The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 40

Chapter 40: You Are His Legitimate Wife

When Molly heard that Toby was going to help her choose a wedding dress, her smile deepened.

She held her head up high and looked at Ayla arrogantly.

It was as if she was showing off to the other woman that he belonged to her, and Ayla was just an assistant who would be responsible for their pre-wedding photos.

She never thought that he was doing it to help Ayla.

Ayla saw how Molly held Toby’s arm intimately while checking the wedding dresses one by one.

It hurt her, and she wanted to stay away from them.

But she had no other choice.

For the sake of her job, she had to stay and endure watching the scene in front of her.

“Molly, how about this one?”

Toby took a red wedding dress and showed it to Molly.

It was the same red wedding dress that Ayla chose first.

Molly’s expression turned gloomy at once.

Ayla and Toby seemed to have a tacit understanding.

Did they already talk about their wedding before? This thought made her change her mind, although she also liked the red one.

“No, I don’t like that! Didn’t you say I’m the purest? Then I should be wearing a white wedding dress.”

From now on, she hated the red wedding dress.

It seemed that Toby and Ayla both loved this color.

Feeling helpless, Toby paused and turned to look at Ayla.

However, she had lowered her head all the time, so she didn’t see him looking at her.

Still holding Toby’s hand, Molly pulled him forward in front of one wedding dress.

“How about this one?”

Her voice sounded so sweet.

“Well, it’s beautiful,”

Toby replied with a nod without even looking at it carefully.

Finally, Molly had chosen a wedding dress for herself, so Ayla accompanied her to the dressing room.

Molly took off her clothes casually as if Ayla was not watching her.

She actually did it to deliberately show the hickeys on her body to Ayla.

Of course, Ayla would immediately understand that it was Toby who left those marks on her skin.

“Toby loves me so much that he likes leaving his marks on my body.He said that my body only belongs to him as I am also exclusively his,” she said to Ayla on purpose.

Ayla wanted to pretend that she didn’t hear anything.

But when she raised her eyes and saw those clear marks of love on Molly’s body, her heart ached so much that her whole body stiffened.

But she also scolded herself for feeling that way.

Toby and Molly were already a couple, so whatever happened to them had nothing to do with her anymore.

Seeing that Ayla was standing there in a daze, Molly mocked, “Does it break your heart? I bet Toby hasn’t done anything like this to you before.”

She smiled smugly at Ayla.

“Well, you are his legitimate wife now.Does it still matter what he has done to me before? Do you really care?”

Ayla said with a faint smile while zipping up Molly’s wedding dress.

“You’re just a part of his past.Whatever he has done to you then is none of my business anymore.But you’d better stop pestering him from now on.If I find out that you are seeing him, I will definitely teach you a lesson.”

After saying those words, Molly stomped off the dressing room.

Toby’s gaze passed Molly and fell on Ayla, who still had a smile on her sweet small face.

“Toby, how is it? Do you think I look beautiful in this one?”

He only came back to his senses when he felt that Molly tugged his sleeve.

‘Would he keep ignoring me like this every time Ayla is in front of him?’ she thought unhappily.

“Yes, you look very beautiful,” he replied with a nod.

“Actually, I’m still not satisfied with it.Can I try another one?”

Molly didn’t like having Ayla standing beside them all the time, so she deliberately wanted to give Aylaahardtime.

She tried the wedding dresses one by one, and every time she changed in the dressing room, she would sneer at Ayla and mock her.

However, Ayla seemed not affected at all.

She just smiled as if she didn’t hear anything that Molly said.

No matter how arrogant Molly was to her, Molly was still a VIP customer.

So she couldn’t complain even though she knew that the other woman was deliberately being so picky.

Finally, the fitting of the wedding dresses came to an end.

It was already almost noon when they started the photo shoot outdoors.

Ayla patiently assisted Molly all the time.

She helped Molly retouch her makeup and gave Molly a glass of water to drink.

She didn’t mind even if she turned into Molly’s personal assistant instead of an assistant photographer of the studio.

