The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Ayla Ignores Brian

Ayla looked at Molly totally aghast.Then she stared at Toby quizzically.She said, “Get up, Mrs.Brown.I promise not to ever see him again!”

After all that had transpired recently, there was certainly no reason for her and Toby to ever see each other again.

Toby tried to interject but Ayla knew that anything he uttered at that moment would further exacerbate the problem.

She instructed him, “Mr.Brown, take your precious wife home! We are in a public place now.”

Ayla was not in the least bit concerned about anyone’s opinions about her.

But she knew at the back of her mind that if the daughter and son-in-law of the prestigious Smith Group continued to misbehave in public, they would promptly feature in the following day’s news broadcast.Ayla then made a hasty exit from the shopping mall.

Lyle, who had been patiently awaiting her at the gate, hurried forth to assist her with her bag.

He immediately detected that something was amiss.

Deeply concerned, he enquired, “Miss Woodsen, are you all right?”

Lyle was horrified to see her swollen face and the bloodstain at the corner of her mouth.

She had been in the mall for barely an hour.

What could have possibly happened to drive her into this tragic state?

“I’m just fine, Lyle.Don’t mention a word about this to Mr.Clark,” she pleaded.

Ayla slumped against the seat helplessly.

She gently closed her eyes and introspected.

Tears cascaded down her burning cheeks.

She was consumed by old emotions of heartbreak and bitterness.

Past pain of misery resurfaced.

Coupled with this emotional torture, she had reached a new low of extreme pain and helplessness.

Meanwhile, after quickly assessing the gravity of the situation, Toby swept Molly off to a nearby hotel.

Miley, on seeing them safe, gestured to the driver to take her back home.

Molly was visibly disturbed.She couldn’t bear to look Toby in the eye.


Toby comforted, “please don’t be angry.You know that I had lost all contact with Lala.Was all this embarrassing drama even necessary? And in full view of the public?”

Toby asked her with some concern in his voice as he sat beside her.He was genuinely worried about Ayla.

Four months into her pregnancy and he did not notice a baby bump.

Chances were great that she had miscarried.

Brian had clearly misunderstood the relationship between Toby and Ayla.

He refused to believe that the innocent baby that Ayla was carrying was his.

How Ayla must have suffered back then listening to the baseless accusations snarled upon her.

She looked like a weak, sick lamb.

Surely the Clark family had enough servants to carry out menial tasks! Why on earth was she asked to go out and purchase the vegetables?

“In what way was she embarrassed? It was I who was embarrassed! I was the one who was subjected to humiliation! My husband made a beeline for another woman in public! Am I nothing to you? Be honest with me.You owe me that much.If you no longer love me then admit it.You didn’t have to feel obligated to marry me just because I gave up my virginity to you.That’s not your responsibility! Did you take responsibility for Ayla? Did You?”

Molly finally took a breath after this tirade.She was fully aware that Ayla and Toby had lived together in that apartment.

It would be naive to believe that they had not had sexual relations.She was aware that people wouldn’t easily forget those who had sexual relations with them.

She also knew that Toby had married her so soon only because she had given herself to him so early in their relationship.Besides, there was one thing confusing Molly.

She hadn’t taken any contraceptives recently, but why hadn’t she fallen pregnant yet?Toby cradled Molly in his arms and lovingly remarked, “Molly, I am truly sorry.Let’s put this unpleasant episode behind us and move forward with renewed strength and trust.I am your husband …and always will be.”

He had been indecisive in the past.

He had only decided to give up on Ayla because he saw how she was pressured and tortured by Brian.

He was nothing without the Smith family.Molly gazed into Toby’s eyes.

“Are you absolutely sure? Do you really mean it? Can you promise never to see Ayla ever again? Not to even think about her? Can you erase every memory of her? If you make every attempt to avoid her then there will be no more run-ins between Ayla and me,”

Molly concluded.

She confessed to herself that she had made many a sacrifice to sustain this love, but at the end of the day, was he really worth it? Toby slowly inhaled a deep breath of fresh air.

Then, taking her in his arms as gently as a newborn, he whispered convincingly, “Yes, I promise.”

He recollected lying in pain in that diseased hospital bed.Molly was the only person who had stood by him and helped him get back on his feet.

