The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 70

Chapter 70: She Was Always Forced Into Situations Like This

Brian’s gaze made Ayla uncomfortable, so she just shook her head reluctantly.

“No, I won’t drink that much anymore.”

Only when she gave him a satisfactory answer did he finally let her go.

“It’s almost Chinese New Year.Pack up your things from the maids’ house and move back in here.Don’t make me say it again.”

Since he had allowed her to meet Arlene, she must uphold her end of the bargain and move back in.

Stunned, Ayla asked, “Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t force me to do anything?”

Why did he change his decision overnight? She wouldn’t agree to his request even if she was drunk.

“I’m making you do this for a good reason.If you want Arlene to have a good life, you need to come back.”

He remembered how she went to his room every night like she was making a report recently.

At the thought of it, Brian felt very unhappy.

“I don’t believe she’s living a good life right now.Do whatever the hell you want, I’m not going to move back in.”

She went into the bathroom and put on a bathrobe.

Upon hearing her words, Brian realized that he had given her too much freedom.

When Ayla went downstairs, she ran into Maria, causing her to tighten her garb because she felt abashed.

“Hi, Lala! You’re awake.Do you happen to have a headache?” Maria asked.

“Would you like some water with honey? Allow me to make one for you!”

“No, thanks.I can do it myself.But I’m going to change my clothes first,”

Most of the servants would jump to conclusions if they saw Ayla wearing a bathrobe and coming out of the main villa this early in the morning.

When she went back to her room, she stared at herself in the mirror.

How much did she drink last night that she ended up losing consciousness? She didn’t even have a clue if she vomited or not.

After changing into a more appropriate set of clothes, she walked out of the room, and soon went to her baby’s grave in the backyard.

Her heart was torn.

She still couldn’t forget her unborn child.

This place was exclusive to her, and nobody not even the servants were allowed to touch it.

As Brian sat at the table, staring at the dishes, he suddenly lost his appetite.

That woman disobeyed him out of the blue.

“Where’s Ayla?”

Since she left early in the morning, he hadn’t seen her yet.

Maria glanced at Brian.

“Mr.Clark, during this time of day, Mrs.Clark is usually in the backyard,” she said vaguely.

Understanding what she meant, he didn’t say anything else.

Meanwhile, Ayla had been standing there for an hour already.She felt so cold that her body was becoming numb.She was afraid that her baby would get lonely, so she stayed with him every day.

On a snowy day like this, it should be very cold.

Tears streamed down her cheeks.

It was cold, and she could taste her salty tears at the corner of her lips.

Up until now, she still hadn’t recovered from this pain, and maybe she never would.

She was the most heartless and useless mother in existence.She couldn’t even give her child the chance to see the light of day.

Ayla heaved a sigh.

Now that she had undergone an operation, she might not be able to have a child for the rest of her life.

Every day, to lessen the pain, she told herself that what she did was right and that she wouldn’t regret anything.

Over the following days, Ayla kept herself busy by preparing for the New Year.

It had been almost six months since she started living in this villa.

Time fluttered by quickly.

The driver, Lyle, drove her to the shopping mall.

Brian told her that it was up to her to decide what to buy, and how she was going to decorate the villa.

Meanwhile, Molly and Miley were holding each other’s arm intimately.

Their chauffeur followed them around, carrying every bag of clothes that they had bought.

“Mom, I want to buy some clothes for Toby.He’s been so busy working overtime lately.He seems to be hard at work every day.He deserves a nice gift.”

Molly had been getting along with Toby recently, and it hadn’t changed because of what happened to Ayla.

Although Hayden never said anything, he was always suspicious of Toby’s motives.

Even though Ayla had left a good impression on him and he had a sense of familiarity with her, Hayden didn’t want to see his son-in-law getting too close to another woman.

It could end up hurting his beloved daughter.

Miley glanced at her daughter.

“Don’t be so spineless! You’re still in love with him after what happened last time? You don’t even know what’s on his mind right now.”

That day, Toby was dropped off at the front gate of the Smith family’s villa, half-dead.

