The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Meeting Lucas By Chance Again

Brian frowned at the thought that everything had something to do with Ayla.He shouldn’t have underestimated her.

“Mr.Clark, shall we investigate this matter as weil?”

Although Jaime’s opinion of her had improved, he was still a bit worried.Because Ayla, the adopted daughter of the Woodsen family, had stirred up a ruckus and it hadn’t subsided yet.

“No, that’s not necessary.There are a lot of people doing it already.Sooner or later, the truth will come out.You can rest for a few days.You shouldn’t go running around working all the time.”

Brian patted Jaime on the back.

“I’m alright, Mr.Clark.I think you should keep an eye on Miss Ayla Woodsen.I’m worried that she has ulterior motives.”

He was still suspicious of Ayla’s true identity.

No self-respecting woman would subject to being a substitute bride unless she was up to something.

“I got it.It’s not that big of a deal.If you have some spare time on your hands, watch over the TH Gang for me.If you see them making any moves, tell me right away.” Brian turned his gaze towards the window.

He was going to be busy in the coming days.

Nodding, Jaime replied, “I understand.”

“Let’s have dinner together,” Brian remarked as he went out of the room.

Jaime followed him and watched him approach Ayla, hoping that she wouldn’t cause Brian any trouble.She was sitting on the sofa lazily.

When she noticed that Brian had returned, she bolted upright.

“Do you…want something to drink?”

Ayla said reluctantly as she turned to the glass in front of her.

Looking at her, Brian asked, “Are you planning on tricking me again?”

He wasn’t worried about Jaime’s warning because this woman was neither conniving nor capable of trickery: Ayla looked back at him.

“I’m not.”

That was because she didn’t want to fall into the trap that she prepared again.Should she feel lucky that she had put sleeping pills into his milk instead of laxatives?

“Why don’t you drink that glass of wine first to prove that you didn’t do anything to it?”

It seemed that he was taking advantage of the situation.Ayla tried to drug him last night, but he didn’t end up drinking any of the milk.And now, he was asking her to show her sincerity by drinking the wine she was offering.

Despite her reluctance, she gulped it down to prove her innocence.

“Incredible.Your drinking capacity has improved drastically!”

Brian got up and walked towards Anna.

While his attention wasn’t focused on her, Ayla spat out the wine in her mouth into the trash can.

There was no way she could drink that much alcohol! Besides, she didn’t want to get drunk and lose face in front of Anna.

All of a sudden, she was shocked by her own thoughts.

Why did she start caring about what that woman would think of her?Ayla turned her gaze towards Anna and Brian.

They were sitting together intimately.

Perhaps they were the perfect match after all.

If it weren’t for her, the two of them would’ve been together, wouldn’t they? Brian was sitting on the sofa in the living room and reading a newspaper, while Ayla was cleaning the room on the second floor.

During the first half of the month, she had been staying with him every day in the entertainment club; eating, drinking, playing games, and gambling.

At last, she understood that this life was majorly different from hers.

However, she was still grateful because he helped her get back to school.

It was good to have both power and influence.

The school administration didn’t dare to speak of her performance in the last semester, so she was able to continue her course.

On top of that, Brian even paid for Ayla’s tuition.

He said that she could go back to school, but he wasn’t going to allow her to stay outside for too long.She should be glad that he didn’t stop her from taking up part-time jobs.

Every day, Ayla went to school, and the driver sent her back and forth.She had no objections to that setup.

It had been more than half a month since Brian went on his business trip to America.He didn’t call her once, but she was used to it.

She walked alone in the campus, carrying a large pile of books.She worked part-time in the library, so her classmates were always asking her to borrow books for them at the library, and she would take the books back after they had finished reading.

At the corner of the stairs, Ayla’s gaze was lowered, so she was oblivious to her surroundings.She didn’t even notice the person turning from the other side, causing her to bump into the man and accidentally dropping her books to the floor.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you there.”

On his first day at this school, Lucas had already bumped into someone by accident.

Without even casting him a glance, Ayla picked up the books one by one.

Suddenly, the two of them reached out for the same book at the same time.

As soon as their hands touched, Ayla drew hers back.

“Here you go.”

Lucas handed the book to her.

However, when he realized that it was Ayla, he was surprised.

“It’s you! What a coincidence!”

He was able to recognize her, but when he saw the confusion on her face, it didn’t seem like she remembered him.

Ayla took the book from him and asked, “Have we met?”

It wasn’t because she had a bad memory, it was just that she couldn’t think of a striking impression that this man left on her.

“Allow me to carry those books for you.”

As a gentleman, Lucas couldn’t let her carry all those books herself, so he offered to do it.

Looking at him, Ayla said, “Just give them to me.I need to take those books back to the library.”

“It’s fine.I’m on my way to the library to take a look at it.I’ll take them with me,” he said with a smile.

Besides, he needed to familiarize himself with the campus anyway.

Meanwhile, Ayla was still in shock.She pondered where she had met this man before.

“Why are you still standing there? Lead the way!” said Lucas.

“Alright.The library’s on the third floor,” she replied.

The two of them walked side by side along the stairs until they finally reached the library.

“Thank you for your help,” Ayla said politely.

Smiling, Lucas replied, “You’re welcome.Oh, by the way, I’ll reintroduce myself to you.My name is Lucas Collins.”

‘’Lucas Collins?’’

Ayla looked at his smiling face.She finally remembered that she had seen this man on the night that Toby was married, but she didn’t pay him much mind back then.It was only when she heard his name that she remembered who he was.

“Do you remember me now? We met at the wedding,” Lucas reminded her.

Embarrassed, Ayla nodded.

“That’s right.Hello, Mr.Collins.It’s nice to meet you.”

“So, can you tell me your name now?”

Lucas propped his arms onto the table and stared into her eyes.

“I’m Ayla Woodsen.”

She didn’t tell him her name on Toby’s wedding party.Now, she would feel embarrassed if she didn’t introduce herself again.

“It’s a nice name.May I call you Lala?”

Lucas didn’t hesitate to say her nickname endearingly.

Taking a few steps back, Ayla asked, “Mr.Collins, what brings you here?”

He touched his glasses and said with a gentle smile, “You can call me by my first name.I think you’ll find out who I am soon enough.We’ll meet again soon.”

After saying that, he left.

At this time, the head librarian appeared and said, “Hi, Lala.A new batch of books will arrive tomorrow.You can sort these books out now and make a list for tomorrow.”

The head librarian was a middle-aged woman.She had been working at this college for many years now.

Although she looked strict, Ayla thought that she was a good person.

“Yes, ma’am.I’ll get them once I’m done here.”

She smiled and put the books back to the shelf one by one.

For the rest of the afternoon, she worked at the library because she didn’t have any classes.

By the time she was done working, it was already dark.She quickly ran downstairs because there was nobody else here during the night, and the lights weren’t that bright.She was running so fast that she eventually stumbled and fell to the floor.Her palm had gotten cut due to the accident.

“Are you okay?”

In the dim light, someone approached her.Standing up, Ayla said, “I’m fine, Mr.Collins.Why are you still on campus at this time of the night?”

Outsiders weren’t allowed to stay here during the night.

Noticing the concern and uneasiness in her eyes, Lucas swallowed back the words that he was about to say.

“I, uh…I got lost when I was walking around the campus.”

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