The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 94

Chapter 94: It Was A Long Separation .

Ayla got up from the bed and went to the study.

Meanwhile, Lucas was standing in the study, talking on the phone.

Little did he know that the door wasn’t firmly closed.

“Dad, I’m not gonna go back right now.I’ll go when I want to go back.You don’t have to force me.”

Tatum had lost everything because Brian successfully foiled every one of his plans, so he needed to ask for Lucas’ help.

In truth, Lucas wasn’t opposed to the idea of going back, he was just concerned about Ayla.

If she weren’t suffering from the drug addiction right now, he might consider coming back.

And considering the fact that Tatum was the one who made her suffer, Lucas bore a bit of grudge against him.

No matter how much Tatum had helped him in the past, he was still the one who had hurt his beloved woman.

“No matter how busy you may be, you can still find the time to come home, Lucas,”said Tatum.

“I said I’m not going back.End of discussion,” Lucas said, turning his head towards the window.

“Besides, this is all your fault.I need some time to adjust.”

“It’s not my fault.I never wanted Ayla to die.I just j wanted Brian to give into my demands!”

Tatum I explained.However, Lucas refused to listen to him.

“I’m gonna hang up now.I have some things to do.”

Hurriedly, he dropped the call because when he turned around, he saw that Ayla was there.

“Lucas, if you have things to do, you should go back.You don’t have to stay with me all the time.It’s no big deal!”she said with a smile.

During the past month, Lucas stayed by her side almost every minute of every day, which made her feel guilty.She didn’t want to impose on him.

“Lucas, I’ll take good care of myself.And when I get better, I’ll leave.”


He felt so bad when he saw the look on her face.

There was no way he could allow Ayla to leave on her own.

She would just end up suffering even more.

Besides, he had the capacity to provide the woman he loved with a life of comfort.Ayla wasn’t sure whether she could survive or not, so she thought that Lucas should just leave and forget about her.

She had something she wanted to do, and it was to see Brian’s face every now and then.

This was good enough for her.

As Lucas stared at her, he realized that she didn’t love him, but she was immensely grateful to him.

Eventually she would want to leave him and return to Brian’s side.

However, before that could happen, he must gain her I love No matter what might happen to Ayla in the future, he wanted her to be his woman and his legal wife.

At Lucas’ insistence, she decided to stay in the villa, and he chose not to go abroad at this time.

One day, he would avenge his family, but now was not the time.

For him, Ayla’s safety and health was the most important thing.

He had lived in the shadow of the past because of years of bearing hatred in his heart.

And now, he had changed; all because of Ayla.

He wanted to feel this faint warmth; a warmth that only she could give.

Molly walked into Toby’s office, wearing a disappointed look.


“What’s going on?”

He was currently preoccupied with his work.

He hadn’t forgotten about Lala, but he prayed that she was still alive somewhere in this world.

“I went to the hospital today, but they said that I’m still not pregnant.” Molly sat beside him.She had always dreamed of having a baby, but alas, she couldn’t get pregnant.

It was all because her menstrual cycle was in disarray, and every time she visited the hospital, she would just end up becoming more disappointed.

Toby stood up and walked to her side.

“Molly, thinking about having a baby is putting you under a lot of stress.If you feel bored staying at home, perhaps you can go out to work.”

A baby? There was no way he would have a baby with Molly while Lala’s life was still in danger! Hearing what he said, Molly felt a bit comforted.

After all, he wasn’t disappointed in her.

He was a man who adored children, and yet she couldn’t provide him with a child after so long.

The doctor said that she couldn’t get pregnant because she was too stressed, so she needed to relax.

“Okay.Then I want to be your assistant.Is that okay?”

Molly majored in management, but she wasn’t fond of working.

She had hoped to become a competent housewife, but she knew nothing.

There were so many servants in their home, so she never really needed to learn house work.

With a smile, Toby replied, “Sure.You can do anything you want.”

There were many secretaries in his office, so she wouldn’t be the only one.

Perhaps she could stay with him, so that he could divert her attention from having a baby.

After walking out of the company, Brian sat in his car, while Anna was seated in the back seat.

“Brian, I have prepared your luggage.”

“Thanks.” He smiled at her.

He was going on a business trip for a month, so he permitted her to come with him.

In a black car nearby, Ayla was sitting in the back seat and watching them.

Was he going somewhere? Did that mean she wouldn’t be able to see him for a long time? Because of that, she felt disheartened.

When Brian’s car drove away, Ayla turned her head.

Tears started rolling down her cheeks.

Although she wished Brian happiness, seeing them together was still breaking her heart.

Never did she imagine that she would love him so deeply.

Ayla opened the door, got out of the car, and stood at the pavement.

Meanwhile, Brian was looking out the window, but he didn’t see her at all.

This time, they just passed each other by, but little did they know that this would be a long separation.

“Will you be happy? You have to live a happy life!”

She didn’t have the courage to approach him and say that she was still alive.

Although Brian said that he didn’t need a child, he just didn’t want her to have a child, so that Anna could give him one.

Stepping out of the car, Lucas looked at Ayla, and said, “He’s far away now.”

He noticed that her heart was aching and that she was longing for Brian, so he wanted to take her away.Ayla wiped away her tears.

“In the future, I won’t cry anymore.”

Tears were a sign of weakness.

After going through so much pain, she should be able to bear anything, so she wasn’t afraid anymore.

Now, she had more than enough courage to withstand anything.

After that, Lucas took her back to the car.

“You’ve been out for a long time today.I’m worried your body might not be able to bear it.”

Ayla had been waiting outside Brian’s office for over two hours, but she only saw him for a brief moment, watching as he entered his car with Anna and left with a smile on their faces “Okay, let’s go!”

Now that she had seen Brian, it should be enough for Ayla.She wouldn’t have any more regrets.

From now on, she was going to live her own life.

No matter how far she was away from him, she would still end up missing him.However, she might not even live that long.

Back at the villa, Ayla sat on the sofa.

“Lucas, are you leaving?” Lucas was reluctant to leave because of her.

Even if she kept telling him to leave, he always refused.

She thought of him as a dear friend now, so she would stay by his side.She would follow him to anywhere he went for the rest of her short life.

“Don’t you want to leave?” Ayla’s question took him aback.

Even if he wanted to leave, he wanted to bring her along with him.

However, she was unwilling to go out for the past couple of months.

The reason she said she wanted to see Brian today was because she wanted to leave this city.

“Even though I’m unwilling to leave, I still don’t want my life to end here.” Ayla looked at him intently.

“Will you help me?”

It didn’t matter where she might end up in, all that mattered to her was leaving this place.

This place was full of her painful memories, and she wasn’t going to let her life end in pain here.

Nodding vigorously, Lucas said, “Of course! No matter where you wish to go, I’ll take you there!”

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