The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 68

Chapter 68: She Doesn’t Want To Leave

After having s*x with Brian, Ayla didn’t want to stay with him any longer.So when he let go of her, she immediately got up from the bed, picked up her nightgown from the floor, and put it on.

“Can I leave now?” she asked coldly without even looking at him.

Brian propped up from the bed, leaned against the headboard lazily, and looked at her.

Obviously, she didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

But she still came to his room when asked and had s*x with him.

Now, he couldn’t tell what was in her mind.

Ayla didn’t hear any response from him, so she didn’t move yet.

She called him, “Mr.Clark?”

Brian stood up and walked up to her.Then he pulled her into his arms and kissed her again.

He was confused.

Did he want her to stay with him? Didn’t he want to completely destroy her? For the first time, he felt like his mind seemed to be in a mess.

Ayla pushed him away and asked, “Isn’t it enough yet?”

Did he want to have s*x with her again? Just now, she tried her best not to throw up.But if they did it again, she probably couldn’t stand it anymore.

Brian chuckled lightly.

“Well, it’s not up to you whether it’s enough or not.But anyway, go now.”

Finally, Ayla heard what she had been waiting for.

So she quickly ran out of the room even though she had not put on her slippers yet.

Brian stood in front of the window and watched her running back to the servants’ house.He knew that she was still afraid of him.

She only pretended to be strong in front of him.

But the truth was, she was still weak.

As soon as Ayla entered her room, she rushed to the bathroom and washed herself over and over again.

She wanted to wash away all the traces Brian had left on her body.

In the following days, Ayla tried her best to avoid Brian.

In the daytime, when he went to the company, she went to the villa to clean up the rooms and cooked dinner before he came back.

However, he would still ask her to go to his room at night, and she could not refuse.

But the two of them never said a word while having s*x.

It seemed that there was already a tacit understanding between them.

They both knew that she only allowed him to have s*x with her because it was her obligation.

But in her heart, she detested him.

Tonight, Ayla was in Brian’s room again.

But after having s*x, she put on her night robe and walked out of his room without saying a word.

“Ayla Woodsen!” He called her when she was already at the door.

It was his first time to call her by her name.

“Is there anything else, Mr.Clark?” she asked without even turning around.

She didn’t want to look at him or see his face.

“Are you still not willing to move back to your old room in the villa?” Brian walked up to her and asked.

She shook her head.


“Then what can I do to make you move back?”

He held her shoulders, turned her around, and stared at her face closely.

“You don’t have to do anything.I just don’t want to move back.I don’t have any problem in the servants’ house now.Besides, isn’t it good for us that we are like this now? Things won’t be complicated.Anyway, I can come to you anytime you need me.If you still don’t want to let me go in the future, let’s just do things this way.”

Ayla sighed slightly.She didn’t want to change anything now.

After all, she was not capable of changing things in her life.

Brian held her slender wrist, looked into her eyes, and said, “Move back here.I’ll let Arlene go.”

He didn’t know why but the more stubborn she was, the more he wanted to force her.

Hearing his words, Ayla suddenly realized that she had not turned on her phone or contacted anyone these days because she thought that she would die at that time.

She hadn’t heard anything about Toby, Clayton, or even Arlene now.

So when he mentioned Arlene, she couldn’t help asking, “How is she?”

“She should be doing good.”

Brian didn’t give her a definite answer.

She frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

Ayla could still vividly remember what happened that day when Jaime took Arlene to the villa.

How could she believe that Arlene was doing good? If it was her, she actually didn’t know if she could still survive after being hurt and bullied by those men.

“Well, she cannot live without men, so she seems to be doing good in the entertainment club.It’s what she wants.But you are different from her because you can only have me.”

For Brian, Ayla was his woman.And he didn’t allow his woman to have relationships with other men.

Of course, even though he knew that she didn’t care about him.

As he had said, she was different.

Other women out there would do everything just to climb to his bed when they saw him, but not her.

Ayla gently shook his hand from her wrist and said, “I’m leaving now.But if possible, I want to see her.”

After that night, she didn’t think too much about her request.She thought that Brian would not grant it anyway.

But a few days later, he drove her to the entertainment club.

The night was deep, and it was very dark outside.

But with the bright lights that were all on, the entertainment club was dazzling.

It was festive and full of excitement.

When Brian and Ayla walked in, they saw a lot of people dancing and drinking.

Actually, it was not her first time to be there.

She had stayed there for a long time, so she had gotten used to the noisy surroundings.

He glanced at her and asked, “Are you sure you want to see her?”

“Yes.Regardless of what has happened to her, I want to see her.”

She just wanted to feel at ease because until now, she still felt guilty.

At that time, she did not think about anything else but her baby.Her determination to save her baby had implicated some people including Arlene.So now that she had made a deal with Brian, she wanted to set Arlene free.

Arlene was inside a spacious and luxurious VIP room.She looked so seductive in her tight dress.

When Ayla entered the room, she saw how Arlene clung to a man.Their posture was so intimate that she could hardly look at them.As soon as the man saw Brian, he stood up.

“Mr.Clark, why are you here? Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Nothing.We just want to see her,” Brian replied, looking at Arlene.

He then turned to Ayla and asked, “Do you want to say something?”

Ayla walked up to Arlene and asked, “Arlene, do you want to leave this place? I can get you out of here if you want.”

Arlene looked at Ayla with disdain.

“Leave? And why should I? It’s so good here.Besides, how can I make a living if I leave this place? Are you going to give me money? Do you have any money now? Ha-ha! Ayla, we are just the same.We both have to rely on men to live a good life.”

She didn’t want to leave the entertainment club anymore.

Brian wasn’t deliberately making things difficult for her now, and she had her drug regularly.

She had everything she needed here.

Ayla looked at Arlene in disbelief.

How could Arlene think that staying in this place was a good thing? Why did she have to make herself so lowly? For the sake of money, she had to please different men every day.

She had to hug, kiss, satisfy them, and do whatever they wanted her to do.

After Ayla talked to her sister, Brian took her into another VIP room.

It was way too different from the previous one.

The VIP room where she saw Arlene was full of the pungent smell of alcohol and cigarette.

While this room was full of specially made scented candles that filled it with a pleasing fragrance.

“Do you still want me to let her go? She doesn’t want to leave this place at all.” Brian looked at Ayla.

Since she met Arlene, she seemed to be in a bad mood.

Ayla looked at the bottle of wine in front of her.

She then picked it up, poured herself a glass and, drank it in one gulp.

The liquid felt hot in her throat and flowed down to her stomach.

“This is all your fault.”

She drank one glass after another, and he didn’t stop her even if he knew that she could get drunk easily.

He lit a cigarette, took a drag, and said, “It’s her fate.”

Then he took another drag.

Since Ayla had drunk too much, she started to feel dizzy.She looked at the man next to her and asked, “Is it fate? Yes, that’s right.

I think we’re just the same.I don’t want to accept my fate, but you make me accept it.”

She was blaming him.

She had been blaming him in her heart all the time.

But she didn’t dare to tell him, and she would never tell him.

“Why are you forcing me? Why do you have to force me like this?”

Ayla poured another glass.

But this time, she didn’t drink it.

Instead, she handed it to Brian and said, “You drink too.”

He took it and drank it in one gulp.

Then he said, “You eat.”

He pushed the plate of snacks to her.

She shook her head and leaned against him.

“You eat it.I don’t want to eat.I am not happy.I am sad.Very sad.”

“You’re drunk.”

Brian did not push her away, and he just listened to her voice.

After all, it was the first time that she leaned on him like this and poured out her heart.

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