The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Punished Them By Myself

“Arlene, Arlene…”

Seeing that Brian was completely unmoved, the girl immediately begged for mercy from Ayla when two bodyguards dragged her away.

“Mr.Clark…” Ayla looked at Brian.

She really didn’t want to see such a b****y scene.

That the girl was just kicking up a fuss and didn’t deserve to die.

“You want to intercede for her?”

Brian furrowed his thick eyebrows, and a trace of displeasure flickered across his eyes.

Ayla knew that interceding for those who had bullied her would infuriate Brian.

He would think that she was coward.

“She didn’t hit me.”

It seemed that a severe punishment was inevitable today, so she could only try her best to minimize the harm.

Looking into Brian’s unfathomable eyes, Ayla took a deep breath and said firmly, “I prefer to punish them myself.”

Hearing her words, Brian was indifferent.

Seeing that the girl was dragged away, Ayla blinked her eyes and begged, “Mr.Clark, please…I’ll punish her myself, okay?”

Hearing her begging, Brian heart softened and he nodded.

Ayla walked up to the girl who was dragged by bodyguards and slapped her.

The girl’s hand was going to be cut off, so a slap in the face was a light punishment for her.

In the crowd, a group of girls ran over and begged Ayla to forgive them.

They had all bullied Ayla before.

Ayla felt a sharp pain in her hand.

She turned around and glanced at Brian.

But he snorted and ignored her.

Ayla should have cut off their hands.

But she chose to torture herself by slapping them in the face.

She deserved it.

Ayla had no choice but to grit her teeth and continue.

However, the slap was getting lighter and lighter.

Fortunately, Brian didn’t have a problem with it.

Tired of the punishment, Ayla went back to Brian and said indifferently, “Most of them had conflicts with me before, but they weren’t present yesterday.”

“Pick the girls who weren’t present yesterday.”

Although Brian was cruel, he was reasonable.

Ayla picked out more than 20 girls.

The girls were all grateful and hurried back to the crowd.

The feeling of surviving from a disaster almost made them collapse.

There were only Vicki, Lisa and two girls left.

The two girls had been bulling Ayla, but she didn’t know their names.

Brian was quite satisfied with Ayla’s action.

In fact, she was very smart.

She knew that if he didn’t punish them today, he would definitely be angry.

Therefore, she tried her best to save the innocent people.

She knew that there was no way she could not save the rest.

In fact, how could Brian not know who bullied her yesterday? Ayla knew that playing tricks in front of him was useless.

Even if she had the guts, she knew she should watch her behavior.

“Mr.Clark, it has nothing to do with me.Ayla wronged me.”

Lisa looked at Brian, and her eyes immediately became moist.

She was not inferior to Ayla at all, even more beautiful and charming than Ayla.

Moreover, she was the daughter of the headmaster.

She didn’t believe that Brian would fall in love with a woman like Ayla, but not herself.

At this point, she didn’t care about the consequences and made a desperate struggle.

She strode to Brian and no one stopped her.

Behind her, the president of BJ University was almost scared crazy.

But when he saw his daughter’s pretty and charming figure, there was a glimmer of hope in his heart.

Was this the last chance? If Lisa could win over Brian, it would be a good thing for him!

“Mr.Clark, I know why Ayla wanted to hurt me, because I found that she is a mistress of an old man! She wants to take revenge on me! If you don’t believe me, you can ask others.”

Lisa walked up to Brian and stopped obediently, looking pitiful.

“Oh? Old man?”

Raising his eyebrows, Brian squinted at her leisurely.

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