The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 53

Chapter 53: As His Real Wife

On cold winter days, Ayla dominated the kitchen of the villa.She cooked different kinds of soup every day.

Brian didn’t say anything or stop her from what she was doing.

In fact, he ate anything she prepared on the dining table.It had been a while that he didn’t go to the entertainment club.

He went to work in the daytime and came home at night.

One day, it was getting dark outside.

Ayla was reading a book on the sofa.

After a while, her eyes felt tired, so she leaned back and closed them.

Before she could know it, she had already dozed off.

When Brian came back from work, he frowned when he saw her sleeping on the sofa.

Before he left this morning, he told her that he would come home late.

But still, she deliberately stayed in the living room to wait for him until she fell asleep.

Why did she do it? Was she trying to be a good wife, waiting for her husband to come home? He froze.

His wife? When did he start treating her as his real wife? Ayla wasn’t sleeping deeply, so when the book in her hand fell to the floor, she was awakened.

And as soon as she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Brian’s handsome face.

“You’re back.”

Although she was still sleepy, she smiled at him.

“Are you waiting for me?”

Brian held her in his arms, so her face touched his coat covered with snowflakes.

“It’s cold outside,” she said when she felt the chill on her face.

She heard him hum softly, but she wasn’t sure if it was a response to what she said.

“Let’s go upstairs.It’s late now,” she said.

Ayla was so used to his existence that she just waited for him subconsciously, although she wasn’t sure if he was coming home or not.

After all, it was up to him if he wanted to come back.

If he wouldn’t, there was nothing she could do.

Brian didn’t refuse.

He wrapped his arm around her waist, and they went upstairs together.

He sat on the sofa and took off his coat, leaving only a thin shirt and a V-neck Armani sweatshirt.

She poured him a cup of hot tea and said, “Don’t drink coffee at night.Tea is better to help you relax.”

He took the cup from her.

But when he took a sip, he slightly frowned.It seemed that he treated her too well these days.

“Don’t you like it?”

Ayla sat down next to him.

The room was warm enough, but her hands and feet still felt cold.

So she took the cup from him and held it between her palms.

It made her feel warm.

Then she raised the cup to her lips and took a sip.

“I think it tastes good.”

Brian saw the satisfaction on her face after she drank the tea.He was amused.

She really got satisfied so easily.

He took the cup from her hand, held her chin, and kissed her lips.

Ayla put her arms around his neck and responded to his kiss.

Perhaps she was really beginning to have feelings for him.

She slept soundly in his arms.

His broad and solid chest seemed to give her a sense of security.

She had been sleeping in his room these days, and he was not driving her out, so she already felt so comfortable.

The next day, Ayla was awakened by the warm rays of sunlight that seeped through the curtains.

She got up and found that Brian was still sleeping next to her.

She liked it when she woke up ahead of him because she could get the chance to take a closer look at him without inhibitions.

He looked so different when he was asleep.

The cold expression disappeared, and he looked more handsome when his face softened.

Her slender fingers inadvertently touched his chest.

And a great force of temptation seemed to be pushing her to caress it over and over again.

Much to her surprise, Brian suddenly caught her hand.

“What are you doing? Trying to seduce me early in the morning?”

His voice sounded hoarse and lazy, perhaps because he had just woken up.

Ayla’s face flushed at once.

She felt like a child being caught doing something naughty.

She should have known that he would be alert.

She didn’t know him that much.

But she knew that he had experienced a lot of things that made him alert all the time.

“Lost your tongue?”

There was a trace of amusement in Brian’s eyes.

He turned over and pressed her body under him.

“I…I have to get up now.”

But he turned a deaf ear to her.

He bent over and nuzzled in her fair, slender neck.

Maria had already prepared breakfast when Ayla went downstairs.

“Mrs.Clark, is Mr.Clark still asleep?”

“He’s taking a shower. I’ll make coffee for him,”

Ayla replied, still blushing in embarrassment.

Maria nodded.

After a while, she said, “Mr.Clark has been coming home recently and treats you very well.I think it won’t be long before this villa becomes more lively.”

Ayla looked at the maid with a puzzled expression on her face.

“More lively?”

“Yes.Are you not planning to have a baby yet?”

Not only Ayla but also Brian, who was going downstairs, froze upon hearing Maria’s random question.

Ayla saw that Brian’s face turned cold.

Would he misunderstand her? Would he think that she wanted a child and use the child to keep him by her side? The two of them sat at the dining table and ate their breakfast without saying anything.

She didn’t eat much because she felt very uneasy.

When she saw him stand up, she immediately followed him.

“Mr.Clark, don’t worry.I’m taking my pills all the time.”

Brian looked much calmer after hearing what she said.But he just went out of the villa without saying a word.

Ayla stared at his back in a daze.

Actually, she lied.

That night that he was drugged, she forgot to take her pill.

She only remembered it when she saw the blister pack in the cabinet.

But she continued taking them until today, so there should be no problem.

And she thought that she didn’t need to tell him.

Maria also noticed Brian’s reaction, so she thought something was wrong.

“Mrs.Clark, is Mr.Clark upset because of what I said?”

“No.It’s because of me.”

Ayla then went back to her room and took a pill from her drawer.

She poured a glass of water and ate it.

Since that day, Brian didn’t come home again, and it made her heart lonely.

She must admit, she cared for him.

After all, she was a normal woman, and she was not heartless.

Maria went upstairs and reminded her, “Mrs.Clark, Mr.Clark may not come home today too.”

“I know.I’ll go to bed early,” she replied with a nod.

She sat on the sofa in her room.

Since he wasn’t here, she also never entered his room.

Ayla was about to go to bed when her phone suddenly rang.

Her brows creased, wondering who would call her at this time of the night.

She picked up her phone from the bedside table and answered it.

“Hello? Who’s this?”

“Ayla, it’s me.”

Arlene’s weak voice came through from the other end of the line.

“Help me…Please help me.”

“Arlene? What’s wrong? What happened?”

Ayla felt uneasy at once.

Arlene hadn’t called her for a long time, so something must have happened this time.

Judging from Arlene’s voice, she could tell that her sister was very uncomfortable.

“I…Lean’t take it anymore.Can you…Can you tell him to let me go?”

Arlene got addicted to the drug that Brian had injected to her.

Now she really had no choice but to ask for Ayla’s help.

Before Ayla could have the chance to realize what was going on, the call was cut off.


Arlene trembled when she saw Brian in front of her.

She shrank to the corner, overwhelmed by fear.

“It seems that you are really fond of making trouble.Why did you call her? What do you want her to do? Don’t you know that she has been locked up in my villa? What can she do to help you?”

Brian’s voice sounded cold and ruthless.

If he didn’t arrive on time, was Arlene going to say something to Ayla? But so what? It didn’t matter even if she told Ayla the truth.

Arlene shook her head.

“No.Mr.Clark, I just feel too uncomfortable.I didn’t mean to call her.”

The truth was, she wanted to ask for money from Ayla so she could buy the drug by herself.

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