The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Challenge His Principle Little By Little

With Lucas’ help, Ayla finished two days’ worth of work by nine PM.As she stared at the neatly organized bookshelves, a smile appeared on her face.Lucas said to her, “Isn’t it good that I helped you?”

“Indeed! Thank you very much.It’s getting late, we should go!” Ayla walked out of the school along with him.

“It’s really late.Would you like to have dinner with me?” he said, leaning against the car.She wanted to refuse him, but when she saw how exhausted he was, she didn’t have the heart to reject him this time.

“Sounds great!”

Lucas drove Ayla to a high-end western restaurant for dinner, and Lyle followed behind them.

“Would you like to have steak or pork chop?”asked Lucas.

“Either is fine,” Ayla said, smiling.

She really didn’t care either way.

In truth, the choices didn’t matter because she never liked western food.

Looking at her, Lucas said, “I’d suggest you try the spaghetti.They make an amazing spaghetti here.”

“Okay.” She nodded.

In front of him, she acted very reserved.

“Lala, has your chauffeur been following you all this time?”

Lucas glanced at the car outside, wondering what kind of relationship Ayla had with Brian.

Was it purely a sexual relationship?In that case, Brian didn’t have to keep her by his side, and she didn’t seem to be willing to accept his affection.

If Ayla willingly accepted everything that he had given her, then she wouldn’t have chosen to eat cafeteria food, and she wouldn’t work at the library for money “Yes.It is already late in the evening, and Lyle gets worried about me.”

In reality, she just didn’t want to talk about Brian.

“With a luxurious car like that, you probably don’t have to eat such crude lunches in your school cafeteria.Aren’t you afraid of being undernourished?” asked Lucas.

“Not at all.”

Ayla began eating the spaghetti.She needed to save money.

Even though it was difficult to earn money, she still wasn’t going to touch Brian’s money.

It was already nearing midnight when they finally left the restaurant.

Instead of Lucas, she asked Lyle to drive her home.

Lucas, on the other hand, returned to his apartment, only to find that the door was already open and someone was sitting on his sofa.

“Dad,” he said.

“Where have you been? Did you go see that woman again?”

The man had his back to him, and all the lights in the room were dimmed.

“I did.”

Lucas sat in front of the man, who was his adoptive father.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming?”

“I can drop by whenever I want.You’d better be careful around that woman,” his adoptive father warned him.

Although he had only seen Ayla’s photo, he could tell that she was the kind of woman that could entice any man.

“Dad, it’s none of your business.”

Lucas enjoyed spending time with Ayla, and liked the feeling of being with her.

However, he had been getting closer to her these days, and if Brian really cared about her, he would soon come back.

Ayla had been sleeping soundly, but she suddenly felt something itchy.She moved her hands around, trying to get rid of the uneasiness she felt.

However, this feeling soon spread across her face.

When she felt something cold, she finally decided to open her eyes and saw that a man was on top of her.

“What…what are you doing here?” Brian’s shirt was still neat, but the two buttons of her blouse had been unbuttoned.

“Who were you with when I was away? Huh?”

Brian was aware that she had been coming home very late these days, and that she was spending time with a man.

And so, he came back to see what was happening.


Ayla was about to deny his words, but she realized that he was right.

It was true that she had been spending a lot of time with Lucas, but they had a purely platonic relationship.

Brian didn’t want to hear any explanation at all.

What fresh hell did she invoke during his absence? After he left, Ayla went into the bathroom to wash away the traces he had left on her.

Because of his return, she got up early to prepare breakfast.

When Brian came downstairs, he smelled the aroma of coffee.

He was far too busy these days that he hardly got enough sleep.

“Mr.Clark, here’s your coffee.”

Wearing a housecoat, Ayla gave him his morning coffee and newspaper.

“Go change your clothes.I’m driving you to school today.”

Brian took a sip of his coffee, not bothering to even cast her a glance.

Soon, they were in the car, and he was driving as if he was taking his time.

Ayla figured that he was deliberately driving slowly because he wanted her to be late.

As soon as the car stopped, she got out of the car without saying goodbye and ran towards the school gate.

Brian took out his phone and called Jaime.

“Jaime, find out who’s been hanging out with Lala.”

“Yes, sir,” Jaime replied.

For an entire week, Ayla didn’t meet up with Lucas.

Apart from doing the part-time job at the library, she went home on time.

Meanwhile, Lucas was in the office on the school building’s second floor, watching her enter the car, and then he went back to his seat.

“Lucas, it’s late.Why don’t you get off work already?”

A middle-aged man came in.He was the school’s principal.

“I want to stay in the office for a little bit more in hopes of learning more about our school.”

The main reason Lucas managed to be hired as the school’s vice -principal was because of his talents, and his connections to Hayden.

“Let’s go! Have a cup of coffee with me, would you?” said the principal.

Soon, Ayla arrived at the villa.

Since Brian hadn’t returned yet, she ate by herself and went back to her room.

Maria knocked on her door, and walked in.

“Are you busy at school lately? You shouldn’t overwork yourself.Remember that your health is most important.”

“I’m fine.Goodnight, Maria!”

Ayla leaned against the bed.

She realized that she had been quite busy recently.Not long after Maria left her room, the sound of a car could be heard from the garage.

Ayla opened the door and said, “It seems that Mr.Clark is back.I’ll go and greet him.”

She noticed that he was drunk.

“How much did you drink today?” she asked.

Ayla supported him to the sofa in the living room.

“I didn’t drink much.”

‘’It’s lucky for me to still stay sober after a whole night of drinking with my clients”’ he thought.

Judging by the foul odor of alcohol exuded by his body, she knew that he was lying.She could only imagine how much alcohol he had drunk.She made him a cup of honey water and said, “Here.Drink some of this honey water.”

Brian waved her hand away.

“I don’t want to.”

“I don’t care whether you want to or not!” said Ayla.

She then noticed that there were red lip marks on his white shirt.

He ate and drank all night, made out with a woman, and got angry at her the second he arrived at home.

In all honesty, she didn’t really care if he suffered through a hangover or not.All of a sudden, Brian grabbed her and had her lean on his chest.

“Why are you so stubborn? You do have a bad temper.”

They both wore thin clothes, and at this moment, their bodies looked intimate.

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