The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Forced Her To Get Rid Of The Baby

While tears streaming down Ayla’s face, she looked at Brian and shook her head vigorously.

“Mr.Clark, please believe me.There’s nothing between Toby and me.Nothing happened between us.The baby is innocent.Please don’t do anything to my baby.”

Brian just stared at her coldly.

“How can he buy you such expensive clothes if you’re not seeing him often? You’ve met each other these days, right? That’s why he has gotten you pregnant so easily.”

Obviously, he didn’t believe her words.

He never believed in her in the past, he would never believe in her now or in the future.  “No! Mr.Clark, it’s not like that.”

She held his sleeve tightly, trying her best to persuade him.  “Mr.Clark, please let Mrs.Clark in first.It’s so cold outside, and she’s pregnant now.Something bad may happen to her and to the baby.”

Maria couldn’t stand it anymore, so she plucked up all her courage to speak up.

Now she understood why Ayla asked her to keep this matter a secret.  Brian shook off Ayla’s hand, strode back to the living room, and sat on the sofa.

Ayla could barely walk, so Maria helped her walk into the villa.

“Mrs.Clark, are you okay?”

Maria asked worriedly while letting Ayla sit on the sofa.

The atmosphere in the living room became even colder than the cold wind outside.  “I’m fine,”

Ayla replied, trying her best to keep her voice steady.  After a while, Brian drove Maria out, so only the two of them were left in the main villa now.

“Do you want to keep this child?” he asked.  Ayla knew that although he was asking her, he didn’t want to hear a positive answer.

But she didn’t want to lie to him either.

“Yes, I want to keep this child.”

“And do you expect me to agree?”

Despite the pitiful look on her pale face, he reminded himself not to soften up.  He didn’t care whether she was pregnant with his child or not.

She must have her own purpose in keeping the baby, so he wouldn’t want it.  “Mr.Clark, I beg you.Please, let me keep this baby.No matter what, I want to give birth to this child.I will do everything you want me to do.Just don’t take this baby away.”

As tears welled up in her eyes, Ayla knelt down in front of Brian and begged.  “No.I’ll never let you do that.You have to come with me to the hospital tomorrow to get rid of that child.”

He shook off her hand and went upstairs without looking back.  She was left in the living room, kneeling on the floor.

Her eyes were blurry with tears.

How could she accept the fact that she was about to lose her baby? The child inside her belly was helpless.

She couldn’t even protect it.  All of a sudden, she felt a sharp pang of pain in her belly.

She covered it with her hands as beads of sweat started to surface on her forehead.

“Baby, please hold on tight.Don’t leave Mommy, okay?”

Ayla didn’t want to be alone all her life.

She really wanted to have a child to accompany her until she got old.  She climbed up the stairs, almost crawling.

But all of a sudden, she felt something warm flowing down her legs.

It frightened her.

Was she going to lose her baby? No! She’d rather die than lose her child.  There was a dim light inside Brian’s room.

Ayla sat outside his room for a long time until she couldn’t hear any sound.

Then, she dragged herself to her room, took her money, and put on a coat.

She sneaked out of the villa in the still of the night.  Brian came out of the bathroom and sat on the sofa.

He poured wine in the glass and lit a cigarette.

Ayla’s greed and impertinence made him very unhappy, so he was upset.

What he wanted from her was only her body.

He didn’t need a child.

Ayla was so scared that she ran away despite her condition.

She didn’t stop until she made sure that she was already far from the villa.

What was more depressing was it took her a long time to hail a taxi.

“Take me to the hospital, please,” she said to the taxi driver.

She felt like she was about to lose her consciousness, but she was fighting.

She couldn’t lose her child just like this.

When the driver saw that she was profusely sweating and her face was deathly pale, he couldn’t help asking, “Miss, are you okay?”

“Please take me to the nearest hospital.”

Ayla bit her lower lip tightly, trying her best not to lose consciousness.

For the sake of her child, she had to hold on.

She was lucky to find a very kind driver.

He immediately drove away and sent her to the emergency room in the nearest hospital.

Ayla was already in the ward when she woke up.

She was on an intravenous drip.

At this moment, a nurse pushed the door open and came in.

“You’re awake.We need your personal information for the admission procedure.”

Ayla was stunned.

If she told the nurse her name, Brian would definitely find her.

“Nurse, how is my baby?” she worriedly asked while touching her belly.

“Your baby is fine, but your current condition is very dangerous.You need to stay in the hospital for a while, ” said the nurse before asking for her name again.

Ayla had no other choice but to give a false name to the nurse.

She was willing to stay in the hospital no matter how long it would be just to ensure her baby’s safety.

She just wished that Brian wouldn’t find her.  After taking her medicine, she fell asleep soundly.

The next morning, Brian walked out of his room and went downstairs.

While going down the stairs, he saw bloodstains on every step.

His eyes darkened, but his heart never softened.

He didn’t even feel distressed.

Maria approached him in the living room and asked, “Mr.Clark, is Mrs.Clark in your room?”

She was also frightened to see the blood on the stairs when she came to the main villa earlier.She went to Ayla’s room, but no one was there.

“She’s not there.”

Brian sat on the sofa and asked, “Where is she?”

“I didn’t see Mrs.Clark when I came here this morning.I went to her room, but she wasn’t there either, so I thought she was in your room.”

Maria suddenly felt that there was something wrong.

Brian picked up the newspaper and the cup of coffee in front of him.He thought that Ayla ran away overnight.

She was brave, but he wouldn’t let her do whatever she wanted.

“Clean up the room,” he said before leaving the villa.

While cleaning up, Maria was thinking of Ayla.

She didn’t know why Ayla left without saying a word.

Knowing the young woman’s current situation, she couldn’t help but feel worried.

Sitting in his office, Brian didn’t change his mood because of what happened to Ayla.

He just looked at the documents as usual as if nothing happened.  At this moment, Jaime came in.


“How is it going? Have you found out if she went to find Toby in Smith Group?”

He thought that Ayla had no one to rely on except Toby.

If he found that she really dared to ask Toby for help, he would make them pay a hefty price.  “No, Mr.Clark.”

Jaime shook his head.

“Will Ayla go find someone else?”

“No, that’s impossible.She doesn’t know anyone here,” Brian said.

Clayton was out of the country, and Arlene was in his hands.

Ayla had nowhere else to go.

“Then where is she?”

Actually, Jaime was also shocked when he heard that Ayla was missing.

Brian casually lit a cigarette and said, “Go and check every hospital in the city.”

If she didn’t go to Toby, the only place she could go was the hospital.

“Do you think she will go to the hospital?”

Jaime asked.  “Just check,”

Brian replied coldly.

Ayla took her phone with her.

As long as she turned it on, he could find where she was.

Did she think she could escape from him?  It was already noon when Ayla woke up the next day.

She couldn’t get out of bed to buy food, so she had to order her meal from the hospital.

Looking at the cold porridge and the hard steamed buns in front of her, she felt like she lost her appetite.

But when she thought of the baby in her belly, she forced herself to eat.  When she looked at the other pregnant woman in the ward, she couldn’t help feeling sad.

The woman was also there to ensure the safety of her baby.

However, her husband and mother-in-law were with her.

They also brought her delicious food and chicken soup.  Ayla looked down at her belly and gently caressed it while biting her lower lip.

She then whispered, “Baby, I’m so sorry.This is all Mommy’s fault.Please make do with it for a few days, okay?”

She bit the hard steamed bun and took a sip of the porridge.If it wasn’t for the baby in her belly, she really didn’t want to eat at all.

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