The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 41

Chapter 41: He Felt Sorry For Her

In the afternoon, everyone of the studio was still busy with the photo shoot.

Ayla was injured, but she did her best to assist the photographer.

However, Molly seemed so determined to make things difficult for her.

She had so many complaints regarding the setup, the background, and everything.

Even the photographer felt that she was making nonsensical objections and inappropriate changes.

But what could they do? After all, she was a VIP customer.

Toby didn’t try to approach Ayla again too.

But he would occasionally stop Molly from throwing tantrums.

He knew that he would only make things worse if he said something to stand up for Ayla.

Molly took time choosing her wedding dress in the morning, and she made a lot of changes during the photo shoot, so they had not finished the outdoor shots on time.

It was already late in the afternoon, but they had only done half of it.

“Toby, I’m so tired now.Can we just continue the shoot tomorrow? Anyway, our schedules are both free, right?”

Molly held Toby’s arm intimately, acting like a spoiled brat in front of him.

– Toby couldn’t help glancing at Ayla, who didn’t look well at all.He knew that she was the most tired today, but he couldn’t do anything for her.

“Okay, let’s call it a day.”

He nodded in agreement.

“You! I don’t want to see your face tomorrow.Don’t come here,”

Molly suddenly said, glaring at Ayla.


Toby looked at her in surprise.

He didn’t expect that she would say such a thing.

She already made things difficult for Ayla the whole day.Was she not satisfied with it? Was she going to make Ayla lose her job?

“Oh, Toby, do you feel sorry for her? You don’t want her to lose her job, do you?”

Molly turned to look at him.

He didn’t even hesitate to show that he still cared for Ayla.

Did he really have to be so partial in front of other people?

Molly thought that all Ayla could do was make herself lock weak and delicate in front of men.

That b***h was just pretending to be pitiful.

Toby couldn’t retort.

Indeed, he felt sorry for Ayla.

But how could he admit it in front of Molly? Things had changed between them.

Now, he couldn’t protect Ayla just like what he did to her when they were younger.

“Don’t worry.I’m just asking her not to come tomorrow, not to resign.Don’t be so nervous.She won’t lose her job.”

Everyone knew that Molly’s words had a great impact on Ayla’s life and career.

Before Ayla clocked out, the manager told her that she didn’t have to come to work tomorrow.

But the rest of her schedule remained the same.

Touching her bandaged hand, she thought that it was also a good idea.

Actually, although the scald on her hand hurt, the pain in her heart was more intense.

The pain was tearing her heart apart, and she felt like it was too difficult to breathe.

The moment Lyle saw Ayla coming out of the studio, he immediately opened the car door for her.

“Mrs.Clark, are you okay?” he asked, looking at her bandaged hand.

Ayla nodded.

“I’m fine.Sorry for making you wait for so long today.”

“It’s okay.I’ve already called Mr.Clark and told him about it,” Lyle replied with a smile.

He then started the car and drove back to the villa.Just as he parked the car in the garage, Brian’s car also came in.

“Mr.Clark…” Lyle greeted him.Then he looked at the back seat.

“Mrs.Clark has fallen asleep.”

Brian opened the car door and looked at Ayla, who was sleeping soundly.

His thick brows furrowed when he noticed the bandage on her hand.

With a frown, he carried her in his arms and took her inside the villa.

Perhaps Ayla felt the warmth of his embrace.

She nestled in his arms and changed into a more comfortable position.

Brian looked down and stared at her sleeping face.

If this was in the past, he would have thrown her away and ignored her.

But now, he was reluctant to treat her like that.

There was something in his heart that told him not to let her go.

“Mr.Clark, you’re back.”

Maria immediately walked up to him and smiled when she saw Ayla in his arms.

Brian put Ayla down on the sofa.

But as soon as her back hit the soft fabric, she opened her eyes.

And she was stunned to see his handsome face so close to hers.

“You…I…” she stammered.

She then abruptly sat up and pushed him away.

“Why are you so scared to see me? If I have known it earlier, I should have let you sleep in the car.” Brian got angry upon seeing her reaction.

“I didn’t mean to fall asleep in the car.”

It was only then that Ayla realized that she had fallen asleep while Lyle was driving home.Did Brian carry her in?

“What happened to your hand?” he asked indifferently, looking at her hand coldly.

She hid her hand and said, “It’s nothing.I’m fine.”

Seeing her bandaged hand and the exhaustion on her face, he didn’t believe her words at all.

“If you don’t tell me, don’t think of going to work from now on.”

It was Brian’s way of forcing her to speak.

Ayla took the cup of warm water that Maria handed to her and took a big gulp.

She didn’t have time to drink water or rest today, so she felt so thirsty.

“Mr.Clark, shall I set the table for dinner now?” Maria asked as her gaze swept over Brian and Ayla.

And she was worried to see the tiredness on Ayla’s face.

Brian nodded and urged Ayla to walk with him to the dining room.

Maria had already put all the dishes she cooked on the table quickly before Brian and Ayla sat down.

When Ayla picked up the chopsticks, she felt a sharp pang in her hand, so she dropped them to the floor.

“Maria, give her a spoon,”

Brian ordered without raising his head.

He just continued eating the food in front of him.

Ayla took the spoon and ate with her left hand awkwardly.

“I met Mr.Brown and his wife in the studio today.”

She wanted to put an end to all these things, so she decided to tell him honestly.

It was only then that Brian finally raised his head and looked at her.

“They booked a pre-wedding photo shoot in our studio today.”

She didn’t expect that she could say it so lightly.

“We haven’t finished today, so they have to come back tomorrow to continue it.But I don’t need to be there tomorrow.”

Ayla didn’t feel bad about it anymore.

After all, she didn’t want to see Molly again, hear her sneers, and see how she clung to Toby’s arm like a leech.

Besides, it was she who rejected Toby before, right? If she didn’t refuse him, some things would have been different.

After dinner, Ayla went to her bedroom, took a shower, and lay in bed.

She had a long day, and she felt so tired that she immediately fell asleep.

She had totally forgotten that Brian was home today.

Brian had just finished his work, so he walked out of his study.

When he passed by Ayla’s room, he noticed that the door was ajar, so he pushed it open and entered.

She was sleeping like a log, so he was free to stare at her and study her features.

She was obviously worn out the whole day.

For the sake of her work, did she really think that no matter how tired she was, it was still worth it? « Then he suddenly thought of Toby.

When she told him earlier that she met him in the studio, he felt very uncomfortable.

The next second, he pulled the thin quilt away from her, and the gust of cold wind woke her up.


Through the dim light on the bedside table, Ayla caught a glimpse of Brian’s handsome face.

But there seemed to be gloom in his eyes.

She subconsciously looked down and found out that her nightdress had slipped up, revealing the lower part of her body.

She immediately pulled it down and grabbed the quilt.

But it had already been thrown to the floor.

“You seem to forget something today.”

Brian grabbed her slender arm.

She was so tired that she forgot.

When he was at home, she had to serve him well before going back to her room.

She pressed her lips tightly.

“I’m sorry.”

But did he really need to wake her up in the middle of the night just because of it? Couldn’t he endure it even for one night? Brian didn’t want to hear her apology.

The next moment, his tall body covered her.

It was just a kind of physiological instinct.

And every time he did it to her, Ayla could only feel pain, no pleasure at all.

She suddenly remembered everything that Molly said to her today in the dressing room.Molly was so proud of having s*x with Toby she enjoyed it very much.

However, what about Ayla?

Brian tore off her nightdress.

And when his hands touched her skin, she stiffened.

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