The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 48

Chapter 48: His Words Touched Her Heart

Ayla squatted down and picked up the pieces of broken glass carefully.

However, she still cut her finger.

She hissed and bit her lower lip as she saw the red blood starting to ooze out.

The wound was a bit deep, and it must be painful.

But much to her surprise, she seemed not to feel the pain at all.

Maybe it was because her heart was hurting more.

The pain of seeing Toby being married to another woman outweighed the pain caused by her wounded finger.

The crowd just watched her in a daze.

Perhaps they didn’t expect her to do such a thing.

Brian just looked at her with his cold eyes.

Lucas kept staring at her with curiosity in his eyes.

And Toby could only look at her with concern, fighting the urge to come over to her.

Finally, Hayden recovered from the shock.

He stepped forward, called the waiter, and said, “Clean this up.”

He then squatted down and asked her, “Are you okay?”

Looking at the blood still oozing from her finger, he held her up and said, “Come with me.Let me clean your wound and bandage it.”

Ayla shook her head.

“It’s all right, Mr.Smith.Don’t bother.It’s just a small cut.”

Brian’s eyes were emitting a very cold aura that could freeze people to death.

She knew it wasn’t a good sign, so she didn’t want to cause any more trouble.

Even if he didn’t say a word, she could understand what he was thinking.

It was strange.

But her heart seemed so close to him that it could feel him.

Despite his being cold and heartless, she still couldn’t help paying attention to him.

Perhaps she was really destined to be with him, and she could never escape from his control.

Brian suddenly took Ayla’s hand from Hayden and pulled her out of the banquet hall.

In front of so many people, he didn’t even bother to explain.

Well, he had always been egotistical after all.

And it was because he was Brian Clark.

Ayla’s wrist felt sore because of his grip, but she didn’t even complain.

She quietly followed him, staggering on her high heels, almost tumbling down.

On their way back to the villa, their car was galloping at an astonishing speed.

She would be a liar if she said she was not scared.

In fact, her stomach had been churning.

She tried to speak several times, but she still couldn’t say a word.

She just closed her eyes until she felt that the car had finally stopped.

However, they were not in the villa.

Instead, they were outside a leisure club in the suburb.

Ayla didn’t even bother to look around.

She immediately pushed the door open, got out of the car, and retched.

She knelt on the ground and threw up everything she had eaten.

Brian stood beside her and watched her closely.

She was not even aware that her innocence, helplessness, and compromise made him very angry.

He wanted to make her suffer.

But every time he saw the expression on her face, a strange feeling surged up in his heart.

Jaime received a call from Brian, so he immediately walked out of the club.

“Good evening, Mr.Clark.”

“Arrange a room for her,”

Brian said coldly before he turned around and walked inside.

A luxurious room was arranged for Ayla.She had already rested for half an hour, but she still felt dizzy.Inside the bathroom, she nestled in the bathtub and let the warm water slide over her cold body.In the other room, Brian lay in bed with an enchanting woman clinging to his body.”

“Mr.Clark, it’s been a long time since you last came here,” the woman said in a coquettish voice, pointing her slender finger at his chest.


His voice was still cold.

He held her tightly in his arms but without much affection.

“Yes.And I’ve missed you, so let me accompany you tonight.”

She moved, and her red lips were about to kiss him, but he dodged her.

He didn’t like women touching his lips, and all the women around him knew it.

Brian walked into Ayla’s room wearing only a night robe.

He frowned when the bed was empty.

Did she go out? When he went to the bathroom to check, he saw her lying in the bathtub, unconscious.

She might have been soaked in the warm water for a long time because her skin was red and wrinkled.

Her face was also horribly pale.

His brows furrowed.

Was this all she could do? He almost yelled at her.

He stretched his long arms to pick her up, grabbed a bath towel, and wiped her body casually before throwing her on the bed.

Ayla curled up in bed the whole night while Brian leaned against the sofa.

She had an endless dream.

It made her feel like she was shuttling through a black hole that had no way out.

“Toby…help me…Help me…” she cried softly.

She tried to grasp his hand.

But the more she stretched out her own hands to reach him, the farther she moved away from him.

When a black shadow suddenly appeared, she felt more hopeless.

Her world had gotten even darker.

“No! No!”

She exhausted all her strength to run away from the black shadow, but she couldn’t.

It was so overwhelming.

Ayla suddenly opened her eyes.

Finally, she woke up from her nightmare.

Her gaze swept over the strange room, and she frowned upon remembering everything.

She was drenched in sweat, and she felt so weak.

The room was dark inside.

But through the faint moonlight seeping through the window, she could see Brian leaning against the sofa with his arms crossed over his chest.

Ayla sat up and leaned against the headboard in a trance.

She was so afraid to close her eyes again, so she stayed awake for the rest of the night.

Brian was a light sleeper, so he was awakened when she moved.

But he pretended to be asleep, although it was not easy for him to endure being stared at by her until dawn.

Ayla was naked, so she could only cover herself with the quilt.

Brian opened his eyes and just glanced at her before walking into the bathroom.

Not long after, he came out neatly dressed.

“You…are you leaving?” she asked after hesitating for a while.

If he left her here, what would she do? She didn’t want to follow him, but she was more scared of staying alone in this strange room.

Her head was in a mess.

He was really making her crazy.

Brian turned around and saw the horror on her face.

There was also a trace of panic in her eyes.

Much to Ayla’s relief, he finally gave her a set of clothes.

“Go change and follow me.”

Those simple words touched her heart.

She, who had always been independent, seemed to have someone to rely on all of a sudden.

She grabbed the clothes from his hand and put them on quickly.

Then she quietly followed him into the car.

She didn’t dare to ask where they were going and just let him drive.

Brian took Ayla to his office, so she got the opportunity to witness how busy his day was.

Many of his clients thought that she was his new secretary.

Some of his close clients even teased him for changing his secretary into a woman.

It was her first time to know that all of his assistants and secretaries were men, except for Anna.Maybe Anna was very special to him, right?

Ayla was not good at socializing with people, but she made sure that she kept a decent smile on her face.

In the evening, Brian didn’t drive Ayla back to the villa.

Instead, he took her with him to the entertainment club.

Anna was so stunned to see Ayla.

She knew that Ayla was with him at the wedding, and she also saw them on TV when the reporters broadcasted the scandal that happened during the event.

But she didn’t expect that he would take Ayla here right now.

Actually, Brian didn’t stop the reporters yesterday.

He also did not tell the newspaper and magazine companies not to write articles about it.

But Anna knew that someone from Smith Group took the initiative to block the news.

But it wasn’t that helpful.

As long as Brian didn’t personally stop those companies, they would still release the news even if Smith Group forbade them.

After all, it was their way of making money, and Smith Group was not that powerful.

Anna thought that perhaps Brian didn’t care even if the news spread.

Ayla smiled at Anna.

Even if they were not familiar with each other, she couldn’t just give Anna a straight face.

Besides, she was not as arrogant as Brian.

She preferred to be amicable to others.

“We have something to discuss.Just stay here and don’t run around.”

It was late at night, and there were all kinds of people in this place.

Brian wanted to tell her that if she still dared to run around and got herself into trouble, he wouldn’t care to help her out.

She nodded obediently and waited at the door while he was doing business inside the private room.

While standing there, all she could do was watch Brian and Anna walk into the room intimately.

She didn’t notice that a figure had been staring at her at the other end of the corridor.

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