The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Attend Toby’s Wedding

Brian was an overbearing man, and Ayla couldn’t do anything to change it.

So she just let him do whatever he wanted to do as long as he was happy.

Her protests were all obliterated.

On their way to the venue of the wedding, she didn’t say a word.

Her mind was in a mess.

Actually, she was afraid to feel heartbroken after witnessing Toby being married to another woman.

She didn’t want to think that she would never be able to rely on him from now on.

After a while, their luxury limousine slowly pulled over in front of the hotel.

Toby was dressed in a white shirt, black tuxedo, and black bow tie.

He had a faint smile on his face, but it didn’t reach his eyes.

After all, his heart was in sorrow.

For him, this wedding was nothing.

It was only like one of his regular meetings in the company.

There was no sense of happiness and joy, only helplessness.

He wondered if Ayla knew that he was getting married today.

If she did, would she be disappointed in him? She might even think that he broke his promise.

Molly walked out of the lounge and saw Toby standing in the corridor.

He was in a daze, and there was no trace of anticipation and joy on his face.

Obviously, he wasn’t excited about this wedding.

Since he saw Ayla again, he had been neglecting her.

She was no longer the only one he cared for and loved like before.


She walked towards him and asked, “Why are you here?”

Toby turned around and looked at Molly.

She looked so beautiful in her handmade white wedding dress made in Italy.

But no matter how lovely she was, she was not the woman he wanted to marry.

“I’m waiting for you” he said lightly.

But the truth was, he was hiding here.

He was not in the mood to join the lively celebration in the hall.

Hearing the guests’ well wishes and blessings only made him feel bitter.

“Let’s go and welcome our guests then.Dad and Mom must be very busy entertaining them.”

Molly held his arm, smiling happily.

The two of them then walked towards the banquet hall.

After greeting a few of their guests, Molly looked around as if looking for someone.

She knew that the manager of the studio had given the invitation card to Ayla.

However, she couldn’t see Ayla among the crowd.

Did Ayla lose the courage to come and witness her wedding in person?

Ayla was still outside the banquet hall, standing next to Brian.

She was too timid to go inside.

If only she could, she would run away from this place right this moment.

Brian must have noticed her reaction.

He glanced at her and asked, “Don’t you want to go in?”

His voice was cold as usual.

It sounded like he was asking her.

But in reality, he wasn’t giving her a choice.

“Of course, we’ll go in.”

What else could she say? No matter how unwilling she was to attend this wedding, he still had the final decision.

All she could do was listen and obey.

The wedding banquet was indeed very lively.

Most of the guests were prominent people from the politics and business world.

Some reporters were also given permission to cover and broadcast the whole event.

The celebration looked grand and luxurious.

The red carpet was laid from the entrance of the Hyatt Hotel until the banquet hall.

Ayla couldn’t help feeling ridiculous.

A few months ago, her wedding was also held in this hotel.

However, the situation at that time was totally different.

She was only forced and left with no choice.

But this time, Toby must be very happy to finally marry the woman he loved.

Brian noticed that she was lost in thought.

“Are you not ready to see this yet? Well, I don’t mind you grabbing the groom as long as you have the courage.”

He knew exactly what she was thinking.

If the Woodsen family didn’t force her to replace Arlene and marry him, she would still be waiting for Toby to marry her.

Or even if she couldn’t be Toby’s legal wife, she would be willing to be his mistress, right? Ayla glared at him.

“Mr.Clark, what are you talking about? It’s not funny at all.”

She then strode forward, ignoring her five-inch high heels.

But when she turned to a corner, she unexpectedly bumped into Toby, who came out to answer a phone call.

Fortunately, he supported her timely and held her in his arms before she fell to the floor.

“I’m sorry.I wasn’t looking,”

Ayla immediately apologized without even knowing who was holding her.

“Lala?” Toby said in a soft voice.

Surprise was written all over his face as he didn’t expect to see her here.

Why did she come? Was she going to attend his wedding? Hearing the familiar voice, Ayla quickly struggled to her feet and broke free from his embrace.


Her voice was so low, almost a whisper.

She looked so scared.

On their way here, she kept wishing not to meet either Toby or Molly.

She even planned to hide in a corner just to become unnoticed.

But of all people, why did she have to run into Toby directly? Was fate really playing on her? Molly had been following Toby all the time.

So when she saw him walk out of the banquet hall, she went after him.

However, she was shocked to see Ayla in his arms.

The two of them looked so intimate.

She was the bride, his wife.

How dare Ayla flirt with him on her wedding day!


She rushed towards them and slapped Ayla in the face without warning.

Ayla didn’t expect it to happen, so she was unprepared.

The impact of Molly’s slap was so strong that she retreated a few steps.

Her left cheek was immediately red and swollen.

Molly had always been cruel to her.

Touching her face and tasting the salty blood in the corner of her lips, she could only feel so unfortunate to experience such humiliation.

“Molly, what are you doing? How can you hit someone just like that?” Toby snapped as he walked towards Ayla.

“Lala, are you okay? Does it hurt?” he asked.

Molly’s five fingers left red marks on her fair face.

“Toby, don’t forget that today is our wedding.Can you see yourself right now? You’re acting so mean to me just because of this woman.Do you ever love me?”

Molly’s roar had attracted many reporters’ attention.

Ayla pushed Toby away.

She didn’t come here to make trouble or ruin their wedding.

However, it seemed too late.

The reporters, who were very interested in the scene, had already flocked around them.

They were not only taking photos but also videos.

She could only sigh in her heart.

Toby glanced at Ayla.

He really wanted to, but he couldn’t protect her well on such an occasion like this.

Feeling helpless, he slightly sighed and walked to Molly’s side.

“Molly, as you’ve said, today is our wedding.Don’t make a scene.”

“I’m making a scene? Are you saying that I’m causing trouble in my own wedding?”

Looking aggrieved, Molly looked at Ayla.

“For the sake of this woman, you are putting all the blame on me.Then why did you hug her just now?”

She deliberately invited Ayla not to ruin her wedding but to show Ayla the truth that Toby only belonged to her.

“Mrs.Brown, you misunderstood what you just saw.I accidentally tripped, and he only helped me not to fall to the floor.”

Ayla still opened her mouth to explain, although she knew it was useless.

“And you did it on purpose, didn’t you?”

Molly glared at Ayla.

Obviously, she didn’t believe what Ayla said.

Did Ayla just fall into Toby’s arms coincidentally? Hayden also heard the unusual noise outside, so he immediately came out.

“Molly, what is going on here?”

“Dad, this woman is flirting with Toby.”

Molly seemed determined to destroy Ayla’s reputation in front of so many reporters.

She didn’t intend to leave her even a little dignity.

Hayden looked at Ayla and remembered her at once.

“Miss Woodsen, it’s you.”

“Dad, do you know her?”

Judging from the way Hayden spoke to Ayla, Molly felt that he was quite familiar with Ayla.

“She was the one who saved me the last time I had a heart attack.”

Hayden didn’t feel even the slightest hostility towards Ayla.

He had a good impression of her.

“Did Molly hit you?” he softly asked, looking at the red marks on her face.

Ayla was so stunned that she only stood rooted to the spot.

She didn’t even know how to answer Hayden’s question.

His attitude towards her really puzzled her.

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