The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 63

Chapter 63: She Wants To Die

After her operation, Ayla was still unconscious when the nurses took her to her ward.Brian stood next to her bed and asked the doctor, “What happened?”

“Mr.Clark…Mrs.Clark asked not…to be anesthetized.She also bled heavily during the operation, so she lost a lot of blood.That’s why…she can’t…she can’t wake up yet…”

Upon seeing Brian’s gloomy face, the doctor was so frightened that he stammered.

“You are the doctor.You know what you should do.How can you listen to your patient and let her decide?”

Brian yelled at the doctor unceremoniously.The doctor didn’t say anything more.He just nodded in a hurry and strode out of the ward.

Brian knew that Ayla did it on purpose.

It was her way of protesting because he forced her to get rid of the child.

He couldn’t understand why she was still so naive and disobedient after everything he had done to her.

It was already a day after when Ayla woke up.

As soon as she opened her eyes and looked around, all she could see was white.

Her hands were cold, but she knew that she was still alive.

Before she fainted in pain, she heard the doctors and nurses shouted that she was bleeding.

She remembered that she even smiled, thinking that she would finally die inside the operating room with her child.

But why was she still alive? She should have been dead by now, right? How about her baby? Her baby must be scared of being alone in another world.

No, she couldn’t let her baby feel that.She must go and stay with her baby.

Ayla felt the pain all over her body, but she endured it.She propped herself up from the bed and pulled the hypodermic needle on the back of her hand.She walked to the window and looked outside.

Seeing the small figures down there, she realized that she was on a very high floor.

If she jumped from here, she would definitely die.She was in a very good location.

Ayla opened the window and climbed up.

‘’Baby, Mommy is coming.Wait for me.Don’t go too far yet, okay? Please wait for Mommy.’’ She closed her eyes and gradually loosened her grip on the window frame.

But when she thought that she was about to fall, she was suddenly pulled back.

“Mrs.Clark, you can’t do that.If anything bad happens to you, Mr.Clark will definitely raze the hospital to the ground.”

The nurse was scared to death.

She just went out to get some medicine.

Who would have thought that Ayla was going to climb the window and jump off the building? At that moment, Brian walked into the ward.

He saw that Ayla was sitting on the windowsill as if she was about to fall soon.

“Do you really want to die? And who do you want to be buried with you?” he snapped.

As his voice resounded through the ward, Ayla finally let the nurse pull her back to the bed.

One week had quickly passed.

Ayla still didn’t say a word to anyone.

It seemed that her whole body had lost its soul.

She just kept on muttering, “Baby, I’m sorry.”

The private nurse hired by Brian stayed with her twenty- four hours a day.

Her meals were all nutritious and served on time.

There were also two bodyguards at the door of her ward.

But Brian had never come to visit her.

Maria also went to the hospital sometimes.

But Ayla didn’t talk to her either.

It was as if she didn’t know Maria at all.

She only kept talking to herself.

“Mrs.Clark, is there anything you want to eat? I’ll make it for you, okay?” Maria asked.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed and peeling an orange for Ayla.

“Baby, I’m sorry…I’m so sorry,”

Ayla still murmured.She didn’t even cast a glance at Maria.But she took the orange that Maria handed to her and ate it.

“Baby, you won’t be hungry.Mommy will eat more, so you won’t get hungry.”

Maria stayed with Ayla for an hour before she decided to leave.

When she was about to go out of the hospital, she met Brian.

“Mr.Clark, Mrs.Clark doesn’t seem to be in good condition.Do you want to take her back to the villa?”

“Let’s wait until she recovers.”

Actually, Brian always went to the hospital.

It was just that he didn’t enter her ward every time he went there.

Toby was lying on the hospital bed while Molly sat beside him, peeling an apple.

“Honey, here.Eat this apple.”

“Thank you.”

Toby took the apple from her and took a bite.

His ribs were broken, and he had been staying in the hospital for several days.

And now he had no way to contact Ayla at all.

“Honey, don’t do it again, okay? I’ll tell Dad that everything will be fine after you are discharged from the hospital.Let’s just forget what happened.But promise me that you won’t think about her anymore.”

That day when he was beaten black and blue by Brian’s men, she fainted upon seeing his unconscious body at the door of their villa drenched in blood.

Toby stared at Molly.

He thought that he should not disappoint her anymore after he let Ayla down.

He couldn’t lose her after losing Ayla.

“Okay, I promise you.I will only think of you from now on.”

Molly nodded vigorously, tears streaming down her face.

“Honey, thank you.I love you.I love you so much.”

He held her in his arms and said, “I’m so sorry.It’s all my fault.Don’t cry now, okay? I don’t want to see you crying.”

She smiled happily.

From now on, she would be happy.

Ayla could no longer take Toby away from her.

Never again.

“Wait a moment.I’ll get some hot water for you.”

Molly then walked out of the ward.

When she reached the end of the corridor, she saw two burly men in black standing outside another ward.

It seemed like they were bodyguards.It piqued her curiosity, so she stopped walking.

She wondered who the patient inside was.

To have two bodyguards standing outside the ward, the patient must be someone from a rich and powerful family.But why did the patient need bodyguards in the hospital? Was the patient’s life in danger?

“Mrs.Clark, please eat something now.”

Molly vaguely heard the nurse’s voice, then it was followed by loud bangs and the sound of broken bowls.

Ayla pushed the door of the ward open.

But the two bodyguards stopped her at once.

“Mrs.Clark, you can’t go outside yet.”

It was only then that Molly heard the name of the patient clearly.

‘’Mrs.Clark? Could it be her?’’ she thought.

She walked closer to the door of the ward and looked inside.

Then she saw a woman in disarray hair.

When she got a clearer view of the woman’s face, her eyes opened wide in shock.

Indeed, it was Ayla, the b***h who had been pestering her husband.

But how did she become like this? She seemed insane.

“Ma’am, sorry, no one is allowed to come here.Please leave now.”

One of the bodyguards stopped Molly.

When Molly returned to Toby’s ward, she didn’t have the hot water with her.

Actually, she had totally forgotten about it.She went to the nurse station and asked about Ayla.She found out that Ayla had an abortion and was currently mentally upset.

Molly’s mind was ina mess.

If Ayla got pregnant, who was the father of her baby?

“Molly, are you okay? What happened? I thought you’re going to get some hot water.Where is it? And what has taken you so long?”

Toby frowned when he saw Molly walked back to the ward empty-handed.

Molly shook her head absentmindedly.

“There is no hot water now.” She thought that it was better to hide what she had discovered from Toby.

If he found out Ayla’s situation now, his heart would definitely soften.He might have another conflict with Brian because of Ayla.

She didn’t want it to happen again, so she decided not to mention anything to him.

“Oh, okay.Don’t mind it.Have a rest now.I know that you didn’t sleep well last night.When the doctor comes, ask him if I can be discharged now.Then help me complete the discharge procedure.I really don’t want to stay in the hospital for so long,” Toby said.

Molly nodded.She thought that it would be better for Toby to be discharged.

If he stayed here longer, he might also know Ayla’s current condition.It would be bad for all of them.She had to be with him all the time, so she could watch over him.

Ayla curled up on the sofa, hugging a pillow in her arms.She was still murmuring to herself.

The nurse sat beside Ayla quietly.She didn’t say anything because she knew that Ayla wouldn’t listen to her.

It had been half a month since Ayla was discharged from the hospital.

That day when she returned to the villa and looked at the familiar living room, she shivered in fear and ran upstairs to her room.

She locked the door and hid under the quilt with a pillow in her arms.

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