The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Last Resort

Ayla was a little surprised when the middle-aged woman from the other bed in the ward came to her.

“What you’re eating is not nutritious enough for you and your baby.Have some chicken soup.”

The middle- aged woman put a bowl of chicken soup in front of her.  Ayla lowered her gaze, looked at the steaming chicken soup, and said, “No, thanks.It’s okay.I’m just fine.”

“Just drink it.You have to eat well for the sake of your baby.But you can’t do that if you only rely on the food here.Small hospitals like this don’t actually serve good meals.Anyway, I’ve cooked a lot, and my daughter-in- law can’t drink it all.So just drink this, okay?”

the woman said with a smile.  With a faint smile on her face, Ayla picked up the bowl and said, “Thank you.”

“Are you alone? Why is there no one here to take care of you?” the woman then asked curiously.

“Yes, I’m just alone,”

Ayla replied with a nod.She was alone now.But in the future, she had a child to accompany her.

“Poor girl! But don’t worry.Starting tomorrow, I’ll make more soup for you.The first trimester of pregnancy is the most crucial stage.You have to pay more attention to your body and health.”

The middle-aged woman might also have her own daughter, so she felt sorry and distressed when she saw that Ayla was alone.

Jaime had searched all the hotels and hospitals in the city, but he really couldn’t find Ayla.  Brian was not worried at all.

He believed that she couldn’t hide from him for the rest of her life.  Ayla had already run out of cash, but she still couldn’t get out of bed.

In the end, she had left with no choice, so she turned her phone on and called Toby.

“Lala? Where are you?” Toby was so worried.

He knew that something happened to Ayla because Jaime came to him two days ago.

“Toby, I’m in the hospital.”

She told Toby the name and the address of the hospital.

Toby immediately bought some tonics and supplements and went to the hospital as fast as he could, “Why didn’t you call me sooner? Have you been alone here all the while?”

He looked at Ayla in disbelief.

The hospital was so small, and the ward was crowded.

“I…I’m sorry…”

As much as possible, she didn’t want to bother him.

But she was forced to do so because of her current situation.

“Silly girl.Why are you apologizing to me? What do you want to eat? I’ll go out and buy it for you.”

Toby felt so sorry to see the sadness on Ayla’s face.She looked so pale and pitiful too.

“I don’t want to eat anything now.I just want to sleep.I feel so tired and sleepy.”

She felt more at ease now, knowing that Toby was by her side.  “Okay, take a rest now.I’ll just stay here with you,”

Toby said while pulling the quilt for her.

He couldn’t just leave her here like this.

She needed someone to be with her right now.

Ayla held Toby’s hand tightly and soon fell asleep.

During lunchtime, a nurse came with a bowl of cold porridge and a plate of hard steamed buns for Ayla.

Toby couldn’t help frowning while looking at the tray.

He wondered if she had been eating this food in the past two days.

At this moment, the middle-aged woman with a daughter-in-law in another bed came in.

When she saw a man beside Ayla’s bed, she couldn’t help walking forward and asked, “Are you Ms.Woodsen’s husband? What makes you come here so late? How can you let a pregnant woman stay here alone without something nutritious to eat? If this goes on, she won’t be able to survive, let alone the baby in her belly.”

What she said made Toby realize how much Ayla had suffered when he was not by her side.

When Ayla woke up, she felt glad that Toby was still there.


“You’re awake.”

Toby stood up, adjusted the bed, and propped her up.

After making sure that she was leaning against the bed comfortably, he said, “Have a rest first.I’ll be back soon.”

But she stopped him.

“Toby, can you help me withdraw money from the bank?”

She handed over her passbook to him.

Although there was not much money in it, it was enough for her to live in the hospital for a long time.

He glanced at it, but he didn’t take it.

“Why do you still regard me as an outsider?”

He then turned around and walked out of the ward.Looking at his receding back, she couldn’t help feeling sad.

She really didn’t want to bother him, but she had no choice.

He was her last resort.

