The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 50

Chapter 50: He Doesn’t Have A Fever

After drinking the wine, Brian noticed that Arlene was not moving yet.

“Leave now,” he said coldly.

“No, Mr.Clark.I can’t leave because you will need me,” Arlene said confidently.

She then raised the glass in her hand and drank up the wine coquettishly.

In less than two minutes, Brian felt something strange in his body.

The drug was already taking effect.

As heat surged up all over his body, he frowned.

“How dare you drug me!”

“Well, it feels wonderful, isn’t it? Don’t you want to experience such kind of feeling, Mr.Clark?”

For many years, Arlene had taken all kinds of drugs, both forced and voluntary.

And she knew the effect of each drug on people.

That was why she didn’t hesitate to use the drug to get Brian.

After tonight, he would be hers.

Then she would take back the crown as Mrs.Clark and return Ayla to where she should belong.

She would live a perfect life in luxury.

He would definitely give her everything she wanted.Brian suddenly pushed her away.

“Don’t you want to live anymore?”

All his life, he never forced a woman, and no woman had ever fooled him.

Arlene must be courting death for tricking him.

“Mr.Clark, I’m still young.Of course, I want to live.I want to live life to the fullest.But I don’t want to live alone.I want you to be by my side for the rest of my life.Don’t you like it?”

Arlene wrapped her arms around his hot body and said, “Mr.Clark, let me help you.”

The kind of drug she used on him was very strong, and she put a lot of it into his wine.

How could he not need her? She always believed that no man could escape from her, not even Brian.

After she had s*x with him, she would drive Ayla away, and she would become the only Mrs.Clark.

Brian’s frown deepened.

No matter how strong the effect of the drug on him, he would never let her succeed.

He knew what she wanted from him.

Arlene was totally different from Ayla.

She was indeed Clayton’s daughter.

Both of them were equally unscrupulous.

They could use all means to exploit the people around them.

When Arlene felt that Brian was about to compromise, she thought that she had succeeded.

However, she was shocked when he suddenly pulled her hands away and snapped, “I will never touch a woman like you.”

Before she could react, she had already been pushed to the floor.

“If you need men, there are many outside.”

He then strode out of the private room wearing only a thin shirt.

Brian drove his Lamborghini at full speed with the windows down, even though the cold winter wind was freezing.

He didn’t even seem to notice that it was snowing.

The heat inside his body was getting more and more intense.

Ayla had just turned off the lights and lain in bed.

However, she only kept on tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

Then all of a sudden, she heard the screeching of tires downstairs.

Her heartbeat went abnormally fast.Had he returned?

She didn’t even bother to put on her coat.

Wearing thin pajamas, she ran downstairs only to bump into Brian, who had just come in.

A mixture of hot and cold breaths hit her and made her tremble.

“What’s wrong with you?” she couldn’t help asking.

She noticed that he was unbuttoning his shirt randomly.

“Do you have a fever?”

Ayla touched Brian’s face and forehead.

Her mouth gaped open when she felt that he was surprisingly hot.And why was he wearing such a thin shirt on a snowy evening?

She was still lost in thought when he suddenly pulled her closer to him.

And as soon as he touched her soft and slightly cold body, the heat in his body flared up again.

Before she could react, he had already picked her up and strode upstairs.

He took her to the master bedroom and threw her heavily on the bed.

“What…What are you doing?”

Ayla couldn’t help but feel scared.

His behavior and his temperature were both terrible tonight.

Just now, she tossed and turned in bed, wishing for him to come back.

But why did he have to come back like this? Brian pressed his body against hers.

“What do you think I am going to do?”

Since Arlene drugged him, Ayla should cure him.

“Kiss me,” he ordered in a cold voice.

Ayla was stunned.

Brian never wanted to be kissed.

Why was he asking her all of a sudden? Her eyes widened in shock when she found out that her pink lips were tightly covered by his.

His lips and his body were burning.It sent a strange sensation on her.

Was she going crazy? Why did she feel like she also longed for his body? It was such a torrid night for both of them.

And when the heat in his body finally dissipated, and they were both exhausted, they fell asleep.

The next morning, Ayla’s beautiful sleeping face was the first thing Brian saw when he opened his eyes.

He frowned when he suddenly felt a sharp pang in his head.

Then he gradually recalled everything that happened last night.

He clenched his teeth, and his expression darkened.

Arlene had put so much drug in his wine.

When Ayla woke up, she saw Brian’s handsome face so close to her.

Usually, she would immediately go back to her room after they had s*x.

But this time, she slept soundly beside him on his bed.

And now, she still had no strength to get up.

Brian stood up, turned around, and walked into the bathroom without even looking at her.

While listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom, she couldn’t help wondering if he was angry.

Ayla propped herself up.

But before she could get out of the bed, the bathroom door opened.

Brian walked out wearing a black robe and tossed a medicine bottle to her.

“This is what you deserve.”

If Arlene hadn’t drugged him, he wouldn’t treat Ayla like this.

Ayla didn’t understand what he meant by saying that she deserved this.

But she was familiar with the medicine because he had given it to her several times.

While putting on his clothes, Brian said, “Don’t go anywhere today.”

‘’Of course I won’t go out today.Do you think I still have the strength to go out after such a crazy night?’’ Ayla sighed in her heart.

She nodded without hesitation.

She then took a thin blanket, wrapped it around her body, and walked towards the door.

But before she could go out, she turned around and said, “Don’t take that drug again.It’s not good for your health.”

Brian was stunned upon hearing what she said.

It turned out that she knew that he was drugged last night.But why did she still let him do whatever he wanted?

Ayla had been muddled for several days now, and she spent most of her time lying in bed.

It was too cold outside, so she felt lazy to go out.

And now, even if she wanted to go out, she didn’t have the strength anymore.

After that intense night between Brian and Ayla, Brian left again and did not come back.

In the entertainment club, Arlene had been locked up in a narrow and dark room for several days.

She had been confined here since that night she drugged Brian.

And every night, she was forced to take the aphrodisiac, but she was being tortured alone.

This evening, Brian came to check on her.

He walked into the room, stood beside the door, and said coldly, “How’s it going?”

“Mr.Clark, I’m so sorry.Please forgive me.I’ll never do it again,” Arlene begged.

She didn’t expect that he would be this ruthless.

He was a devil, and she was so stupid to offend him.

“You’ll never do it again? Do you think there will be another time?” Brian was not a fool to give her a chance to trick him again.

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