The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Won’t Let Their Wishes Come True

Brian looked at Arlene coldly.

“Are you trying to get money from her?” Arlene lowered her head.

She felt so weak and hopeless.She would never have the chance to call Ayla again.

He slightly bent over and said, “If you dare to make another phone call, you will never get that drug again.”

Ayla was his woman.

No matter how unhappy she would be, he would never allow Arlene to approach her.So he had to threaten Arlene.Arlene shook her head.

“No.I won’t ever call her again.”

She squatted in the corner and watched Brian leave.She was left alone in the room again.

Was Brian protecting Ayla? In the past, Toby was the one always protecting her.

Now, it was Brian.

Was Ayla using her beauty to charm these men to become rich? But Brian also had Anna by his side.

Not only Arlene but also Ayla knew the intimate relationship between them.

After all, Ayla was just a nominal wife.

And she was much inferior to Anna.

No matter what kind of occasion he had to attend, Anna was always by his side, not Ayla.

Meanwhile, Ayla couldn’t stop worrying about Arlene after that call.

She had been trying to call Arlene, but her number had been deactivated.

If not for the call history on her phone, she would think that she was just hallucinating.

The days were getting colder and colder.

And the heavy snow made her stay in the villa all the time.

She couldn’t go anywhere.

In the afternoon, sunlight dappled the windows in the living room.

Ayla curled up on the sofa, sleeping soundly.

Maria walked up to her and covered her with a thin blanket.

Brian hadn’t come back home for days now.

Maria thought that the young lady couldn’t sleep well because of it.

Toby sat in his office, looking at the snow outside the window.

He took a deep breath.

It had been a long time that he hadn’t heard from Ayla.

He didn’t know how she was doing right now.

If only he could, he would go and see her.

But it seemed impossible.

Since they got married, Molly almost deprived him of everything, even his personal time.

As soon as it was time to get off work, she would call him and urge him to come home directly.

If not, she would come to the company and stay with him until he decided to go home.

He had been holding the phone in his hand, but he couldn’t make a call.

Molly looked so elegant in her white fur coat.

She walked into Toby’s office and asked, “Honey, are you busy?”

Toby stood in front of the window in a daze again.

Every time she came to the company, he was either in a meeting or standing there like this.

She got upset at once.

Was he still thinking about Ayla? As long as Ayla didn’t appear in front of them again, Molly would never allow him to see the woman.

She knew that he was so eager to hear something about Ayla again.

But she would do everything she could to prevent it from happening.

“You’re here.”

Toby was not surprised to see Molly inside his office at this time.

She was a selfish and dominating woman.She even destroyed Ayla’s only photo that was left in him.

“I went to a beauty salon near the company, so I decided to drop by.

Anyway, we could go home together.”

Molly walked towards him, wrapped her arms around his waist, and nestled in his chest.

He put his arms around her shoulders and said, “Well, I’m not busy today.We can go home early.”

She looked at him.

“Let’s go shopping and have dinner outside, okay? You’ve been so busy lately that you don’t have time to take me out.”

As she spoke, she pouted like a spoiled child.

“Okay, I will go with you today.Where do you want to go?”

Toby thought that he also needed time to go out and take a walk.

But he still couldn’t take Ayla out of his mind.

He wondered if she was still working in the wedding photography studio.

Was she taking good care of herself on cold days? The last time he saw her, she didn’t seem well.

“Honey, are you okay? What are you thinking? Look at this dress.What can you say?”

They were currently in a high-end boutique, and Molly had already tried several dresses.

But Toby had been so absentminded.

He walked up to her and said, “This one is beautiful.It looks good on you.”

“Then, can you buy it for me?”

She was not short of money.

But she wanted him to spend his own money on her dress because he had never bought anything for her in the true sense.

“Okay.As long as you want it, I’ll buy it for you.”

Toby could give everything to Molly except his heart.

He was responsible for her, but he could only love Ayla.

He turned his head and looked at the clothes rack beside him.

A long white coat caught his attention.

While Molly was in the fitting room, he secretly bought the coat and gave the shop assistant an address.

He gave her extra money for it to be delivered.

After paying for Molly’s dress, the two of them went out of the boutique together.

Then she chose a restaurant for their dinner.

“Honey, this is a newly opened restaurant, but I heard that they serve delicious dishes here.Let’s give it a try.”

Toby had no objections, so they walked into the restaurant intimately.

Brian and Anna sat opposite each other by the window, eating dinner.

Anna was filled with joy, and it was written all over her face.

Brian still looked calm right now, but he was not indifferent to her.

As soon as they entered the restaurant, Molly followed Toby’s gaze.

She then asked, “Honey, is that Mr.Clark?Isn’t he already married to Ayla? It seems like he doesn’t treat Ayla well.But anyway, who can blame him? She looks like a temptress, and she probably hooks up with men outside.No wonder Mr.Clark doesn’t like her.”

Molly always liked speaking ill of Ayla.

After all, she believed that Ayla wanted to seduce Toby.

Toby’s face darkened.

“Molly, why are you saying that? I don’t like you being so mean.”

He knew Ayla very well.

She was not the kind of woman that Molly thought.She had to marry Brian because she had no choice.

“Am I being mean? You are saying that I am mean because of that b***h? I am your wife.What the hell is that woman to you?”

Molly had been avoiding mentioning Ayla’s name for a long time, especially in front of Toby.

But she could only take so much.

She knew that he was always thinking of Ayla.

At night, every time they made love, he had no emotions at all.

It was as if he was just working in the office.

She even had to take the initiative.

Otherwise, he would never have s*x with her for months.

She had so many sleepless nights.

But what about him? He was sleeping well, dreaming of Ayla.

She had heard him murmuring Ayla’s name in his sleep many times.

She had tolerated him so much.

But now that he even called her mean, he went too far.

She was not mean but jealous.

Molly was afraid of losing him because she loved him so much.

Toby froze upon hearing what she said.

He saw that Brian slightly moved and looked at them.

It seemed that he also heard it.

Anna only glanced at them coldly for a few seconds.

She then turned to Brian and said, “Mr.Clark, how is Ayla? Are you still not willing to let her go? She must still love Toby.”

Because if not, Molly wouldn’t have yelled at Toby in public and made a scene.

“So what? Do you think I am the type of person who helps other people achieve their goals?”

Brian put down the steak knife and fork in his hands, picked up a piece of tissue, and wiped the corners of his mouth.

His lips then curved into a cold but charming smile.

Did Toby want Ayla? And did Ayla want to live a happy life with him? If the answer was yes, then Brian wouldn’t let their wishes come true.

Besides, he hadn’t gotten tired of Ayla’s body yet.

Anna looked at him and said, “Are you doing this because you don’t want to admit defeat? I actually thought that you have already fallen for her.”

“Do you think I will?” Brian asked coldly.

He would never fall in love with any woman.

If he got tired of Ayla’s body one day, he might decide to let her go.

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