The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 57

Chapter 57: He Thought She Was Lying To Him

Toby looked at Molly solemnly.

“You are my wife.”

His words were enough to remove all the uneasiness in her heart at once.

“Honey, maybe it’s about time we consider having a baby.”

Molly didn’t like the fact that Toby had been using condoms, preventing her from getting pregnant.

He kept on saying that he didn’t want a baby yet because he wanted to enjoy their lives together, just the two of them.

But she knew that it was only an excuse.

He didn’t want to have a baby because he didn’t want a burden.

And he didn’t want to be tied up to her forever.

Toby looked at Molly.

“Didn’t we make a deal before we got married?”

“I know.But I want to have a baby now.I stay at home every day doing nothing, and I’m getting bored.I want to have a baby to take care of and play with.”

Molly wanted to keep him by her side using the baby.

But not only that.

She wanted to have everything of him, not only his body but also his heart.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and bent over to kiss his lips.

“Honey, let’s make one exception tonight, okay?”

What she meant was they made love without contraception.

Today was her most fertile day, and she didn’t want to waste it.

She wanted to make sure that she would get pregnant with Toby’s child after tonight.


Toby picked her up and carried her to their bedroom.

Finally, he agreed.

After all, he knew that he could only escape temporarily.

Someday, he had no other choice but to face everything.

His accord dissipated all her restless thoughts in the past few days.

“Honey, I really love you.”

She loved him so much that she was willing to give him everything, including the whole Smith Group.

Toby stared at the beautiful woman in front of him.

Then gradually, he was seeing Ayla’s face.

His beloved Ayla.

No matter how close Molly’s face was to him, he seemed not to see her.

He couldn’t teach his heart to love Molly.

In fact, he only took the responsibility to marry Molly because he wanted to make Ayla happy.

Indeed, life was ridiculous.

In the end, he still lost Ayla.

After having s*x, Molly leaned in Toby’s arms and suddenly asked, “Honey, what do you prefer, a son or a daughter?”

She took his hand and placed it on her belly.

Toby was stunned.

He didn’t want a baby at all, so he never thought about it.

In fact, he already regretted making love without using condoms just now.

He lowered his eyes to look at her and asked, “Do you really want to have a baby?”

She nodded her head vigorously.

“Yes, of course.I want to have a son who looks like you.He must be very handsome when he grows up.”

She seemed to be daydreaming.

Toby didn’t say anything anymore.

He just reached out his hand to turn off the bedside lamp and held her in his arms.

But he was still thinking of Ayla.

When Ayla opened her closet and saw the white coat hanging in there, she felt warm in her heart.

She took it out and held it in her hands.

She didn’t even notice that Brian had already come in and saw her standing still, staring at the coat.

“Did he give that coat to you?” he asked flatly.

He knew that she would never buy a coat worth more than ten thousand dollars even if she could afford it.

Besides, he was the one buying her clothes every month.

He definitely didn’t give her this style.

Upon hearing his voice, Ayla was so shocked that the coat in her hand fell to the floor.

“Why…Why aren’t you sleeping yet?”

She thought that he was sleeping in his room at this moment.

“You lied to me.It’s not true that you’re not feeling well, right? Is it because of this coat?”

Brian picked up the coat, opened the window, and threw it out.


Ayla stretched out her hand to pull it back, but she was too late.

The coat had fallen to the garden outside.

She turned around and was about to walk out of the room, but he stopped her.

“Do you want to go downstairs to pick it up? Just try it.”

He looked at her, and his eyes emanated a very cold aura.

She gasped when he suddenly grabbed her wrist.

But she managed to say, “I’ll give it back to him.”

Brian thought that the coat was given by Toby.And he was right, so there was no use denying it.

After all, she really wouldn’t buy such an expensive coat.

“Are you looking for an excuse to see him?”

Brian dragged her, threw her on the bed, and pressed his body against hers.

Ayla struggled and tried to push him away.

