The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 66

Chapter 66: She Doesn’t Deserve To Be A Mother

After drinking water, Ayla returned to her room.She then changed her clothes and lay on the bed.

The lights in her room were off, so she could clearly see the vast whiteness of snow outside the window.

Her lips curved into a bitter smile as she took out a silver knife.

It gleamed in the dark.

Without hesitation, she heavily slid the sharp blade on her wrist, making blood gush out in an instant.

Did it hurt? She had been through a lot of more painful experiences than this one.

Her body was already numb to feel pain.

As her eyelids got heavier, she murmured to herself, “Baby, Mommy is about to see you.We will be together soon.Wait for Mommy, okay?”

After losing her baby, she didn’t see any reason to continue living.

And she always thought that her baby must be alone in the other world, so she must be there.

On such a cold day, she had to stay with her baby.

She was determined to end her life, so she didn’t care about anything else anymore.

As time went by, Ayla felt that her body got lighter and lighter.

It was as if she was about to float in the air.

It was already very late when Brian came back to the villa.

As soon as he came in, Maria got up to greet him.

“Mr.Clark, you’re back.Would you like some coffee?”

“No,” he answered.

Then he asked, “How is she?”

He had always been a sensitive person.

The moment he entered the villa, he felt something strange, so he couldn’t help asking about Ayla.

“Mrs.Clark went downstairs on her own for dinner earlier.She seemed to be fine today.She went downstairs just now to drink water, then went back to her room.”

Seeing the improvements in Ayla’s condition, Maria thought that she was gradually forgetting those unhappy memories as time went by.

Brian’s thick eyebrows wrinkled when he suddenly smelled a strong scent of blood in the air.

Without saying a word, he strode upstairs and went straight to Ayla’s room.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw a pool of blood on the floor.

And Ayla was lying on the bed, unconscious, with pale face and lips.

Maria, who followed behind him, screamed in fright when she saw the scene.

“Get the first aid kit!” Brian ordered.

He knew that Ayla was stubborn.But he didn’t expect that she would reach this far.

He actually thought that she would return to normal soon.But he was wrong.

She even tried to kill herself now.

As soon as Maria handed him the first aid kit, he took out gauze and wrapped Ayla’s bleeding wrist.

Her wound was quite deep.

She really hurt herself so badly.

If he didn’t come back tonight, she would definitely die.

After he stopped the bleeding, Brian drove Ayla to the nearest hospital.

The doctor immediately treated her wound, and she had a blood transfusion before she was transferred to the ward.

Maria was so frightened.

She thought that Ayla was fine.

Who would expect that Ayla would commit suicide? She had lost so much blood.

It was really shocking.

“You go back and clean the villa.I’ll stay here with her.”

After sending Maria home, Brian sat on the sofa in the ward and waited for Ayla to wake up.

Ayla’s eyelids fluttered.

When she slowly opened her eyes, she saw that everything was white.

She wondered, ‘Will one see white after death?’

She turned around and saw a man standing by the window.

His tall and handsome figure was familiar to her.

It was Brian.Why was he here?

Ayla sat up in a panic, so she accidentally touched the needle on the back of her hand.She hissed in pain.

Brian turned around and looked at her.

“You know so many ways to court death.Do you really want to die?”

“Yes, I want to die.Why do you keep on saving me? You hate me, right? Don’t you think it would be better if you just let me die? You won’t be bothered or displeased by me anymore.Both of us can be happy,” Ayla shouted at him.

She had nothing.

No one loved her.

So she should die.

But what about him? Without her, he would be happy.

He would never be upset again.

Wasn’t it great? But why did he send her to the hospital again? Brian sneered.

“How considerate of you to think of my happiness.You really want to die? Do you want me to grant your wish?”

As he spoke, he took out an exquisite black gun and aimed it at her.

“I’ll let you die.But, I’ll make sure that many people die with you,” he said.

“Think about it.If you don’t value your life anymore, it’s fine with me.But, are you readyWhile she looked at the black gun pointing at her, Ayla’s body trembled.Brian didn’t let her freeze to death in the snow.

He didn’t let her die from the wound on her wrist.

But he wanted her to die in his hands? He could either kill her with a single shot or torture her to death by one shot after another.

“What now? Are you scared?”

Brian’s marksmanship was very accurate.

And yes, she guessed it right.

He wanted to torture her with gunshots.

But not only her but also the people around her.

Ayla couldn’t just die as she wished.

“No, I’m not afraid at all.I don’t want to live anymore, so just kill me.Only me.You can’t hurt others.”

Ayla had nothing to miss in this world, so she wanted to end her life.

But she didn’t want to implicate innocent people.

She didn’t want Arlene or Toby to be afflicted.

All her sufferings were hers alone.

Her life was superfluous.

“Who do you want to protect with your life? Toby Brown, Arlene Woodsen, or Clayton Woodsen?” Brian asked coldly.

She smiled bitterly.

Why would she protect them? Did they protect her? What they did to her was the same as him.

They had no love for her.

All they did was torture her and use her cruelly.

“I want to die alone.But if you can’t give me that, then I’ll continue to live.But I just have a request.Don’t do anything to them.Let them live their lives the way they want.”

Ayla had no choice but to give in.

Brian pulled the trigger and approached her step by step.

“You really dare to bargain with me, huh!”

Actually, he had already decided to grant her request.

But since he had taken out his gun, there was no reason not to shoot.

So with a bang, the bullet broke the vase in the ward.

The loud sound made Ayla slump against the bed.

She had never imagined dying this way, so she couldn’t deny the fact that she got scared.Her body even trembled.But then, she realized that she was still alive.

She sat on the bed and said, “I really miss my baby.I let him lose the right to live and see the world.This is what I owe to him.In the future, I will have to compensate him with everything I have.”

Maybe making it up to her child was futile, but she still wanted to do it.

Brian didn’t say anything.He just stood aside and listened.But his heart was not moved even a little.

Ayla continued, “I didn’t mean to get pregnant.It was really just an accident.But in the future, I will never let it happen again.”

She looked up at him and said, “You don’t want a baby, neither do I.But you still have the right to change your mind.For me, I don’t want it anymore.I don’t deserve to be a mother, so I will ask the doctor to do the ligation procedure on me.”

Brian was slightly stunned by her words, but he still did not say anything.

“Mr.Clark, I don’t want to be Mrs.Clark anymore, so let’s sign a divorce agreement.But don’t worry, I promise not to leave until you let me go.I will stay in your villa.And you don’t have to be afraid that I will get pregnant because I will undergo a ligation procedure.” Ayla had made up her mind.

After losing her baby, she would never have another one.She didn’t want to make herself an unqualified mother all her if “Don’t think about divorce.I won’t give it to you.But if you want to undergo ligation, I will arrange a doctor to do it for you.”

Brian didn’t want to let her go.No matter what, he wanted her to stay with him.

Ayla clutched the quilt tightly.She swore to herself that she would never become a mother.She gave up this right by herself, and she wouldn’t regret it.

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