child. If you don’t want to talk about it, then don’t.” 

Johanna stroked Janet’s hair gently. Her heart ached at the sight of her daughter crying.

With a small smile, she said, “Okay. Anyway, the past is in the past. I have a good life now. I’m married to a wonderful man.”

She looked at Ethan affectionately and added, “My husband treats me very well.” 

Only then did Beal and Johanna turn to look at Ethan seriously. They knew that Ethan was the president of the Larson Group, but they just didn’t really care. Even the CEO of such a successful corporation was a nobody in their eyes.

“We can see that he is… nice to you.” Johanna smiled, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes. Truth be told, she had been thinking about Brandon, and he was a thorn in her side.

They finally managed to find their daughter after all these years, but she was married. That was absolutely unacceptable! No matter how excellent this man was, Johanna still felt like he was taking her daughter away from her all over again. 

And for that, she didn’t like Ethan one bit. Beal probably harbored the same thought for he had been cold to Ethan ever since they met. Ethan knew what was on their minds, but he knew it wasn’t the right time to bring it up, so he just smiled helplessly Frank, who was standing in front of them, found the scene interesting. 

Now that Ethan had such difficult in-laws, he was bound to have a hard time in the future. Gradually, Janet calmed down. But many things plagued her mind. The most pressing question was: how could she have been replaced back then?

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