“Mr.Clark, don’t.Not today, please.”

Obviously, he didn’t believe her.

Brian thought that she was making an excuse to avoid having s*x with him.

Until he saw the bleeding with his own eyes, he stopped his advances.

He thought she was lying to him.

But it seemed that it was true she hadn’t recovered yet.

Ayla still had a slight bleeding.

She was afraid to lose her baby, but she also couldn’t tell Brian the truth.

When he walked out of her room, she put on her clothes and ran downstairs to pick up the coat.

It was a sleepless night for her.

She just leaned against the headboard, looking at the darkness outside the window.

She reached out her hand and touched her belly.

If she was not pregnant, she was willing to endure whatever Brian wanted to do to her.

But now that there was a little life inside her, she had to learn to resist.

For the sake of her child, she wouldn’t give up.

He hated her, so he would aiso definitely hate the baby in her belly.

The next morning, sitting at the dining table, Brian watched Ayla going downstairs.

She looked haggard, with dark circles around her eyes.

When she entered the dining room, he just glanced at her without saying a word.

Then he lowered his head and continued reading the newspaper while drinking coffee.

Still, Ayla had no appetite.

She stared at the food in front of her for a while before she picked up the chopsticks.

But as soon as she put the food in her mouth, she suddenly stood up, ran into the bathroom, and retched.

Brian’s gaze followed her.

And when he heard her retching, his eyes darkened at once.

Maria immediately went to her and asked, “Mrs.Clark, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Ayla answered weakly.

She almost hadn’t eaten anything in the past two days, so she didn’t have strength at all.

And now that Maria witnessed her vomiting, it seemed that she couldn’t hide from her anymore.

Maria helped her up and asked, “Mrs.Clark, are you pregnant?”

She was older and more experienced, so she could tell that Ayla was pregnant.

Ayla looked at her pale face in the mirror.

She then looked at Maria and said, “Maria, can you keep this a secret for now?”

“But Mr.Clark will be happy to know that he will soon become a father, right?”

As Maria spoke, her eyes lit up.

She imagined that the villa would become livelier with little kids running and playing around.

“No, Maria.Please don’t let him know.”

Ayla shook her head and looked at Maria expectantly.

“Promise me.”

Finally, Maria nodded in agreement.

“But we can’t keep this from him for long.We can’t stop your belly from getting bigger after all.And your morning sickness will worsen.He will definitely notice it.”

Ayla walked out of the bathroom, sat quietly at the table, and watched Brian finish reading the newspaper.

After breakfast, he finally left.

Toby took out a pill, put it in a glass of warm water, and waited for it to melt.

He then took it to the bedroom.

“Molly, drink some water first.”

Molly was a little surprised.

It was the first time that he served her water proactively without her asking.She felt warm in her heart, so she took it and drank it up without any doubt.

Toby had to put that pill in her water because he didn’t want a baby.

When Toby arrived in his office, he received a call from Ayla.

“Hi, Toby, it’s me.”

“Lala? I’m so glad you call.Where are you? Can we meet?”

He was surprised to receive a call from her, but he was also happy.

Looking at the coat in her hand, Ayla said, “I don’t have much time.”

She couldn’t go out for too long because she had to go to the hospital today.Her only purpose for calling him was to return the coat in person.

Eventually, they agreed to meet near the hospital.

This time, Maria was with her, and Lyle drove them to the hospital.

“Maria, you don’t have to go with me.I can go in by myself.”

She then walked towards the OB- GYN Department.

After her prenatal care checkup, the doctor prescribed some more medicine for her and for the baby.

He also advised her to continue to have a good rest.

She went to the pharmacy first to buy all the medicine.

Then she walked to a coffee shop near the hospital.

Toby was already there waiting for her.


Ayla sat opposite him.

She hadn’t seen him for a long time, but he was still as handsome as before.

Her heartbeat went abnormally fast.

She couldn’t deny the fact that he was still in her heart.

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