The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Abortion

Maria stayed in Ayla’s room the entire night.Seeing Ayla’s miserable look, she felt sorry.But she was just a servant.She couldn’t do anything to help Ayla.

When Ayla opened her eyes, the sky was already bright outside.She didn’t know what happened after she vomited in the bathroom last night.

But how she wished morning didn’t come.

Because today would be the most painful day of her life.  Brian sat on the sofa in the living room.

As usual, he was drinking coffee while reading the newspaper.

Ayla went downstairs in a white shirt.

As soon as she saw him, she greeted him.


“Have you thought it over? I’m waiting for your answer now.”

He didn’t even raise his eyes to look at her.He expected to hear the answer he wanted.

“My answer is still the same.The baby in my belly is innocent.Besides, it’s really yours.You just don’t trust and believe me.Why do you have to be so cruel?”

She stood in front of him and gathered all her strength to yell at him.

Brian put down the newspaper and finally looked at her.

“I’m cruel? Yes! I am a heartless person.So do you think I will want this child? Whether it’s mine or not, I still don’t want it.”

In his heart, he clearly knew that the baby in her belly was his, because Ayla was always under his control and he knew every move of hers.

It was just that her sudden pregnancy really enraged him.

He didn’t like anyone to challenge his authority.

“You know that you’re the only man who has ever touched me, so you know that this baby is yours.Although the baby has not been born yet, it’s your own blood.How can you say you don’t want it?”

Ayla knew that Brian was cold-blooded and ruthless.

But she still believed that he couldn’t possibly harm his own child “What do you want me to do then? Let you do whatever you want?”

What he said made her feel hopeless all of a sudden.

Her words didn’t change his mind at all.  “Mr.Clark, please, just let me give birth to this child.After that, you can let me leave, or you can take my life.You can do whatever you want.I just don’t want to deprive the child of the right to see the world.”

Since she couldn’t persuade him, she thought that perhaps she could bargain with him.

After all, she was willing to give up her own life just for her baby to live and see the world.  Brian stared at her.

“Why would I take your life? You seem to be so firm with your decision.But don’t worry.I will make you agree willingly ” he said lightly.

Panic surged up in Ayla’s heart.She didn’t know how to react.

What was he planning to do? Was he going to force her again? She was already in a desperate situation.

Did he have to push her into hell? This thought scared her.

If she kept defying him, she and her baby might both die.

It didn’t matter if she died.

She had nothing to miss and to lose.

But if she lost her child, her life would be useless.

No one loved her, and she didn’t own anything.

Her baby was the only one she had.  Half an hour later, Jaime arrived in the villa with Arlene.

Ayla was shocked to see Arlene so weak.

She wondered what happened to her.

And what was Arlene doing here? Did Brian know that she was not the real Arlene? She looked at him and asked, “What are you going to do?”

Brian stood up from the sofa.

“What do you think? Are you surprised? You still think that I don’t know the tricks you are playing in front of me, right?”

Ayla slumped on the sofa.

It turned out that he already knew everything.

She was the only one who had been kept in the dark.

“Now, I’ll give you two choices.Abort the child and stay in my villa as Mrs.Clark, or keep the child, and I will do something to her that you can’t imagine.”

As soon as he finished his words, two men pressed Arlene to the floor and tore off her clothes.

“Mr.Clark, what are you going to do?”

Ayla’s eyes widened in shock.

Why did Brian let his men humiliate Arlene like this? How could he be this ruthless?

“See it yourself,” Brian replied while sitting on the sofa.

Actually, whatever she said wouldn’t change anything.

The result would still be the same.

One of the men put a pill inside Arlene’s mouth.

And within a few minutes, she took the initiative to seduce the men in front of her.

“No! Stop it! Don’t do this to her!”

Ayla stepped forward and tried to pull the men away.

“Don’t touch her.You can’t touch her.”

This was crazy! Why did this have to happen?

“Mr.Clark, what do you really want? How can you treat her this way?”

She felt like she was about to break down.

Her eyes were already blinded by tears.Arlene was totally controlled by the drug.

She had lost her sanity.

Regardless of how many people were in the living room right now, she didn’t care at all.

It seemed that only the man in front of her mattered to her.

She took the initiative to get close to him and kissed him with her coquettish red lips.

Ayla tried to pull Arlene away, but she was only pushed away.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing right now.

Arlene was being humiliated and abused by several men in front of her.

Such a scene made her heart ache.

“Mr.Clark, please stop them.It’s okay now.I’ll let you get rid of the baby in my belly.I’m willing to have an abortion.Just don’t do this to her again,” she helplessly turned to Brian and begged.

What else could she do? He was really pushing her into a desperate situation.

Her hand subconsciously touched her belly as she thought inwardly, ‘’Baby, I’m sorry if I can’t protect you anymore.I want to keep you alive, but I have no choice.But don’t worry.Mommy will accompany you.I will go with you.You won’t be alone.I will always stay with you”

But it was too late for her willingness.

Everything that should happen to Arlene had already happened.

Ayla turned to look at Arlene.

But Arlene didn’t seem to recognize her.

Maybe it was because of the effect of the drug.

Arlene wasn’t herself anymore.

This was all because of Brian’s cruelty.

“Why does this have to happen? Do I really deserve this?”

Ayla murmured through clenched teeth.

“You are so cruel.You are not a human at all.”

“Now that you know, you’d better behave yourself.Be obedient and don’t upset me.”

Obviously, what happened in the living room just now didn’t matter to Brian.

He would do everything to get what he wanted even if he had to do it in an unscrupulous way.  Tears streamed down Ayla’s face.

She was full of regret.

“This is my fault.This is all my fault.”

Because of her, many people around her had been hurt. She shouldn’t have expected that she still had hopes.

She should have accepted the fact that she was destined to face all the pain in her life alone.

How did she even want a child to accompany her? It was only now that she realized that the child would only suffer the same pain as her.

“Take that woman away,”

Brian ordered his men emotionlessly.

Ayla didn’t say a word.

She just dragged herself and followed Brian’s steps.

The smell of disinfectant made Ayla feel sick.

She leaned against one of the chairs in the corridor of the hospital, vomiting continuously.

She tried her best to bear such a bad feeling, but she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Brian sat in the corner and didn’t even spare a glance at her or say anything.

Then the door of the operating room was opened.

The doctor came out and took her inside.  Ayla’s face turned deathly pale as she lay down on the cold operating table.

And when she heard the sound of the instruments, her body felt so feeble.

“Don’t be afraid.It won’t hurt after you get anesthetized,”

the nurse said when she saw that Ayla clenched her fists and beads of sweat streamed down her forehead.

“Can you not use anesthesia on me?”

Ayla could bear the physical pain.

But her heart was so painful that she couldn’t breathe.

All she wanted now was to leave the world with her baby.  She had lost the will to live.

At first, the doctor insisted on giving her anesthesia.

But she firmly refused, so he finally gave in.  During the operation, she had heavy bleeding, but she still smiled.

The doctors and the nurses felt strange upon seeing it.

In the end, the pain made her fall into a coma.

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