The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Let Her Witness

This time, Mr.Walker seemed to be in despair.

“Mrs.Brown, please don’t make things difficult for me.I’m just a manager here.”

Unlike them, he was just an ordinary person.

“If Toby is the one protecting her, you have nothing to worry about.You don’t have to be so afraid of him.After all, he also relies on the Smith family to get to his current position,” Miley chimed in.

She had always looked down upon Toby.

For her, he was just a poor man, and he was nothing without the Smith family.

Mr.Walker fell silent for a moment before he said, “It’s not Mr.Brown.”

‘He is more powerful than Mr.Brown.I can’t possibly offend him” he wanted to add but chose to keep it to himself.

Actually, the next day after Ayla got injured, he received a notice from their superior.

He must make sure to take care of her and not let anyone bully her.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to live well.

Molly was about to say something more when her mother pulled her arm and said, “Forget it.Since Mr.Walker can’t make the decision, don’t make things difficult for him anymore.”

As long as Toby wasn’t involved with Ayla, they had no reason to force the manager to fire her.

After taking the photos, they wouldn’t have to come here again, anyway.

Molly looked up at Ayla, who was busy working on the second floor.

She then said, “All right.Well, just please give this to Miss Woodsen, Mr.Walker.”

Mr.Walker took it and said, “Don’t worry, Mrs.Brown.I will definitely give this to her.”

After her work, Mr.Walker gave the red wedding invitation card to Ayla.

She gave it an incredulous stare.

Did they really have to invite her on their wedding day? Why did they want to let her witness such an intimate moment with her own eyes?

Even when she arrived home, she still couldn’t stop staring at the invitation card on the tea table.

Actually, she had been looking at it for half an hour now, especially at the words, “Groom: Toby Brown.”

“Toby, I wish you all the happiness.I know that you will be very happy after your wedding,” she murmured.

Even if she was not his happiness, she still hoped he would be happy.

Brian was already back from his business trip.

And the first thing he saw when he entered the villa was the red wedding invitation card on the tea table.

He actually received one too.

The next day, Brian was in his office as usual.

He was sitting on the sofa, savoring the aroma of the black coffee in front of him.

After a while, Anna came in.

“Brian, are you looking for me?”

“Yes.How is Arlene doing recently?”

He knew that Arlene had been trying to escape.

But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get away from his control.

“She’s still the same—never behaved herself.”

She was definitely giving Anna a headache.

“If she doesn’t behave herself, teach her a lesson.”

Brian had never seen Arlene again after that night in the bar.

But he knew that she was really good at hooking up with men.

She was indeed the real daughter of the Woodsen family.

“She actually has escaped more than once.” Anna sat beside him.

“Aren’t you going to see her?” Brian picked up the coffee cup and took a sip elegantly.

“No need.If she runs away again, just do as I say.”

“Then what about that other woman? I mean the fake daughter of the Woodsen family.Is she really going to be your wife for the rest of your life?

“Anna didn’t expect that Brian wouldn’t let go of Ayla.”

If Ayla kept the crown as Mrs.Clark, what about her? Would she only stay by his side silently all her life, without a title? She didn’t know if she would be willing to do it.

Brian didn’t say anything.

Actually, he had the final say.

As long as he was willing to set her free, she could leave.

But he was reluctant to let her go.

Instead, he wanted to protect her.

When he found out that she got hurt in the wedding photography studio, he immediately used his power to keep her safe.

Ayla was the type of woman who always endured no matter how much injustice she suffered.

She even sacrificed herself to be his substitute bride.

“It seems that you already feel something for her,” Anna commented.

She had known Brian for a long time, but she couldn’t even stay in his villa.

But Ayla, who was just his fake wife, lived there now.

Envy and jealousy overwhelmed her.

“You’re thinking too much.”

Brian stood up, trying to convince himself that his treatment of her was nothing but only because of a man’s most instinctive physiological need.

That was all.

“I really hope I’m just overthinking.You should know how painful the consequences you will endure if you fall in love with someone,”

Anna warned Brian.But she failed to warn herself not to fall in love with an indifferent man like him.She also stood up and looked at the wedding invitation on the table.

“Are you going there?”

The Smith Group had always wanted to please him, but he had been deriding them.

It was only because of Ayla now that he made exceptions again and again.

He reached out and picked up the wedding invitation card.

How could he not attend it? Actually, Brian wanted to see how Ayla would react when she saw Toby being married to Molly.

Ayla was in her room, standing in front of the French window in a daze.

Toby and Molly’s wedding would be tomorrow, but she had not decided whether she should go or not.

Actually, she knew that she shouldn’t show up.

Her presence would only make everyone there unhappy.

But she also wanted to see Toby as a groom even though she was not his bride.

“What’s bothering you? Are you thinking whether to attend his wedding tomorrow or not?”

With just a glance, Brian could clearly tell what she was thinking.

Ayla turned around and looked at Brian, who suddenly appeared in her room.He still had a cold face as if there was always a chill all over his body.

“When…when did you come back?”

Ayla felt a little guilty.

As much as possible, she didn’t want him to know what she was thinking because he would only misunderstand her.

“This is the first time that you didn’t notice my come back,” Brian remarked.

Usually, when she heard his car in the garage, she would go downstairs.

But today, not only did she not go downstairs, but she also failed to notice that he had been standing in her room for a longtime.

“I’m sorry.I didn’t notice,”

Ayla apologized without even taking a step closer to him.

“Then tell me honestly, are you thinking about that?”

His eyes cast a cold glance at the red invitation card on the table.

Everything about Ayla couldn’t escape his eyes.

“I’m not going,” he heard her say.

“No.You must go.And you are going with me.”

Brian had already made the decision for her.

Well, he could do whatever he wanted.

The next morning, Ayla woke up feeling weak all over.

But she knew that Brian had been waiting for her downstairs, so she had to drag her sore body to the bathroom.

He must have decided to attend this wedding long ago.

Otherwise, how could he prepare everything she would wear today? He said that as long as she was still his wife, he didn’t want her to make him lose face.

So even if the dress was so expensive that she didn’t even want to touch it, she had to wear it.

It was a handmade pink strapless long gown.

The front was adorned with some pearls of the same size.

When she wore it, it highlighted the beautiful curves of her body.

Around her neck was a cold-proof white fur shawl that could protect her from the cold weather outside.

When Brian went upstairs to check on her, he saw her standing in front of the mirror, mystified.

But the dress matched her perfectly.

It made her skin fairer.

He walked in and asked, “Why don’t you go downstairs?”

Ayla looked at him from the mirror then looked at her dress.

“Do I really have to wear this?”

She actually didn’t feel comfortable in such expensive clothes.

“Do you want me to repeat it?”

Brian had grown impatient, and his temper was not as good as she imagined.

She knew that it was useless to complain, so she kept quiet.

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