The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Unconditional Love

Ayla’s protests were in vain as she was trapped in Lucas’ strong arms.

“Lucas, please stop.We can’t do that! No!” she murmured.

Subconsciously, she resisted his approach towards her.

In the past two years, nothing had changed between them.

She still couldn’t give him a place in her heart.

She didn’t love him and that was the bottom line.

“Lala, you have to forget him, okay? You are a mere footnote in the history of his life.How can you still love him?”

For two years he endeavored to make her forget Brian.He was becoming impatient.

The last time he had met Brian, he saw that although he was still with Anna, their relationship was more of a business partnership.

Their engagement too was just a social spectacle.

This was cause for concern.

Ayla was no longer some pauper.She could have anything her heart desired.She shook her head.

Whether she chose to forget Brian or not was her personal matter.

It did not concern Lucas.She simply couldn’t accept him.

“Lala, talk to me!”

A salty, astringent taste spread around his lips.

“Lucas, if you want me to feel indebted to you for all that you did for me these past two years, then take my body! Objectify me to your heart’s content! If not, then leave me alone!”

She could never repay him for all that he had done for her.

If all he wanted was her body, then he could claim it.

She had lost so much that nothing mattered to her anymore.Her words echoed in his mind.

Did he still have to end up forcing her after two years of pursuing her? This was not what he had bargained for! She pulled up her clothes and said, “Lucas, you are well aware of my checkered past.I am no angel.My health is deteriorating and I am unable to conceive.I can never be a mother.My being with you will only bring you more misery.”

He felt and understood her pain.

She had shared everything with him.

There were no secrets.

What stunned Lucas most was her revelation that she could not have a baby.

“Was it because of him?”

He sank into stunned silence for a while.

Ayla stared at the vastness outside then clarified, “No.It’s my choice.”

The loss of her baby had filled her with fear.

Lucas gazed at her and said, “I don’t care.I love you more than life itself.It doesn’t matter if we don’t have children.”

Like Brian, he didn’t care.

But that was the reason for their breakup, anyway.

Ayla shook her head sadly, “But I care.”

If she loved a man, all she hoped was to have a complete family with him.

But since she couldn’t give birth now, she didn’t want to love anyone anymore.

Lucas held her hand and said, “You are still so stubborn.”

He was acquainted with her stubborn disposition so he was unprepared to give up so easily.

He had waited patiently for two years and didn’t mind waiting a little longer.

Over the past two years, Brian had sprung back on his feet.

He had achieved one success after another and his businesses had entered the global market.

With his diligence, he had made strides in his career and tested new areas of business.

Because of what Tatum had done to Ayla, Brian had lost interest in transaction of drugs.

Jaime was the only person who could help him around it.

Anna entered with a document.

Over a year ago, she was promoted to special assistant to Brian.

Managing the entertainment club was not her only job.

Now she could work more closely with Brian.

“Brian, here is the paraphernalia for this morning’s meeting.There is a meeting in the multi-functional hall on the third floor of the City Project Conference Center at 3 o’clock this afternoon.”

“Yes, I know.” Brian had become an international icon in business.

He was manipulating the markets in most spheres.He now had his eye on acquiring the rights for the road development project of Antawood.

Securing it would see him singing all the way to the bank.

It didn’t bother him much.

He was pretty confident of the outcome.

“Brian, I’ve heard from a very reliable source that the Smith Group has also placed a tender for this project,”

Anna informed him.

Over the past two years, the Smith Group offered strong competition to the Clark Group.

They purposefully tendered for the same projects.

Both groups appeared to be equally pitted against each other.

Brian knew that he would suffer no losses.

Toby, on the other hand, was determined to challenge Brian at any cost.

He was unconcerned.He knew that Toby was doing this for Ayla.

“It’s not unexpected that the Smith Group would tender for this project.”

The Smith Group had expanded its business as a result of the competition offered by the Clark Group.

In spite of this, they were not developing as well as the Clark Group.

“Brian, if the Smith Group steals this project from right under our noses, will we spare them?”

She didn’t want him to concede to Toby yet again.

Brian put down his pen and looked at her.

“Don’t worry.They don’t have the power to execute that yet.”

She looked at his calm, over confident disposition.This very attitude was responsible for the company scaling such great heights!

“Oh, by the way, there is a fashion show being held by Starlight Fashion Hub, a fashion design company in Milan, Italy, next month.If you are free, it would be great if you could represent us.”

He had received the invitation earlier but did not confirm his attendance due to lack of time.

But it also did not seem right for him not to attend since they were always so co-operative.

“Aren’t you going?”

Anna only preferred going overseas if Brian accompanied her.

But the new product launch of the Starlight Fashion Hub in Milan was equally important to bolster the clothing company of the Clark Group.

“I’m not sure.You go ahead and plan your schedule.”

He had neglected to attend these high profile social events over the past two years.

Mainly because his work was his priority.

Anna nodded.

“Okay.I’m leaving now.”

Brian looked at her apologetically.

“I’m sorry that I have swamped you with a ton of work recently.”

A year ago, his engagement to Anna was a farce to give the gossip columnists something to rave about.

In the end, he set Anna free to pursue her own happiness.

However, she chose to remain faithful to him.

Anna smiled.

“I sleep peacefully every night.

Shall we go back together this evening? I’ll ask Maria to prepare dinner.”

When the meeting ended at half past five, it only seemed appropriate to head straight home.

After a moment of hesitation, he nodded in agreement.

Maria was not at all surprised to see them return together.

Anna lived alone in Brian’s big villa now.

She would always call in advance and inform Maria when they were coming home together.

They enjoyed a sumptuous dinner.

The meal reminded Brian of Ayla’s cooking.

He detested her cooking and waved it away rudely in the past.

Today, he savored the same dishes and his heart was filled with mixed feelings.

“Mr.Clark, these are all your favorite dishes.”

Maria noticed that his mind had wandered off.

Since Ayla’s accident he hadn’t laughed at all.

Neither had he lost his temper.


Brian nodded, “You may leave now.”

Anna tried to replenish his plate.

“Brian, have a little more! You have lost a lot of weight recently.”

It had been more than two years but he still couldn’t erase Ayla from his mind and there was no space in his heart for Anna.

Brian ate without presence of mind.

After a few nibbles, he put down his chopsticks and drank some wine.

Anna wanted to utter something but she resisted the temptation.

Two years was just not enough for him to get over Ayla.

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