The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 47

Chapter 47: She Has No Choice But To Hide

Brian, who had already anticipated this scene to happen, just stood by.

Ayla stood there blankly, staring at Hayden’s hand which was about to touch her cheek.

She was so shocked that she didn’t know what to do.

She turned her head to look at Brian, hoping to get some help from him.However, he was just smoking some distance away from the group of reporters.

It was as if he didn’t see her.Was he deliberately ignoring her?

Hayden couldn’t take his gaze off Ayla.

He even looked at her closely, studying every feature of her face carefully.

She and the woman he couldn’t take his mind off looked so alike that he couldn’t help remembering some memories.

Seeing that even Hayden was on Ayla’s side, Molly felt unhappier, and her resentment towards Ayla intensified.

‘’That b***h is indeed a temptress.She does not only seduce Toby but even my father’’ she thought angrily.

Molly glared at her and said disdainfully, “Dad, this woman is here to spoil my wedding.”

She pulled Hayden away from Ayla.

“Molly, she is also one of our guests.How can you treat her like this in front of so many people?”

Hayden looked at Molly angrily.He didn’t like her attitude towards Ayla.

Ayla bit her lip.She plucked up all her courage and finally said, “I’m sorry.I’m leaving now.”

She couldn’t stay here any longer and suffer more humiliation from Molly.

She tried to squeeze out of the surrounding crowd, but she couldn’t.

Toby was about to take a step towards her when a cold voice was heard from behind.

“What’s the problem here?”

Brian stubbed out the cigarette in his hand and slowly walked towards Ayla.

The aura he emanated was so majestic that the crowd automatically dispersed, making way for him.

As she watched him walk towards her, Ayla knew that he did it on purpose.

Before she could know it, his powerful long arms had already been wrapped around her waist.

“Didn’t I tell you to wait for me? What are you doing here?”

She really wanted to stomp on his shoes.

He had been just standing there, watching her being bullied.He even turned a blind eye to what was happening.

Why did he have to wait for a long time before he came to her rescue? And he seemed to be blaming her for staying away from him just now.


Hayden immediately greeted Brian.

Looking at Brian, Toby finally realized that Ayla came here with him.

It was probably the reason why she immediately struggled to break free from his embrace just now.

Was the woman in front of him still the old Ayla he had known before? “

“What happened? Did my wife cause any trouble?”

Ayla felt so absurd.

What was Brian doing now? Was he pretending to be kind to her in public?

But what could she do? With his arms around her waist, she was totally dominated by him.

This time, Molly turned to look at him and said, “Mr.Clark, please take care of your wife.Don’t let her go around and flirt with other men.”

She didn’t care about the occasion and the crowd anymore.

Today was her wedding day.

It was supposed to be the happiest day of her life.

But what happened just now only made her feel so humiliated.

And it was all Ayla’s fault.

She would definitely ruin Ayla’s reputation.

Brian’s cold voice, indifferent look, and overbearing aura made everyone go away.

As much as possible, he wanted to keep a low profile in this event.

But Ayla was really good at causing trouble for him.

She was so reluctant to come to this wedding.

But when she saw Toby, she immediately came to him.

After the tension, Ayla sat alone in a corner.

She was just an inconspicuous woman, after all.

Brian, on the other hand, was very popular.

Now, many people surrounded him, trying to start a conversation with him.

Obviously, they were all trying to make friends with him.

It was a wedding banquet.

But with the way they flocked around him, the event seemed to turn into an ordinary social gathering.

She wanted to go home, but she knew that she couldn’t leave without him.

So she had no other choice but to hide.

In such a big banquet hall, she was too ordinary to be noticed by the other guests.

“Are you Molly’s friend?”

A gentle male voice suddenly rang out in her ears.

When she raised her head, she saw a man in a black suit standing in front of her.

He handed her a glass of juice.He looked so gentle and warm.

“Do you mind if I join you here?”

The sofa was long enough to accommodate four people, so Ayla couldn’t possibly sit there alone.

But the man sat too close to her.

She slightly moved her body to keep some distance from him.

“Are you scared of me? I didn’t know I am that scary,” he said with a gentle smile on his face.

She turned to look at him.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know you.”

She actually wasn’t used to talking to strangers.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.Well, let me introduce myself.My name is Lucas Collins.”

The man introduced himself proactively.

“I didn’t know that Molly has such an introverted friend like you.”

‘’If you only know, I am not Molly’s friend at all.In fact, I’m the person she hates the most”

she silently said in her heart.

But she didn’t think it was necessary to let this strange man know about it.

So she didn’t waste her time correcting his impression of her.

They wouldn’t see each other again anyway.

Lucas Collins felt a little embarrassed because of her silence.

“Are you really that shy? Why don’t you introduce yourself to me?”

He tried his best to be courteous.

However, Ayla just ignored him.

All she wanted now was to sit there quietly.

She didn’t want to have a chat with random strangers.

Much to Lucas’ surprise, she didn’t say a word for a long time.

She just gave him a faint smile.

Then he soon realized that it wasn’t even a real smile.

She was just being polite.

Actually, Ayla felt a little aggrieved.

Brian took her to this event but left her alone.

She clearly understood that he only didn’t want to lose face because of her.

Her inferiority and lowliness prevented her from taking the initiative to approach him.

So she could only stay far away from him.

Finally, the wedding ceremony officially began.

The emcee on the stage talked about the love story of the couple.

Ayla stood in the corner and listened attentively.

It turned out that she had missed a lot.

In the past years that she and Toby went separate ways, so many things happened to each of them that they didn’t know.

That was why things ended up like this.

He was there on the stage while she was here below as only part of the audience.

He was so handsome today.

And she couldn’t deny the fact that she was still attracted to him.

How she wished they could go back to the time when she could rely on no one but only him.

But it was too late.

Molly, the most beautiful woman in her white wedding dress,was now the one beside him.

Ayla was staring at Toby so intently that she didn’t notice Brian’s cold gaze and also another curious gaze from someone else.

When Toby and Molly put the shining diamond wedding rings on each other’s fingers, they made a lifelong promise.

But as he spoke, Toby also glanced at Ayla.

He didn’t expect that he would marry another woman in front of her.

Would she ever forgive him? Would she forgive him for breaking his promise to her? © Ayla understood the look in his eyes.

She knew that he was trying to apologize to her.

But for her, he didn’t actually need to do it.

After all, she also betrayed him when she married Brian.

So she smiled at him, giving him her blessing.

Molly was still unhappy because of what happened earlier.

But now that the wedding ceremony was over, she felt elated.

Finally, she became the legitimate Mrs.Brown.

Ayla had totally lost to her.

Ayla didn’t know why but Brian’s face was as cold as ice the whole night.

She also smelled the alcohol all over his body.

She wasn’t sure if he drank because it was a social gathering or something else.

She didn’t dare to ask, nor did she want to know.

But she understood that both of them were looking for trouble for themselves that night.

“Stop drinking.”

Ayla couldn’t help taking the goblet in his hand.

He loosened his grip, but she was not able to catch it.

It fell to the floor with a crisp cracking sound.

It attracted everyone’s attention, so all the guests turned their heads to look at them.

She froze, but he remained expressionless and calm.

It was as if everything had nothing to do with him.

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