Toby wanted to say something.

But after hesitating for a while, he decided to just shut his mouth.

He knew that Molly was deliberately making things difficult for Ayla.

But if he tried to stop her, he knew that she would only continue giving Ayla a hard time.

“Why is this so hot? Do you want to scald my tongue and mouth with it?”

Molly snapped as she returned the cup of hot water that Ayla handed to her.

“But Mrs.Brown, you said that you want to drink hot water.”

Ayla only gave Molly what she wanted, but she looked so disgusted with it.

“I don’t want to drink this anymore.Take this away!”

Molly shoved the cup to Ayla forcefully, so the hot water spilled on the back of Ayla’s hand.

Ayla hissed in pain and withdrew her hand at once.Toby immediately stood up and ran to her side.

“Lala, you’re hurt.I’ll take you to the hospital.”

She shook her head and withdrew her hand that he was about to hold.

“I’m fine.It’s nothing serious.”

But deep inside her, she was really hurt.

She just had to clench her teeth to endure the pain.

The manager of the studio also ran over to her when he saw the situation.

“What happened? Ayla, is your hand scalded?”

“I’m fine, manager.I’ll just wash it with water.”

Ayla then turned around and left.

Toby was about to follow her, but Molly stopped him.

“If you follow her, I will make you lose everything.Believe me.”

She couldn’t allow him to chase after Ayla.

Yes, she hurt Ayla on purpose, and she didn’t regret it.

After all, Ayla had always been seducing him.

As soon as Ayla walked into the bathroom, she opened the faucet and let the running cold water pour into her hand.

Alice, who followed her, asked, “Ayla, are you okay? Oh my, I think that’s a serious burn that has to be treated.There’s a hospital nearby.Let me take you there.”

Alice didn’t like Molly either.

For her, Molly had gone too far.

Just because she was rich, she was so rude and arrogant.

Ayla didn’t refuse Alice’s offer anymore.

The doctor immediately applied some medicine on her scald and wrapped it with gauze.

Then they returned to the shooting location to continue assisting on the photo shoot.

When Toby saw her bandaged hand, he was so worried that he wanted to approach her.

However, Molly held his arm tightly.

“Do you want to go and check on her?”

Molly was afraid that Toby would hold a grudge against her for what she did just now, so she took the initiative to urge him and walk towards Ayla.

“Ayla, I’m sorry.I didn’t mean it,” she apologized.

Toby gave her a surprised glance before he looked at Ayla.

“Don’t force yourself to apologize if you really don’t want to,” Ayla said with a sneer.

The last thing she needed was Molly’s hypocrisy.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? I’m already apologizing.What else do you want?”

Molly sounded aggrieved.

But she thought inwardly, ‘B***h!’

If it weren’t for Toby, she would never apologize to Ayla.

She did it only to please him.

Ayla didn’t say a word and just looked at them embracing each other so intimately.

What did she want? She actually didn’t want anything from them.

Obviously, Molly had been targeting her.

So she didn’t want to say anything more.

She only wanted to do her job well.

It was lunchtime, so Molly invited them to a high-end restaurant nearby.

Ayla had no choice but to go with them since all the staff were invited.

However, she made sure that she sat very far away from the couple.

Because of the bandage in her hand, she found it difficult to hold her chopsticks.

Toby, who had been observing her all the time, noticed it, so he called a waiter.

“Give the lady over there a spoon,” he said, pointing in her direction.

Molly’s face darkened upon hearing his words.

Why was he so concerned about Ayla? He had never been this considerate to her.Ayla shook her head.

“Thanks, but no need.The chopsticks are fine.I can manage.”

She didn’t hesitate to refuse his kindness.

Molly secretly glared at Ayla and thought, ‘’You’d better be.If you dare accept his offer, I swear, I won’t let you go”

The dishes on their table were all mouthwatering, but Ayla barely ate anything.

Seeing the care in Toby’s eyes and the fierceness in Molly’s eyes made her lose her appetite no matter how hungry she was.

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