The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 51

Chapter 51: He Won’t Make An Exception

Arlene looked at the man behind Brian.

The drug she had just taken was now starting to take effect, and she felt very uncomfortable.

It seemed that Brian read her mind.

“Don’t you feel comfortable taking these drugs every day?”

He had never been soft to others except to Ayla, who was always stubborn and innocent.

“Do you want him?”

he asked again as he turned his head and looked at the man behind him.

His voice was still as cold as ice.

“Help her.”

He then stood at the door and waited.

Half an hour later, the man was neatly dressed when he walked out of the room.


“You can leave now.” Brian looked at Arlene and sneered.

“Mr.Clark, do you want to do it now?” She only said it.

But the truth was, she didn’t have the strength to have s*x anymore.

Brian’s face darkened.

“You are really a cheap b***h.I didn’t even touch you last time.Do you think I will make an exception today?”

Of course, he knew her purpose.

She wanted to be his woman, so he could get her out of her current predicament.

But unfortunately, she had already given up this opportunity when she refused to marry him.

There was no more chance for her.

Besides, he had always disdained women like her.

Actually, if Ayla had taken the initiative to give herself to him back then, he wouldn’t have s*x with her.

Men were always like this in nature.

The more they couldn’t get something, the more they wanted it.

But they couldn’t care less about things easily offered to them.

“Mr.Clark, have you fallen in love with that b***h Ayla?”

Arlene always liked to irritate men, especially this demon in front of her.

She was not afraid of him anymore.She was in a terrible situation now.What else could be worse than this?

“You have a wild imagination.”

Brian looked at her.

His control over Ayla depended on this woman.

Arlene was not easy to control, but he had his way.

Another man walked in with a syringe.

Arlene looked at him in panic.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“It’s none of your business.”

With just a glance and nod from Brian, the man injected a tube of liquid into her body without hesitation.

“Let her out.Let her do whatever she wants to do.”

He knew that with this drug, he had control over her.

Anna walked in, held Brian’s arm, and asked, “Brian, can you really control her with this drug?”

“Don’t you have faith in me? You should know that she can’t get this drug from someone else except me.”

It only took ten milliliters to make Arlene addicted to the drug.

“You are controlling her for Ayla, right?”

In her heart, Anna felt very uneasy.

Brian was rendered speechless.

Was he really doing it for Ayla? She had been very obedient to him recently.

She didn’t mention anything to him, let alone about leaving.

What was he afraid of? Or was his heart looking forward to a future with her?

“You have done so much for her, but she doesn’t care about you, right?”

Anna was also a capable woman.

When she found out that Ayla was just a substitute bride, she investigated everything about Ayla.

And that included Ayla’s relationship with her childhood sweetheart Toby.

If Ayla already had a man in her heart, could she still fall in love with another man? Brian knew that Anna’s words made sense.

Indeed, Ayla didn’t really care about him at all.

They had had s*x so many times, but she never took the initiative.

She just let him do whatever he wanted.

“Are you going back home tonight? Or you will continue to live here?”

Anna wished in her heart that he would never go back to his villa again.

However, Brian didn’t answer.

He just walked back to his office.

It had been a while since he last came home.

But he knew that Ayla had been staying in the villa most of the time.

She seemed to have become so lazy that she seldom went out.

He wondered what was keeping her busy at home.

Ayla took out a pot of soup from the kitchen and put it on the dining table.

“Maria, come here.Have a taste and tell me how it is.”

Maria ladled the soup in a small bowl and took a sip.

“Mrs.Clark, your cooking skill is getting better and better.”

These past few days, Ayla had been searching for some recipes online and trying them at home.And she preferred some nutritious soup.

She was still wondering when Brian would come home.

Yesterday, it snowed heavily.

She felt a little sad because she remembered him.

It had been more than half a month since she saw him.

Fortunately, today was sunny outside.

She felt much better.

The snow outside was so thick that the sun hadn’t melted it yet.

After lunch, Ayla put on her white down jacket and went outside.

She was not afraid of the cold as she excitedly made a snowman with her bare hands.

Several servants in the villa also came out to help her.

Not long after, a big snowman stood in front of Ayla.She was so happy that she couldn’t stop laughing.How long had it been since she laughed heartily like this? She had envied this kind of life since she was a child.

She wanted to have a carefree childhood, but she couldn’t.

If it snowed, she must clean the paths of the Woodsen family villa instead of playing.

At school, she spent all her time studying hard.

Because when she got home, she had to help the servants with all the household chores.

She had only begun to have some happy days when she became an adult.

Even if she couldn’t see a clear future right now, she didn’t have any regret.

“Mrs.Clark, it’s cold outside.Let’s go inside.”

It was actually colder when the snow was melting than falling.

But Ayla seemed not to care at all.

She didn’t even mind that her fair hands were already red and wrinkled.She smiled.

“It’s okay.I’m not cold at all.”

As she spoke, she took a deep breath as if savoring the beauty of winter.

She then took off the red and gray plaid scarf and tied it around the snowman’s neck.

“Maria, look! It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I want to take a picture with it as a souvenir.”

Ayla took out her phone.

It was the latest touchscreen phone with a high definition camera given to her by Brian.

After taking several photos of the snowman, she handed the phone to Maria and said, “Maria, please take one for me.”

Her little snow-white figure stood beside the snowman.

Giving her all-out smile, she raised her two hands and made a V-sign.

“How is it? Let me see.”

Ayla took the phone from Maria and checked the gallery.

When she clicked the last photo, she was stunned.

There was a smear of black in the white.

It was Brian.How long had he been there? She didn’t hear any sound.Maybe she was so focused on the snowman that she didn’t notice his car.

“Mr.Clark, you are back.”

Maria walked up to him, took his briefcase, and walked into the villa.

Actually, Brian had been there long enough to witness how she enjoyed the snow, hear her crisp laughter, and see her purest smile.

Was such an ugly snowman worthy of her joy? She even took photos as souvenirs.

He looked at her two small hands that had been red from the cold.

The scarf around her neck was given to the snowman, so her fair neck was empty, and the cold wind poured in freely.

“Don’t you recognize me anymore after not seeing me for a few days?”

His voice was cold as usual.

He was a little disappointed because he had thought that she was looking forward to his return.He also came home today to see how free and easy her life was when he was not here.

And after what his eyes had seen, sure enough, she was very happy without him.

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