The members of the family were frightened by his state.

After figuring out why he had been beaten within an inch of his life, Miley didn’t talk to him nor visit him at the hospital for several days.

“Mom, I love him with all my heart.As long as he stays by my side, everything will be fine.There’s nothing else that matters to me.Besides, he’s been very good to me lately, hasn’t he?”

When Molly turned to the elevator at the corner, she accidentally bumped into Ayla, who was carrying a large bag at the time.

She had a large bag of fruits and vegetables that she had just bought from the supermarket, and she fell to the floor after bumping into Molly.

The bag was torn and her fruits rolled all over the floor.

Molly wasn’t happy to see Ayla here.

“What bad luck I have! Why do I run into you everywhere?”

Ayla propped herself up with her hands and stood up.

“Hello, Mrs.Smith and Mrs.Brown,” she greeted them with a smile.

Miley rolled her eyes at Ayla, and sneered, “Are you the tramp? You’re so shameless! How can you even show your face outside? If I were you, I’d just kill myself!”

“Mrs.Smith, I think there’s been a misunderstanding.”

Ayla had no idea why she was able to face them so calmly now.

But she believed that she didn’t do anything wrong.

“A misunderstanding? Tell me, why did Toby have to suffer for you? How dare you say that we misunderstood you? B***h!”

Miley stepped forward and slapped Ayla across her face.She had been wanting to slap this woman for a long time now.

And now that she did, Ayla was taken aback.

Their voices were so loud that it was attracting attention at the vast shopping mall.

Blood seeped from the corner of Ayla’s lips.

Lately, she had been getting slapped a lot, but she hardly felt any pain.

“Shame on you!”

Even Molly stared daggers at her.

Coincidentally, Toby was coming over to pick Molly and her mother up.

However, he didn’t expect that this was what he would see when he arrived.

Ayla’s face was red and swollen, and blood was dripping from her mouth.

She was picking up all the fruits and vegetables that had been scattered on the floor.

She just ignored all the onlookers because she didn’t give a d**n anymore.


Toby crouched in front of her, helping her pick up the oranges.

“How are you doing?”

Before Ayla could speak, Molly pulled Toby away from her.

“You’re my husband! How dare you flirt with this b***h in front of me? Do you still not take me seriously?”

Every single time Ayla showed up, nothing good ever happened.

That woman still wouldn’t admit how much of a b***h she was.

With all her strength, Molly shoved Ayla, and pulled Toby away from her.

“Don’t you dare pester my husband again, and don’t even think of showing your face to us! I’m begging you, just stop, okay?”

Ayla stood up and picked up her shopping bag.

“Mrs.Brown, we’re in a shopping mall.It’s not a crime for me to come here, and you did nothing wrong by doing the same.Can’t you just pretend that you don’t know me?”

She didn’t want to meet them either.

In fact, she had forgotten them.

However, the world was small, so running into them at a shopping mall wasn’t unlikely to happen.

If she had known that she would run into them today, she would’ve asked Maria to do the shopping instead.


Molly wondered how Ayla had the gall to speak to her like this in front of Toby.

The other woman wanted to destroy her image to him.

She had cursed Ayla, and her mother had slapped her, but so what? With a stern expression, Ayla gave Toby a look, and walked past the others.

It seemed that she was about to leave.

She was allowed to leave whenever she wanted, right? She never wanted to see them again.

From now on, they were strangers to her.

“Lala.” Toby stopped her.

All he wanted to do was to ask her how she was doing.

“Mr.Brown, let me go.”

He was tightly grasping Ayla’s wrist, and she felt a bit of pain from it.

Upon seeing them behave like that, Molly scoffed, and interjected, “Miss Woodsen, please.”

Regardless of the occasion and her dignity, she knelt before Ayla.

Even Ayla was startled by her action.

“Mrs.Brown, you don’t have to do this.”

She was always getting forced into situations like this, and she had no way of turning back.

Brian had forced her into doing his bidding, and now Molly was doing the same.

At that moment, Toby loosened his grip on Ayla’s wrist.

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