When Toby came back, he brought bird’s nest congee and various kinds of desserts.

He put them on the bedside table and said, “Lala, eat something first.Don’t eat that cold porridge and steamed buns again.”

Ayla took the hot porridge and desserts from him.

“Thank you, Toby.I think I’ll be fine.You can leave now.I know you still have a lot of work to do in the company.”

“It’s okay.I’ve already asked Fred, my assistant, to cancel all my schedules for the next two days.I can stay here with you.”

He sat on the edge of the bed and took out a brown envelope with the thick cash he had withdrawn just now.

He knew she needed money now “Did he drive you out of the villa?” he then asked in a low voice.

She shook her head.

“I ran away.”

Toby finally understood why Brian had sent some people to look for Ayla.

It turned out that she ran away from him.

If he found out where she was, she would surely suffer a lot.

“Toby, he doesn’t want to have a child.He wants to get rid of the baby in my belly.”

Ayla held his hand tightly.

It was as if she was gasping a life-saving straw.

“Don’t worry too much.It will harm you and the baby.Just stay here and rest well.When the doctor says you can leave the hospital, you can live in my apartment.”

Knowing that she badly needed him at this moment of her life, he wanted to protect her.

Ayla didn’t say anything more.

She just lowered her head and ate.

Never did she think that what happened today would bring a disaster to her and Toby.

And she would also have to pay a hefty price.  Brian’s mouth curled up with a sneer when he found out that Ayla finally turned on her phone.

“Jaime, let’s go to the hospital.”

Jaime got the car ready at once.

“Mr.Clark, do you want to go there now?”


Brian stood up from the sofa, took his coat, and walked out of his office.

Ayla sat on the bed with Toby by her side.

His phone had already rung many times, so she said, “Toby, you can leave now.Don’t make her worry.”

She didn’t mind being alone in the hospital anyway.

“I’ll just take this call.”

Toby walked out of the ward and answered his phone.

“Molly, I’m dealing with something important right now.”

“You’re with that woman, aren’t you? I called your office.Fred said that you didn’t come to the company today.”

Molly had already had a bad feeling since this morning.

“Molly, what are you talking about? I really have something to deal with.I’ll go back later.You can go to bed first.Don’t wait for me.”

Toby then hung up and turned off his phone.

He knew that Molly wouldn’t stop pestering him until he went home.

Ayla vaguely heard his conversation on the phone, so when he came back inside, she said, “Toby, go home now.I am fine.I feel sleepy anyway.I’ll just sleep when you leave.”

“Okay, I’ll go.But I’ll wait until you fall asleep before I leave.”

Toby needed to make sure that she was okay.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t feel relieved.

Ayla had just lain down in bed for less than five minutes when she suddenly heard a noise outside.

And before she could react, two men in black came in, followed by Brian and Jaime.  “Mr…Mr.Clark?”

Looking at Brian’s gloomy expression, her whole body trembled.

She was so scared.

“Did I scare you?” Brian asked, standing by the bed.

He was so angry when he found out that Ayla used a different name in this hospital.

No wonder Jaime couldn’t find her.

Did she really want to escape from him and give birth secretly? She must be too naive.

Ayla just looked at him.

No matter what, she couldn’t escape from him anyway.

“You are so stupid!”

Brian snapped as he clutched her slender arm fiercely.

There was no gentleness in him at all.  “Let go of Lala!”

Toby walked over and tried to pull Brian’s hand away.

Did Brian think there was no law? He wouldn’t let Brian take her away again, let alone hurt her.

Brian turned to look at Toby and asked, “What’s the matter? Do you want to change your job because you are tired of being the Deputy CEO, Mr.Brown?”

His voice was calm and indifferent but with a sense of endless majesty.  Ayla shook her head.

“Mr.Clark, he has nothing to do with this.I ran away by myself.”

“No! It’s me.I’m the one who asked Lala to leave you because you are a demon!”

Toby pushed Brian away forcefully and held Ayla in his arms.

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