The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 99

Chapter 99: It Was Her

After the dinner party, Brian and Anna strolled along the street as people passed by.

Holding his arm, she asked, “Brian, are you going back tomorrow?”

In all honesty, she didn’t want him to leave yet.

If the company hadn’t called, he might’ve stayed to accompany her to see the new designer before going back.

However, he delegated her the responsibility of overseeing the cooperation. “What’s the matter? Don’t you think it would be great for you if you stayed here for a few more days? You should take some time to relax.”

Even though he felt nothing for her, he was still kind to her.

Their relationship remained the same throughout all these years. Anna didn’t say anything.

Without him, no matter how beautiful the scenery was, it would still be empty.

As they stood by the river, they weren’t that far away from Ayla.

But because the light was dim, they couldn’t recognize each other.

For some reason, as Brian stood there, he felt an oddly familiar feeling.

But when he looked around, he saw nothing. Ayla leaned sideways then looked back at Lucas.

“We should go!”

She had received a call from Yareli, saying that today’s fashion show and dinner party were both successful.

She also told her that they would arrange a meeting with the person in charge of the domestic partner company. Lucas and Ayla went to the car next to them.

Brian noticed her familiar figure.

“Ayla?” he murmured as he ran towards them.

Anna thought that she had just misheard him. Brian watched as the car drove away, fading from his sight.He didn’t even get to see the license plate clearly.

After chasing it for a long time, the car eventually took a turn and disappeared.

“Brian, are you okay?”

Anna caught up with him, panting in exhaustion. “I saw her,” he responded, catching his breath as he stood on the street. She pulled his arm and shouted, “Brian, you’re mistaken.That can’t be Ayla.She died two years ago!”

Why couldn’t he just forget Ayla after all this time? During the past two years, whenever he saw anyone that remotely reminded him of Ayla on the road, he would try to chase them.

But each time, he just ended up being disappointed. Leaning against a lamppost, Brian thought, ‘Yes, Ayla is dead.She died two years ago…’

Despite that fact, he refused to give up.He never saw her corpse.

She was just missing. “Brian, enough! You’ve done too much for a dead woman.”

Anna had had enough of seeing him like this. She would rather be in pain than to keep watching him be this miserable all the time. As he looked at the direction where the car had disappeared to, Brian shook his head helplessly, and said, “Let’s go.”

‘Was I really just mistaken? How could Ayla even be here?’ Standing in front of him, Anna remarked, “Brian, just forget her! Why can’t you just move on from someone who doesn’t even exist anymore! If you keep this up, you’ll never get any better!”

Brian was having a hard time forgetting Ayla.

And even though she loved him, she still couldn’t forget about Toby.

Anna believed that Ayla didn’t deserve Brian’s love.

He decided not to say a word and just keep on walking.He hadn’t gone to the backyard of his villa ever since she disappeared.

The mound with the wooden sign also brought up old wounds for him.

Back then, he was so cruel that he killed their child.

He didn’t even dare to accept that woman because he was adamantly against falling in love with anyone.

For the rest of the night, Anna wasn’t able to sleep. Brian was going to take the six AM plane.

She wanted to send him off at the airport.

Over the past two years, she stayed by his side, but he never learned to love her.

Not once did she feel desperate or disappointed. The engagement ring on her finger was just as she had expected.

Even though it was all an act, she took it seriously, so she wore this ring with pride all the time. Never had she once taken it off.

Sitting in the back seat of the car, Brian stared at Anna’s tired face.

“Anna, didn’t you sleep well last night?”

Judging by the dark circles under her eyes, she didn’t even get a minute of sleep.

“How about you?” she asked in response.

These past two years, Brian barely slept well.

After he saw the woman who resembled Ayla last night, he would have more sleepless nights.

Meanwhile, Ayla was sitting on a sofa and reading a magazine.

She didn’t have classes today, and her appointment with Yareli was in the afternoon, so she had a lot of spare time.

Lucas knocked on her door. “Lala?”

“Lucas, aren’t you going to the company today?”

Then,she asked him to enter.

He had brought her some food.

“I just went out for something, and I just happened to buy your favorite cake,” Lucas said with a grin.

He was in a chipper mood because he knew that Brian had returned to A City, leaving Anna to stay for a few more days.Ayla took it from him.

“Thank you.”

The two of them sat face to face on the balcony.

Looking far away, she began to eat the cake and drink coffee.

For some reason, she had grown to like pure coffee now.

Perhaps it was due to the bitterness of her previous life, coffee was no longer as bitter in comparison.

Later, Yareli drove Anna to a coffee shop.

“Miss Anna, these clothes are being marketed by our company this time.I think they suit you very well.I hope you won’t dislike them.”

She had prepared some clothes that were perfect for her size, and these clothes were the highlights of last night’s fashion show.

“Thank you, Ms.Evans.”

Anna didn’t pretentiously refuse her, and just graciously accepted her offer and thanked her for it.

“You’re welcome.Our new employee, Wenny, is brimming with potential.For this cooperation, I want her to work in your company.What do you think?”

Yareli had arranged this to provide Wenny with a chance because she had high hopes for this new designer.

Anna stared at the elegant and fashionable evening clothes in the bag.

“They’re incredible.Now I really want to meet this Miss Wenny.”

If only she had known that Wenny was actually Ayla, she might hope that their paths would never cross.

Moments later, Ayla entered the coffee shop, heading Straight into the private room.

“Wenny, you’re finally here! Have a seat,” said Yareli.

“I’m so sorry, Ms.Evans.I got stuck in a traffic jam just now,” Ayla said apologetically.

“It’s fine.Come on in.Let me introduce you to our company’s newest partner, Miss Anna of Clark Group,” she enthusiastically announced.

When Anna turned her gaze towards Ayla, the two of them were petrified.Her face turned pale in an instant.

Perhaps the familiar figure that Brian saw last night was really Ayla!

“Do you know each other?” Yareli looked at them while they were in a daze.

It was obvious that they had met before.

A smile appeared on Ayla’s face.

“Yes, I’ve met her before.But I haven’t seen her for over two years.”

It not only surprised Ayla, but also Anna.

Anna had believed that Ayla died two years ago.

But now that she had appeared before her, it left her feeling helpless.

If Brian found out that Ayla was actually alive, all the efforts that Anna had exerted to gain his love would be in vain.

She didn’t want to lose him that way.

“That’s good then! If you know each other, then it’ll be easier for all of us to cooperate in the future,” Yareli remarked.

Both Anna and Ayla were now against Yareli’s idea of cooperating.

Ayla didn’t want to have anything to do with Brian and the Clark Group.

On the other hand, Anna didn’t want her to return to Antawood, nor did she want Brian to know that this woman was still alive.

“My name is Wenny.” Ayla introduced herself to Anna.

“So, you’re the Wenny that Ms. Evans keeps praising all the time! I never imagined it would be you.” Anna stared at her intently.

Those two long years changed Ayla so much.

She now looked more mature, confident, and charming.

However, Anna had been obsessing over Brian for the past two years, and in turn, the stress had deteriorated her beauty, both physically and mentally Ayla shook her head.

“I haven’t graduated yet.I’m sure Ms.Evans is just exaggerating.Ms.Evans, I don’t think I’m qualified to go to Antawood and be in charge of our cooperation with the Clark Group,” she said to Yareli.

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