The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 72

Chapter 72: The Pain Numbed Her And Made Her Cold

‘What’s the point?’ Ayla sneered.

Right now, everything was pointless to Ayla.

If he wanted to tell her something, he would.

But if he didn’t want her to know anything, or if he was going to take another woman on a business trip, then it was better if he didn’t tell her.

“What time is your flight?”

Ayla said to him after a long time of hesitating to speak.

Was she beginning to care about him? She had barely ever asked him about anything, not even what he wanted for dinner.

But no matter what she cooked, Brian never complained.

As he rested his chin on her slender shoulder, he said, “Send me off at the airport.”

She didn’t have the right to refuse him.Her face was a bit swollen, but she didn’t feel any pain.They were seated at the back of the car.

Ayla looked out the window at the vast snowy land.

“It’s so beautiful,” she muttered.This winter, she had lost everything, and her heart was sealed in ice, causing it to become colder than snow.

She felt so numb that the only way she could fall asleep was through taking sleeping pills every night.

If it weren’t for Brian putting pressure on her, she might’ve swallowed all the pills to forget everything.

Embracing her, he said, “Accompany me on the business trip.”

The sound of his voice was so calm and certain, but somehow, there was still a bit of doubt in it.

Ayla shook her head.

“I’m not used to it.”

Never had she left this city, and she didn’t have any plans to do so either.

At least not right now.

“You’re so stubborn.I’m starting to believe that you only agreed with Arlene to be her substitute and marry into the Clark family because of my wealth.”

Nobody in this world could be richer than Brian.

He was enjoying a good life, but that was only because he made greater efforts than everyone else.

“That’s right.I’m tired of being poor, so I came after your money.”

Ayla didn’t deny his claim.

Maybe he wasn’t the only person thinking that.

Perhaps Toby, Arlene, and all the members of the Smith family were of the same mind.

She was a girl who had nothing.

What else could she want other than money? Didn’t she choose to do this because she wanted to have more? But despite what she said, Brian didn’t get mad at her.

“As long as you don’t displease me, I’ll give you whatever you want.”

He was never stingy with money.

Ayla just looked at him in silence.

‘Do I still hate him? Maybe not anymore”

In the lobby of the airport, there were many people passing through.

The chauffeur was standing beside Brian and carrying his suitcase.

When Brian was about to board the plane, his travelling companion still hadn’t appeared.

Ayla was confused.

Was he planning to go on this business trip on his own? Didn’t he bring anyone else with him? As Brian walked forward with a suitcase in hand, a slender hand suddenly grabbed him.

“Are you alone?”

The sound of her voice was laden with concern.

“I am.”

This was the first time he went on a business trip without Anna.He wasn’t sure why he did so, but he just felt like going alone.

“Oh, then you can go inside! Don’t be late for your flight.”

As soon as Ayla stopped Brian, she instantly regretted asking him a question.

She even wished she could bite her tongue off.

Seeing that she awkwardly turned her head away, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her amidst the crowded airport hall.Ayla’s mind went blank because of his sudden kiss, and her eyes widened in surprise.

She allowed him to kiss her until she couldn’t breathe.

Afterwards, he backed away from her and walked into the entryway without glancing back.It took her a while to regain her composure and go back to the car.

After he left, Ayla wasn’t as relieved as she imagined she would be.

It was almost the Chinese New Year, so she was very busy every day.

Even though Ayla was staying at the servants’ quarters, she was able to manage the whole villa well.Everything was done.

She did all the cleaning herself, including cleaning Brian’s room.

“Lala, dinner is ready.”

When Maria went upstairs, she found Ayla cleaning the study with a duster cloth.Ayla nodded.

“Okay.I’m coming!”

Then, the two of them sat at the dining table and had dinner.

“Maria, have you received any calls recently?”

Brian never seemed to call the landline phone of the villa whenever he was out on a trip, and Ayla’s cellphone hadn’t been used for a long time because she had nobody to contact.Shaking her head, Maria answered, “No, Mr.Clark usually doesn’t call when he’s on a business trip.”

Ayla shifted her focus back on the dishes, but she didn’t have an appetite.”It’s New Year’s Eve in two days.Mr.Clark didn’t mention when he would be coming back,”

Maria added.

As a maid who had been working here for many years, she had gotten used to it.

Brian never stayed at home during Chinese New Year, so the villa was usually deserted and tranquil.

“I see.”

Ayla put down her chopsticks.

“It’s fine if he doesn’t come home.”

This way, she could spend the Chinese New Year with her baby.

It had been cloudy for two days.

On New Year’s Eve, a heavy snowfall ensued.

Ayla was wearing a simple dress as she squatted in the backyard.

“Baby, Mommy’s with you right now.How are you? Are you mad at me? Why aren’t you appearing in my dreams anymore?”

No matter how much time had elapsed, the wound in her heart still hadn’t healed.Moments later, Maria came over to put a thick coat on her.

“It’s getting late and the snow is getting heavier.

You should go back inside, or else you’re gonna catch a cold.”

“I’m fine.I haven’t spent time with my baby for a long time, so I want to be with him for a little bit longer today.”

Ayla knew how it felt to be lonely, so she didn’t want her baby to experience the same thing.

Maria decided not to say anything anymore.

Throughout the whole villa, this place was the only cold and quiet one.

It was completely devoid of the happiness and excitement brought by the festival.

No matter how beautiful the fireworks were or how much laughter there was, Ayla seemed like she didn’t want to partake in anything.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she fell to her knees on the snow.

As time passed by, she just sat there, motionless.

So much pain ruled her heart that it turned numb and cold.Little by little, a tall figure approached her, but she didn’t notice that person at all.Brian was wearing a black overcoat, and the cold breeze blew past the hem of his coat.

His legs looked really long and powerful wearing those pants.He came home in a hurry.

He had worked day and night for so many days just so he could come home and celebrate the Chinese New Year with her.

However, she didn’t seem to be prepared to welcome him.

Maria mentioned that Ayla had been here for several hours.

He heard her sobbing.

Her petite body was trembling, and a thick layer of snow had formed over her head and shoulders.

“Do you want to die or something?”

Brian walked over, pulling Ayla up from the snow.

Upon seeing his frowning face, she thought that she was seeing things due to the tears blurring out her vision.

“Why are you always so grumpy? I also get angry, but I’m not qualified to vent my anger, am I?”

She touched his face with her hand, and said, “I don’t want to see you.I just want to stay with the baby.”

He grasped her hand tightly.

Due to his motion, her coat fell to the ground and she shivered because of the cold.

“Ouch! It hurts!”

It was only then that Ayla finally saw him clearly.

It turned out that she wasn’t hallucinating.

He dragged her to the living room of the villa and threw her on the sofa.

“Are you awake now?”

Ignoring the pain, she curled up on the sofa, and said, “I didn’t know you were back.”

“Go upstairs and take a hot shower.And don’t show up in front of me while you’re still shivering,” Brian roared.

“Did you just come back?”

Ayla approached him, wiping the snow off his clothes.

“I didn’t think you’d come home.”

“This is my house.I can come back whenever I want.”

On the way back a few moments ago, Brian thought about what she might be doing.

She should’ve been having a good time while he was away, especially now that it was the New Year’s Eve today.

But it turned out that she was just sitting in the backyard on her own.

Brian was upset because of that.

Ayla rubbed her hands together and said, “You haven’t eaten anything, have you? Do you want me to c**k for you?”

‘’It’s not midnight yet.Did he make sure to come back on time?’’

“That’s not necessary.” Brian took off his coat and sat on the sofa.

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