The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Can’t Pay Off The Debts

Arlene stood at the other end of the corridor and watched Ayla standing in front of a private room.

From what she had seen just now, she could tell that Brian had different feelings for Ayla.

She clenched her fists, and her eyes darkened.

She was the real daughter of the Woodsen family.

But here she was, no freedom at all.

Brian had imprisoned her here and forced her to serve the guests.

She also had to drink with them and entertain them.

While Ayla was enjoying her life.

Sne was even wearing delicate and expensive clothes now.

Squinting her eyes at Ayla, Arlene made up her mind.

She would take back everything that belonged to her.

Ayla didn’t have the right to take advantage of the things that were supposed to be hers.

Ayla kept her head down all the time, so she didn’t notice that Arlene had been staring at her fiercely for a long time.

She had been waiting in front of the private room and didn’t dare to go far.

This was an entertainment club, after all.

Aside from its strange atmosphere, she was also afraid that she would bump into some random strangers and got herself into trouble.

The experience she had here last time still gave her the creeps.

She would never want it to happen again.

It was already early in the morning when Brian and Anna walked out of the private room.

Actually, they did not only talk about business but also had s*x.

It was their habit and tacit understanding every time he came here.

His marriage to Ayla had not changed their relationship.

Following behind Brian, Anna was still tidying up her clothes.

When she raised her eyes, she was stunned to see Ayla squatting beside the door and sleeping.

Her long black hair fell to the front, partly hiding her beautiful sleeping face.

Brian stared at her.

Although the heating system in the entire club was sufficient, he knew that she still felt cold.

After all, she was only wearing a dress without a coat.

That strange feeling welled up in his heart again.

Did he feel sorry for her? How could that be? If he really felt sorry for her, he could have just let her enter the private room or arranged another room for her.But he didn’t, right?

Instead, he let her stay outside until she fell asleep while he and Anna were having s*x inside.

He was indeed a heartless man.

And to him, every woman was the same.

But sometimes, Brian also felt that Ayla was different.

They had been together for quite a while now, but she had never taken the initiative to seduce him.

It seemed that she didn’t even care about him.

Other women would do everything just to climb into his bed.

But in her case, he was the one who always came to her to have s*x.

She was only good at giving him an innocent and helpless look all the time.

Perhaps she was trying to soften his heart, so he could easily give in when she made a request.


Anna gave Brian a questioning gaze.

She wondered what he was thinking.

Actually, she didn’t expect that Ayla would really stay at the door the whole time.

Ayla’s submissiveness made her feel a little strange and uncomfortable.

She was just one of his women with no title at all.

But Ayla was the legitimate wife.

For so many years, Anna had never cared about her status in Brian’s life.

But ever since Ayla appeared, she started to have a sense of crisis.

“Miss Woodsen?”

Brian didn’t say anything, so she took the initiative to wake Ayla up.

Calling Ayla “Miss Clark” was her only consolation.

At least, no one addressed Ayla as Mrs.Clark in public yet.

Somehow, this made her feel that Ayla was just one of them—his women.

When Ayla woke up, she felt cold and stiff all over.

She was still in a daze.

But when she saw Anna and Brian in front of her, she stood up at once.

‘’Did I fall asleep?’’ she asked inwardly.

Upon realizing that she had really fallen asleep, she apologized.

“I’m…I’m sorry.I didn’t mean it.” She thought that he was angry.

“Let’s go!”

Brian just said those two words coldly, then walked towards the other end of the corridor.

Ayla’s legs were both numb, but she ignored them.

She staggered to her feet and quickly followed him.

He drove her back to the villa.

When she entered the living room, she saw a newspaper on the table.

The news was about the incident at Toby’s wedding yesterday.

There were even some photos of them on the page.

“Mrs.Clark, you are finally back.Did something happen to you and Mr.Clark?”

Maria’s voice was full of concern.

When she read the news, she was worried that Brian might misunderstand Ayla.

And she got more anxious when they did not come home last night.

Ayla shook her head.


Brian didn’t get out of the car.

He only sent her home then drove away.

Of course, she still didn’t dare to ask where he was going.

It had been a few days, but Brian hadn’t come back home yet.

The last time Ayla saw him was when he sent her home from the club.

He didn’t go on a business trip, so she thought that he was either staying in the company all the time, he was with Anna, or with another woman.She sat in front of the French window and locked outside.

What was she waiting for? It was her winter vacation, so she only spent her time at work and at home.

She went to the studio during the daytime and directly went home in the evening.

It was getting colder and colder day by day.

And it was even snowing right now.

Wearing a thick coat, she stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window after getting tired of sitting for a long time.

Before leaving the main villa, Maria went upstairs to bring Ayla a glass of hot milk.

“Mrs.Clark, it’s too cold.You’d better go to bed early.”

In the past two days, she noticed that Ayla didn’t turn off the lights in her room even it was already late at night.

She didn’t need to ask to know that Ayla was waiting for Brian to come home.

Ayla took the glass of milk from her and said, “Thank you, Maria.”

In less than five minutes, she was all alone in the entire villa.

And only the lights in her room were on.

She couldn’t understand herself.

Was she waiting for Brian? Should she really wait for him? At this moment, Brian was in the club, sitting in a private room and drinking one glass after another.

He had not come home for a few days, but Ayla had never made trouble for him.

Although he didn’t see her, he still knew her whereabouts every day.

The door of the private room was pushed open all of a sudden.

He thought that it was Anna, but he was wrong.


Arlene called out his name softly.

Brian turned his head and saw her approaching him.

She looked so enchanting.

The smell of alcohol and her pungent perfume immediately mixed in the air inside the private room.

“Who said you are allowed to come here?” He pushed her away.

“Oh, Mr.Clark.Of course, I’m here to serve you.”

She knew that he had been here and hadn’t left these days.

But she couldn’t approach him just like that.

She needed to find the right time and opportunity to make him her man.She had gotten along well with many men.

And she knew that as long as he spent one night with her, he wouldn’t be able to escape from her palm again.

Especially now that she still had the drug that fascinated men the most.

“I don’t need your service.”

Brian didn’t like women to get too close to him unless he needed them.

“How can that be? Mr.Clark, you are a man, aren’t you?”

A normal man would definitely need a woman by his side.

When Arlene thought that Brian was not paying attention, she picked up a glass of wine and secretly sprinkled the white power she had been hiding in her hand.

She then slightly shook the glass to melt it quickly.

“Mr.Clark, I don’t like serving the guests here and drinking with them.But still, I want to thank you for giving me the chance to live.To show my gratitude, I want to offer this glass of wine to you.”

Looking at the glass in her hand, he asked, “Why are you here? Are there no guests in the bar tonight, Miss Woodsen?”

“Oh, no.We have lots of guests tonight.But I’ve declined all my guests so I can have a drink with you.Don’t you want to drink? Don’t you know that I am now the best bar girl here?”

Arlene tried every means to make him drink the wine she offered him.

Brian sneered, “Should I feel honored then?”

“Of course, Mr.Clark.Don’t you think so?”

She put down the glass on the table and wrapped her arms around him.She would do everything to get him tonight.

“Then you should also know that what your father owes me is far more than this.”

He believed that she could never pay off her father’s debts in whatever ways.

“I know.That’s why I’m so obedient to you now.So can I propose a toast?”

Arlene picked up the glass again and took a sip.

“Please, Mr.Clark?” Brian took the glass from her and said, “I’ll drink this glass of wine, but you can go out now.”

He then drank it up in one gulp, put down the glass on the table, and asked her to go out.

While watching him drink the wine, Arlene’s lips curved into a very charming smile.

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