She was destined to be a major part of his life.

Toby’s words brought a beam of sunlight to her face.

With a sensual smile, she teased, “Shall we spend the night in the hotel? We should not head home.You know how inquisitive my parents are.”

Molly knew in the depths of her being that she truly loved Toby.She had always been a caring, protective, somewhat possessive lover, but it had all been in the name of love.She would always treat him this way…

cover him with the hues of the powerful rainbow.Meanwhile, Ayla had returned to the villa and was packing the fridge.

Maria said affectionately, “I’ll take over now.You get some well-deserved rest, Lala.”

Maria only called her “Lala” when no one else was around.Ayla replied sweetly, “It’s okay.I need to keep busy right now.Thank you.”

She wanted to wash out all disturbing thoughts from her mind.

The sooner she reconciled her thoughts, the less desperate she would be.Suddenly Maria pulled Ayla towards her.

“How in heaven’s name did you bruise your face so badly? Oh no! Your lips are also swollen!” she cried.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Ayla lied.

“I accidentally walked into a wall and got a nasty bump.” Ayla’s lies literally ate her up.She knew that Maria was unconvinced.

“You know me better than that, Lala.Tell me what happened.I can’t bear to see you in such pain.Who did this to you? How can anyone be so harsh?”

Maria tenderly nestled Ayla on the sofa.

She then went to the fridge and returned with an ice pack which she wrapped in a towel and dabbed on her face.Ayla took the ice pack and reassured Maria, “I’m fine, really.I’ll be as good as new in a twinkling.”

“Mr.Clark will not be too happy when he finds out.” Maria’s eyes scaled Ayla.

‘’Ayla is too kind hearted.She distances herself from conflicts as a rule.What could have possibly transpired at the mall that resulted in her sustaining such an ugly wound?”

“Please don’t mention anything to him.He doesn’t need to know.I’ll ensure that I’m back in my room before he returns.”

Ayla was determined not to run into Brian that day.

“What must she not mention to me? Why don’t you want me to know?” asked Brian.

He had overheard their conversation in the living room.

Mortified, Ayla stood up.

The ice pack crushed to the floor.

“Mr.Clark, we were not expecting you back so soon!” she stammered.

He had returned much earlier than expected.

Brian noticed the bruise on her face.

“What happened to you?”

“I accidentally walked into a wall and got a bump.”

No one believed the story she had cooked up.

“Do you take me for a fool?”

Only a ghost would believe that she had sustained that injury from walking into a wall!

“I’m going to my room,” she said as she tried to retreat.

The last thing she wanted was to be confronted by Brian.

“Ayla Woodsen!” he screamed in an earth-shattering voice.

Mercilessly, he pulled her towards him.

“Hey! Let go of me!” Ayla said sketchily.

He acted as if he hadn’t heard her.

She couldn’t fathom out what he was thinking as his demeanor was so calm.

He lit a cigarette and smoked unhurriedly.

“May I go now?” she asked with awkward impatience.


Brian refused to allow her to retreat into the secret comfort of her room.He had a business trip.He came home early from work to pack his luggage.

Was Ayla going to play hide-and-seek with him all her

“I’ve completed all my work.” She thought, ‘Now he has no reason to keep me prisoner here any longer!’

It was still early.

Surely he wouldn’t go to bed now.

She didn’t see he would need her in anything.

As Brian choked the life out of his cigarette, he instructed her to pack a traveling bag for him as he was going on a business trip.

Was this what she was reduced to? A mere servant? With some degree of relief, she replied, “Okay.How long will you be away for?”

With slow measured steps, they proceeded upstairs together.She packed a small suit case with his necessities.His eyes dug like a dagger into her back.How could she be so cold and unfeeling to him now?

“Your suit case is all packed now.” She placed it beside him.

“Aren’t you curious to know where I’m going? And with whom?”

He resented her indifference.

He felt he was losing control over her, like a wounded lion lost its prey to a powerful predator.Ayla smiled indignantly, “I’m not in the least bit interested.”

They both knew that this relationship had no future.

Neither of them had invested any emotions.

After all, this was only a marriage in name.

He held her in his arms.

“You did it on purpose, didn’t you? Do you think it’s proper for you to refuse me? What’s the point of acting like this?”

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