The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 75

Chapter 75: She Was Up To Something

It was easy for Brian to say something like that.

He told Ayla to sit on his seat.

She felt pins and needles on her sweating palms.

Was she actually going to play mahjong now? She didn’t even recognize any of the mahjong tiles.

Not ten minutes after she sat down, she had almost lost all of the chips Brian had won earlier.

To her, it felt like she just willingly gave the other three opponents all the money.Meanwhile, Brian just drank and smoked nonchalantly.

He hardly cared about the money at all.

It didn’t matter how much she lost because he could afford it.

All he wanted was to alleviate her boredom.

However, he realized that this woman had absolutely no affinity for gambling.

Ayla lost again and again, and now, she really had no more chips on hand.

She turned to Brian and helplessly shook her head.


“Mrs.Clark, it’s not a big deal.I can lend you three hundred chips.”

“I’ll lend you five hundred, Mrs.Clark.”

“Well, I’ll lend you all my chips!”

Ayla sat there as the three people at the mahjong table earnestly offered her chips with a wide grin on their faces.

Their sinister smiles sent shivers down her spine.

“Do you want to lend her your chips or just give them to her?”

Brian walked over, staring daggers at the three men.

“We’ll give them to her,” they all said in unison.

Even though they had won a lot, their opponent had no clue how to play mahjong.

It would be an embarrassment to them if they took money from their boss like that.Ayla looked at Brian.

He had pushed her into a pit of suffering, while he and Anna were talking and laughing happily.

But it didn’t matter that much because he was wealthy, so she was in charge today.

“There’s no need to do that.It’s Mr.Clark who will pay for the money you’ll lend me.”

Ayla smiled at them.

Such leisurely days were a rare occasion for her.She was Set to go back to school in half a month.

Without objecting to her words, Brian kept on drinking.

Anna clung to his arm, and the two of them looked very intimate.

For the duration of the entire afternoon, Ayla lost tens of millions of dollars.

If she had known that they’d be betting so much, she wouldn’t have laid a hand on the mahjong tiles.

After the game, Brian took her to a restaurant.

However, she didn’t look so happy ever since they left the club.

“What’s up with you? Are you scared?”

He took a sip of tea and looked at Ayla.

She was also drinking a beverage.She hadn’t drank anything warm yet, but this afternoon, she was sweating all over.

“I’m not an idiot.You did it on purpose, didn’t you?”

Ayla didn’t know how she made it through the whole afternoon.

Was she just trying to relax or was she causing herself some trouble? Moments later, the waiter arrived, and Brian looked at the steak that he had brought.

“Let’s eat!”

Ayla glanced at the medium rare steak on her plate, and thought that it was still a bit b****y.

She couldn’t move her knife and fork because she felt nauseous.

The following second, she ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet.

She had been sitting at the mahjong table the entire afternoon, but she hadn’t eaten anything.

Apart from drinking a few glasses of water and losing a mountain of money, she hadn’t touched any food.

But when she laid eyes on the steak, she immediately wanted to vomit.When Ayla came back to her seat, her steak had been replaced by a cup of coffee and a plate of pasta.Brian held a cup of coffee as well, drinking it elegantly.

If Ayla wasn’t famished, she still wouldn’t want to eat the pasta.

However, she was already hungry earlier, and then she threw up upon seeing the steak just now.

Now, she really wanted to eat something, and the pasta on her plate looked appetizing enough for her.It was late at night by the time they got back to the villa.

Upon arrival, Ayla went to her room in the servants’ house.

However, as soon as she sat down, her phone started ringing.

“Who told you to go back to your room?”

It seemed that Brian really wanted to torture her.

And it didn’t seem like he had anything better to do this week.

“Mr.Clark, I’m about to sleep.Can we please just talk about this tomorrow?” Ayla answered.

She was indeed too tired to endure more of his antics.

Last night, she was too tired because of what he did, and it almost felt like she had lost her life.

Afterwards, she spent an entire afternoon, playing in the entertainment club.

