The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Anna’s Boastful Nature

Ayla sat up and said, “I don’t want to stay here.”

She despised living there, more so after Anna called Brian.

Brian advanced towards her and angrily threw back the covers.

“Then don’t sleep tonight!”

How could this woman be so ungrateful? She was clearly taking advantage of his kindness.

Brian had ruthlessly tortured her throughout the night.

She felt too weak to beg for mercy.On Chinese New Year’s Day, Ayla only awoke at noon.She was in Brian’s room.Her body wracked with pain, making any kind of movement difficult.

She promised herself that she would not act tough in front of him in future for her own safety.On the other hand, Brian seemed unperturbed.

Lounging in a black robe, he looked laid-back, yet elegant, as he savored a glass of red wine.

“Are you awake? Get up! Quit pretending to be asleep!”

Brian had noticed her eyelids flutter, but she quickly pretended to fall into a slumber again.

Ayla awoke, draped herself in the thin quilt then picked up the phone.

She requested Maria to bring her a fresh set of clothes.

The maid came up from the first floor, clothes in hand and greeted Ayla warmly, “Good morning, Mrs.Clark.”

She took the clothes and disappeared into the bathroom.

After a while she stepped back into the room, beautifully adorned.

As Brian placed his glass down, he instructed her, “Go downstairs and prepare lunch if you are ready.We have to go out this afternoon.”

She knew that she would be forced to accompany him, but she had no idea that he would take her to the entertainment club.

“Are you working on the first day of the Chinese New Year?”

She stood at the door, fearing to go beyond.The parking lot of the entertainment club was choked with various cars.

The club was pretty lively even for the daytime.

“No,” he replied softly, as he walked in, holding her around the waist.

As they pushed the door and entered the luxurious private VIP room, Ayla was consumed by nausea.

She was allergic to the smell of alcohol and cigarettes and swooned into a bout of coughing.Anna was heartbroken to see Brian holding Ayla so lovingly.

Nevertheless, she approached him and with a smile, she said, “Welcome, Brian! Everyone is waiting for you!”

Brian’s entry into the vibrant and lively private room was followed by a sudden hush, as everyone stood up and respectfully addressed him as Mr.Clark.

“Please, continue to play.”

He then looked at Ayla and asked her, “Can you play mahjong?”

She shook her head.


Such games were alien to her.

She was a virtuous girl who spent her time studying and working.

“Anna, teach her to play mahjong.”

Brian sat on the sofa and poured himself a glass of wine.

“But I don’t wish to learn how to play mahjong.”

She didn’t want to become addicted to gambling like he had.She regarded gambling as one of the worst vices known to mankind.

Wasn’t Clayton destroyed because of his gambling tendencies?The Woodsen family was ruined by gambling alone.

Brian walked to the automatic mahjong table and remarked, “Observe carefully.You will learn quickly.It will be useful to you in the future.”

He asked Ayla to sit next to him.

As she stared at this conundrum, her mind wandered off.

When they were young, Clayton always took Arlene to the amusement park or ski resort for two weeks at a time.

However, Ayla was expected to remain in the little house behind the Woodsen family’s villa, reading or cleaning.She was not accustomed to such rowdiness.

Brian extended his hand out to her.

Taken aback, she asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Get me a cup of tea.”

He knew how easily she became absent-minded when she was around him.


When Ayla jerked herself back to reality, she quickly brought him a cup of tea.

But before she could hand it to him, someone bumped into her and the tea spilled all over her.

Brian immediately held her hand and asked, “Why are you so clumsy? Did you burn yourself?”

His sudden concern frightened her.

“I’m fine.The tea is not hot.”

She pushed his hand away.

A crowd of people gathered around them.

Was it appropriate for him to behave like this?He looked at her and enquired, “Are you sure you are all right?”

At that moment, Anna hastened forward and said, “Miss Woodsen, come along with me.I’ll get you a change of clothes.I have a wardrobe of new clothes.It will fit you perfectly.”

Ayla looked at Brian, seeking permission.

“Go with her.A change of clothes is necessary.”

They traipsed off to another room on the same floor.

The room was breathtakingly beautiful and of a magnificent standard.

The European-styled interior, with an exquisite imported crystal chandelier that emitted a strange brilliance, was overwhelming.

“Come in and have a seat.I bet you are not used to being suffocated by so many men drinking and smoking all around you.”

Anna continued with her annoying chatter.

“It actually doesn’t matter,” replied Ayla.

If she had a choice, she would never have come there.

“I guess if you really want to be with Brian then it doesn’t matter where you end up, right?”

Anna walked towards the wardrobe.

She asked, “Miss Woodsen, what kind of clothes do you prefer? Feel free to select whatever you wish to wear.Brian has spoiled me rotten by buying me such a huge selection of clothing.My wardrobe is bursting at the seams as a result of his generosity.There’s more for you to choose from.Ayla glanced at the designer clothing that shimmered in the wardrobe.Was Anna just being boastful? Well Anna had picked on the wrong person.Ayla was far from impressed.She looked on disdainfully.

“No, thanks.I would rather wear my own clothes.”

She examined the tea stains on her clothes and said, “These stains are barely noticeable.I can wash them off when I go home.”

Anna handed her a beige overcoat.

“Here, slip this on.If Brian finds out that you haven’t changed, I’ll be in hot water.”

Obviously she was pretending to be kind.

Ayla smiled.

“Okay, thank you,”

She put on the beige coat.

Anna said admiringly, “It fits you perfectly.Brian has always had great taste.”

She continued to make small talk.Ayla just smiled and quipped, “I’m ready.Let’s go!”

She didn’t want to engage in silly banter with Anna.

There was no sense to this kind of war between them.She dismissed Anna’s words.

She cared less about Brian and his relationship with Anna.

Ayla returned to Brian’s side.

“I didn’t expect Anna’s clothes to fit you so well,” he remarked as he glanced at her indifferently.


Ayla forced a smile.

She couldn’t be bothered whether it fitted her or not.She had only changed because he had insisted she do so.

Personally, she felt more comfortable in her own clothes.Evidently, he was good at playing mahjong.

His winnings had increased whilst she was away.

He had much more chips than his three opponents now.

She was still distracted when he pushed down the mahjong tiles and declared, “I win!”

His tone remained unchanged, however, his opponents’ expressions were questionable.

“Mr.Clark, are you trying to extort money from us?” asked Tayson, who was sitting opposite Brian.

“I can’t help it if you are unskilled.”

Brian scooped up the pile of chips he had won.

“Mr.Clark, are you trying to impress the beautiful lady beside you?” James asked, unwilling to admit defeat, Brian looked at her.

“Are you Lady Luck?” He spoke softly yet audibly enough for everyone to hear.

Ayla was lost for words.Her silence elicited a response from him.

He stood up and said, “Now it’s your turn to play.I’m too embarrassed to win any more.Play to win or lose.It makes no difference.”

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