The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Falling In Love With Me Is Destruction

Rage flared up in Toby’s heart when he saw Brian kissing Ayla.He wanted to step forward and beat Brian up, but he couldn’t.He was afraid that his impulsivity would only make Ayla suffer in the end.

“Mr.Brown, I want to spend time with my wife alone.You can leave now.”

Brian let go of Ayla, faced Toby, and asked him to leave.

Although Toby was still worried, he knew that he couldn’t stay.

When he looked at her and saw from her eyes that she seemed fine, somehow he felt relieved.

He had no other choice but to turn around, get in his car, and drive away.

After watching Toby’s car disappear, Brian turned to Ayla.

“Since I didn’t allow you to go out, you let your old lover come here for a tryst, huh?” he said coldly.

There was a hint of accusation in his voice.

“No, I don’t even know how he got here.You misunderstand.”

After what he had witnessed, Ayla knew that it would be hard for her to explain the truth to Brian.

“Okay, fine.You don’t know.But if I didn’t come on time to see everything, you are going to hide it from me and say nothing, right?” Ayla lowered her head, looking aggrieved.

She didn’t want to retort because she knew that if she talked and explained too much, he would think that she was being defensive.

Finally, Brian didn’t force her to talk.

It turned out that he came back home early today because he had to go on a business trip.

This time, she helped him pack his luggage.

“How many days will you be away this time?”

Ayla couldn’t help asking.She wasn’t used to his absence now.

Before, she felt happy and relaxed every time he went on a business trip.But now, there was a sense of reluctance in her heart.She didn’t know why she felt this way.

“Why do you want to know my schedule? So you can tell your old lover when to come here?”

Actually, Brian didn’t know how long he would be away this time.He could only come back after he dealt with some matters there.

“If that’s what you think, I can’t do anything with it.I don’t want to explain myself to you anymore.”

Ayla felt that everything she would say made him unhappy.

Brian stubbed out the cigarette in his hand, stood up, and walked to the edge of the bed.

He then wrapped his arms around her slender waist from behind.

“You look so unhappy.Is it because I am still here or because I am leaving?”

Deep in his heart, he hoped that her answer would be the latter.

“Will you believe what I say this time?”

Ayla turned around and looked at him.

“You can try to tell me.”

He met her eyes, wanting to hear the truth from her.

After all, she had never really told him her innermost thoughts since they got married.She did nothing but submit and give in to him.

Ayla shook her head and broke free from his embrace.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“You have a crush on me.”

Brian turned her around and put his hand on her left chest, feeling her heartbeat.

The delight in his eyes and the coquettish smile on his face made her heart tremble.

She had a crush on him? How could that be? Only Toby occupied her mind and her heart.

Even if they were not meant to be together, she wouldn’t love any other man except him for all her life.

Besides, how could she fall in love with such a ruthless man like Brian? He even disdained her.

“Mr.Clark, stop joking.How is it possible?”

Ayla forced a smile.

She wasn’t in love with him at all.

The reluctance in her heart couldn’t be mistaken for love.

“I hope so too.You should know that the consequence of falling in love with me is destruction.”

Brian didn’t want to fall for her, and he wouldn’t allow her to fall for him either.

Ayla looked at him, but she didn’t say anything.

There was nothing wrong with falling in love with a handsome, rich, and powerful man like him.

But in her case, falling in love with him was like jumping off a cliff.

She would be doomed.

Wearing a bathrobe, Ayla stood on the balcony and watched Brian’s tall figure leave.

It seemed that all the passion he had towards her just now had disappeared.

S*x still hung in the air of her room, but he just left her out in the cold.

He only cared about himself.

Every time he wanted to have s*x with her, he never asked her if she was willing to do it, let alone give her more warmth and care after making love.But what about her?

All of a sudden, Ayla felt her face moistened.

She reached out her hand and touched it only to find out that they were tears.

She wiped them with the back of her hand.

How long had it been since she last cried? She couldn’t remember anymore.

After all, she always told herself not to cry.

But right now, tears streamed down her face for no reason at all.

She was ataloss.

Every time Brian was away, the whole villa felt so empty and quiet.

But because of Ayla’s presence now, there was a burst of laughter and warmth in the house.

With a bunch of flowers in her hands, Ayla walked into the living room.

“Mrs.Clark,” Maria greeted her.

“Maria, look at these flowers.Aren’t they beautiful?”

She loved flowers, so she recently took flower arrangement classes.

Now, there were not only priceless antiques in the entire villa, but also many beautiful flowers that Ayla had brought back.

“Wow! They are so beautiful.Mrs.Clark, your flower arrangement is the best!”

Maria noticed that since Brian left, Ayla had become much more cheerful.

Ayla removed the withered flowers from the side table and replaced them with the new ones.

“By the way, Mrs.Clark, tomorrow is a weekend.Are you still going out?”

Maria said while looking at the flowers on the table.

Their light and elegant fragrance now filled the entire living room.

“Yes.There are lots of things to do in the studio tomorrow, so I have to go to work,” Ayla replied with a nod.

It was almost the end of this semester, and she would be busy preparing for her final exam soon.

Brian had been away for a long time now, but she hadn’t heard anything from him.

The last time she heard was that Anna went with him.

Perhaps there was no need for her to worry about him.

That woman could take good care of him.But why did her heart feel sad?

“Mrs.Clark, are you thinking about Mr.Clark?”

When Maria went upstairs to bring a glass of milk to Ayla, she saw her sitting on the sofa in a daze, so she couldn’t help asking.

Her voice seemed to have awakened Ayla from a deep sleep.

“Of course not.”

Ayla shook her head, denying and trying to get rid of the man that had been troubling her mind.

Sometimes, the people we didn’t wish to see were the people we suddenly bumped into so easily.

Ayla was busy with her work in the studio when Molly and her mother, Miley, came in.

They were there to pick up the photos.

“I didn’t expect that you’re still here.You are really shameless,” Molly remarked sarcastically.

“Mrs.Brown, what’s so surprising about me being here? I’m an employee here.Although I only work part-time, I believe that I am doing my job well.Is there any reason for me to resign?”

Ayla needed a job, and she liked her work in the studio so much.She wouldn’t give it up unless her manager fired her, which she believed was unlikely to happen.

This was something that a daughter from an affluent family like Molly would never understand.

She didn’t need to worry about her life, and she didn’t know the meaning of hard work.

“Well, you’re quite eloquent.But what if I tell you that your future in this studio depends on me? Will you believe me if I say I can make you lose your job right now?”

Molly raised her eyebrows and cast Ayla a sidelong glance.

At this moment, the manager of the studio came out.

“Ayla, go and help them on the second floor.”

He sent Ayla away, so he could personally entertain the two distinguished guests from the Smith family.

“Mrs.Brown, what can I do for you? If you need anything, just let me know.I will help you with it,” he then said to Molly as he stepped forward.

Molly glanced at Ayla, who was walking upstairs, and said, “Mr.Walker, I want you to drive that woman away.”

“Mrs.Brown, you can’t be serious.”

Mr.Walker didn’t know why she always made trouble for Ayla.

Actually, he didn’t have the right to do what she wanted.

“Why? Can’t you decide on such a small matter?”

Molly noticed the embarrassment that surfaced on the manager’s face.

“Mrs.Brown, I don’t think it’s necessary,” he said with a smile.

“Not necessary? Well…Who’s protecting her? Is it Toby?”

The manager looked helpless, and Molly had seen it clearly.

This had confirmed her suspicion.

Someone must be protecting Ayla.That was why he couldn’t fire her.

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