The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 43

Chapter 43: If She Is Happy, He Will Be Happy

In the hospital, the doctor checked and dressed Ayla’s wound.Then he prescribed some medicine to help her recover faster.

After listening to the doctor’s advice and instructions, she and Maria went out of the doctor’s room.

“Mrs.Clark, I’m glad that your scald has been checked.Mr.Clark really cares about you because he wants to make sure that you recover quickly,” Maria said while helping Ayla walk to the entrance of the hospital.

“Mrs.Clark, wait for me here.I’ll just go to the pharmacy to buy your medicine.”

Ayla just nodded and stood at the door, watching the people coming in and out.She subconsciously looked down at her bandaged right hand.Now she knew why her left arm was so sore that she couldn’t even lift it when she woke up this morning.

Last night, she used it for support, especially when Brian pressed his solid body against hers.

She was still lost in thought when she suddenly saw a middle-aged man staggering to his feet.

He was clutching his chest with one hand while leaning on the wall beside her.

“Sir, are you okay?”

Ayla stepped forward to help the man up.


With his trembling hand, Hayden took out a bottle of medicine from his pocket.

“Oh, okay.”

She took the bottle from his hand, opened the lid, and took one pill.

“Here.Please open your mouth.”

Then she gave him her bottled water that she hadn’t drunk yet.

When Hayden felt relieved, he looked up at her and said, “Thank you.”

His voice still sounded weak.

“You’re welcome,” Ayla replied with a smile.

“It’s just a small thing.”

“No, I owe you my life.If not because of you, I would have died.”

With sincerity in his eyes, Hayden looked at her.

Then he suddenly felt a sense of familiarity.

‘Why does she look so familiar to me?’ he thought inwardly.

“Miss, have we met before?” he couldn’t help asking.

Actually, Hayden also looked familiar to Ayla.

She thought for a while and said, “You are Mr.Smith, right? I think we’ve seen each other at the anniversary party of Smith Group.”

Hayden nodded his head slightly, but he still felt a strong sense of familiarity towards her.

They didn’t just casually meet at the anniversary party.

At this moment, Maria walked up to them with the medicine.

“Mrs.Clark, I’ve bought all your medicine.Shall we go?”

It was only then that Hayden noticed the bandage in Ayla’s right hand.

He nodded at her and said, “It seems that you are also injured.You’d better go home and have a good rest.I’m fine now.Thank you for helping me.I have to go to my doctor to get my medicine as well.”

Ayla also nodded at him.

She then walked out of the hospital with Maria and went back to the villa.

Since she had nothing else to do, she spent the whole day in the villa, sitting on a chaise lounge in the garden and basking in the warmth of the sun.

She rarely had such a relaxing day, so she savored the moment.

When it was getting dark, Ayla decided to go back inside the house.

But then, she heard a car in front of the gate of the villa.

She wondered who could it be.

Brian never came home this early, and he never parked his car outside.

She walked towards the gate to check.

But when she saw the man getting out of the car, her body froze.

It was Toby, who was still wearing the suit he used in the photo shoot.

“Lala! Lala!”

Toby called out upon seeing her.

Ayla looked at him and asked, “What are you doing here?”

She didn’t know how he found out where she lived.

“I’m worried about you, so I came to see you,”

Toby replied, staring at her beautiful face.

She looked much better today than yesterday.

But her hand was still bandaged.

“I’m fine.You should go back home now.”

Ayla then turned around and was about to go back inside the house.

They had no reason to see each other now.

Besides, she didn’t want Brian to misunderstand her, nor did she want Molly to know that she was still seeing Toby.

Seeing that she was about to leave, Toby shouted to stop her, “Lala, open the gate.Let’s talk, okay?”

Although he knew it was unnecessary, he still wanted to explain everything to her.

“I don’t have anything to talk with you.You’d better go back to Miss Smith.She must be looking for you now.”

Deep inside her, Ayla wanted to see him and be with him.

But she knew it couldn’t be possible anymore.It was inappropriate.

“And please, don’t come here again.”

If Brian found out, she couldn’t imagine the consequences.

“Lala, does Brian forbid you to see me?”

Toby didn’t believe that Ayla didn’t want to see him.

He thought that Brian was locking her up and forcing her to stay away from him.

Ayla shook her head.

“It doesn’t matter anymore.I am married, and you are also getting married.Focus on your wife and love her well.I know you will be happy.”

She wished them happiness from the bottom of her heart.

“And what about you? Are you happy? How can I be happy if I know that you are not?” Toby smiled bitterly.

Ayla was his only happiness, and he didn’t love Molly at all.

He was only marrying her because of responsibility.

“I think I will be happy soon.”

If she couldn’t escape or hide from Brian for the rest of her life, then she would try to make herself happy.

“No! He can never make you happy.He can’t give you your happiness.”

Toby wanted to wake up Ayla from her craziness.She could never live a happy life with Brian.

Ayla turned around and looked at him.

“Whether I can be happy or not has nothing to do with you.”

As long as Toby was not involved, she could accept everything in her heart.It didn’t matter whether Brian loved her or hated her.

She could take it.

“How can it be? I always want you to be happy, and I know that I’m the only one who can give you happiness.”

Toby didn’t want to give up.

He was very close to her now.

If only there was no big iron gate between them, he would definitely come to her and hug her.

At this moment, Brian’s car stopped outside the gate of the villa.

He decided to come home early today, and he didn’t expect to see such a scene.

His eyes darkened at once.

“Mr.Brown, you really are capable.You can even find my villa.”

His voice was freezing cold.

When Ayla saw Brian, she immediately pressed the button to open the gate and greeted him, “You’re back.”

“Let her go!” Toby shouted.

He was so angry when he saw Brian wrapped his arm around her waist that he wanted to pull her away.

“Mr.Brown, she is my wife.Who are you to prohibit me from touching her? And who do you think has the right to touch her? You?”

Brian derided as he held her tighter.

Ayla’s head was starting to ache.

She didn’t want Brian and Toby to have a conflict because of her.

So she raised her head slightly and looked at Brian.

“Mr.Clark, let’s go inside now.”

“Why? Are you afraid that your sweetheart will be unhappy to see you in my arms?” Brian asked coldly.

He knew that she wanted to break free from his embrace, but he wouldn’t allow her to do so.

“No, that’s not what I mean.”

Ayla’s headache was getting worse.

His ability to misinterpret her words had never changed.

“Brian Clark! Don’t go too far.Get your filthy hand off Lala.You can’t touch her.”

Toby stepped forward and tried to take Brian’s hand away from Ayla, but his strength was no match for Brian.

With only one forceful swing from Brian, he retreated a few steps back.

“Mr.Brown, do you really think you are much better than me? You already have the daughter of the Smith family, but you are not contented yet.You also want to take my wife.Don’t you think you’re the one who is going too far?”

Toby was stunned upon hearing Brian’s words.

His face turned pale at once.

Ayla pursed her lips and said, “They are a couple.”

“And so are we.”

Brian then wrapped both arms around her waist, bent over, and kissed her lips.

In front of Toby, he kissed her deeply and passionately.

It was such a sudden move, and Ayla was unprepared.

She was stunned and didn’t know how to react for a moment.

However, the last bit of sanity left in her told her that she should push him away.

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