Even though she was so tired, she didn’t feel any pain in her heart.

Perhaps the more preoccupied she was, the less bad memories she remembered.

After hanging up, she walked towards the small pile of soil in the backyard.

“Baby, I’m sorry that I couldn’t accompany you today.”

She stood there, murmuring to herself for a long time before she decided to go back to her room.

Staring at the light in her room through the window, Ayla frowned.She seemed to recall turning the light off when she left.

Moreover, she was worried that Brian would call her again, so she unplugged the phone line as well.

Did she somehow forget to turn off the light when she went out earlier? As soon as she pushed the door open, she saw the man leaning against her bed.

He was wearing a night robe, looking charming and seductive.

Her heart trembled upon seeing him.

Pursing her lips, she entered the room.

“Mr.Clark, it’s late.Why did you come to my room to smoke?”

Brian knew whenever Ayla was lying to him because she was a bad liar, and she wasn’t smart enough to fool him!

“Didn’t you say you had gone to bed? Is it your ghost who was sleeping here?”

He took another drag of his cigarette.

She could see how displeased he was based on his expression.

“Mr.Clark, whether you want to see me or a ghost, I really want to rest,” Ayla said with a smile.Brian noticed that she was wearing a thin coat when she came from outside.

He must’ve seen her take off her coat the second they came back to the villa.

That coat cost more than ten thousand dollars, but she didn’t seem to like it.

“Go to my room in the main villa.”

After saying that, he stood up and left her room.

As she watched him walk away, Ayla knew that he was here to trouble her.

Was she afraid? She would be lying if she claimed that she wasn’t.

But what was she afraid of? She had gone through so many obstacles that it rendered her fearless of almost everything.

Perhaps it was because he could do whatever he wanted! Brian sat on the sofa in his room with a cigarette between his fingers, waiting for Ayla to arrive.

If he hadn’t been in a good mood for the past two days, he would’ve dragged her to his room as usual.

How could he have the time to wait for her to come to his room? After an hour’s delay, she finally came to his room.


Brian saw that Ayla hadn’t changed her clothes, nor taken a shower. She was holding a glass of milk.

“Please drink this,” she said.

“I don’t drink milk.”

He preferred to drink coffee.Was this woman challenging his authority on purpose?

“I’m here to apologize.You lost a lot of money today because of me.”

If she hadn’t played, he wouldn’t have lost millions in cash.

Perhaps to him, money wasn’t an object, but she still needed to express her apology.It took Ayla an entire hour to reach this conclusion.

She decided to ingratiate herself with him.But Brian didn’t buy it.

“No need,” he said.

When he saw her standing at the door and hesitating, he immediately knew that he shouldn’t drink this glass of milk.

Even though Ayla wouldn’t poison him, no matter what she added to the milk, he wasn’t going to drink it.She held the glass tightly, and said, “Just have some! You drank too much wine today.”

Did she actually care about him? She felt that anyone who heard what she said would think that she gave a d**n about him.

Creasing his forehead, Brian asked, “Are you implying that you care for me?”

Why did he think that she was up to something?


Ayla held back her nausea.

Was it really necessary for her to do this?

“Fine.I’ll have some.”

Brian took the glass of milk, holding it firmly in his hand.

It did seem that she had put a lot of effort and thought into it.Standing by the sofa, Ayla watched as he just held the glass of milk and looked at it.

Seeing that he didn’t seem like he was going to drink, she said, “You should drink it now.The milk won’t taste good if it’s cold.”

Swiveling the glass in his hand, Brian looked at her closely.

“It’s too much for me to finish alone.Drink the other half.”

As soon as he finished talking, he noticed a change in Ayla’s expression.She obviously wasn’t adept at trickeries, but she insisted on showing it to him today.Should he just cooperate with her?

“No, no.I’ve already had some.”

Ayla wouldn’t drink the milk because she didn’t want to spend the night with him.And so, she urged him to drink it alone.

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