The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 38

Chapter 38: He Doesn’t Want A Baby

“Do you want to hide after seeing me?”

From the corner of his eye, Brian saw that Ayla turned around and was about to leave.Ayla turned around again.

“No.I just don’t want to drink water all of a sudden.”

If she had known that he was downstairs, she wouldn’t get out even of her room.

She didn’t want to see him after all.

His return meant that he wanted to have s*x with her again.

The pain that she felt every time they did it had already scared her.

“Come here,”

Brian commanded emotionlessly.

“Mr.Clark, do you need anything?”

It was so late, and there were no servants in the main villa at this hour, so she should be the one to serve him.

“Are you really used to being ordered to do things?”

Brian couldn’t help wondering what kind of treatment she had received from the Woodsen family that she had become so obedient.

She could have refused to be Arlene’s substitute, but she did not.

She agreed to marry him and suffered without any complaints.

Ayla gripped the corner of her shirt tightly.Did she do something to annoy him?

“Yes, Mr.Clark.So I would rather you treat me as a servant.”

With the way Brian was treating her, she thought that it was better to be a servant.

She didn’t mind doing the laundry, cooking meals, and cleaning the entire villa as long as she could live her life in peace, and she had freedom.

“Why? Is something wrong? I think you’ve been living a good life in the past few days.Have you already gotten impatient?”

He didn’t like her stubbornness, provocation, modest concession, and submission.

“Although the Woodsen family has sold me to you, I still want my freedom.Can I have it back from tomorrow onwards?”

If Brian didn’t say those words just now, she wouldn’t have the courage to tell him how she felt.

He would get angry at her for sure.

But she’d better tell him directly than let him find out by himself.

“I want to go to work starting tomorrow.I can just give you my schedule once I know my working time,”

Ayla said in one breath after plucking up all her courage.

But as she spoke, she never dared to look at his eyes in fear that his sharp gaze would interrupt her.

She had given all her savings to Arlene, so she had to start working again.

Otherwise, she would become so penniless in the future that she wouldn’t even afford a bus fare.

“You’ve decided to go to work before telling me? I was only away for a few days, and you’ve already learned to make decisions on your own?”

Actually, Brian didn’t have any objections at all.

After knowing that she was Ayla and not Arlene, he wanted her to do whatever she liked.

Ayla shook her head.

“No, it’s not like that.I’m not making decisions on my own.I just think that I also need to do something.”

She didn’t want to be a parasite, let alone to him.

And he could abandon her at any time, so she could only rely on herself.

“Well, as long as you behave yourself, I can give you freedom.”

Brian pulled her closer to him and wrapped his arms around her slender waist.

She could actually just be his wife and do nothing.

He could give her everything.

There was no need for her to go to school, work, or show up in public.

However, she was different, so he didn’t want to stop her.

But she must still be his woman.

“I know.”

Ayla nodded.She knew that she should never cross the line because she was under his control.She lived in his house, so she had no choice.

Brian stubbed out the cigarette in his hand and held her in his arms.His sudden intimacy made her whole body stiffened.

“You seem so scared every time I hold you.Is he the only one who doesn’t frighten you?”

He might not be aware of it, but his words were full of jealousy.

Ayla didn’t want to waste her time explaining.

He wouldn’t listen to her anyway.

Besides, she couldn’t refuse him if he wanted to have s*x with her.

“Well, tell me, how did he treat you?”

Seeing that she remained silent, he leaned much closer to her.

“Not here, please.”

Although she knew that there were only the two of them in the villa, she still didn’t feel comfortable having s*x with him on the sofa in the living room.

Brian h****d his long arm around her neck.

“Do you want to pick a place?”

His sneer made her tremble all over.

“No, I don’t.And even if I say so, you won’t agree anyway.”

She lowered her head, not wanting to meet his eyes.

“It’s good that you know.”

Brian continued to approach her wantonly until she was pinned on the sofa, leaving her no space to step back.

About an hour later, Ayla weakly dragged her sore body upstairs.

He followed behind and stood at the door, watching her take out a piece of medicine from the drawer and eat it.

“Don’t stare at me like that.I don’t want to give birth to your child at all,” she said.

He was a devil, and she didn’t want her future child to be like him.

Seeing the disdain in her eyes made Brian wonder how much resentment and hatred she had towards him.

“Whether I want to have a child with you or not is not up for you to decide.But don’t worry, I don’t want a child either.”

He had experienced something before that he didn’t want to experience again.

And it made his heart as hard as a stone that he didn’t know how to love or care about anyone or anything anymore.

It was unlikely for him to have a child.

“I understand.”

Ayla was not as cruel as him.

No matter how unwilling she was, she could never be ruthless.

Brian frowned when his gaze swept over the stack of books on the desk.

He thought inwardly, ‘’This woman has the energy to study and work, but she has no energy to please me”

The next morning, Ayla woke up and went downstairs, but didn’t see Brian anywhere.

Maria came to her room and brought her breakfast.

“Mrs.Clark, breakfast is ready.”

“Where is Mr.Clark?” she asked at once.

Brian always got up early, so she thought that he should be downstairs at this time.

“Mr.Clark left early today,”

Maria replied while putting the tray with a bowl of porridge and other dishes on the table.

Ayla was a little surprised.

He came back so late last night, but he went out so early today.

Didn’t he get tired? Maybe she really couldn’t be compared to him.

“Mrs.Clark, Mr.Clark is always busy with his work.He can sleep for only a few hours a day.Don’t worry.You will get used to it,”

Maria said when she saw the worry in Ayla’s eyes.

Later that day, after coming out of her school, Ayla took out a business card from her pocket.

It was her new part-time job.

She would be working as a photography assistant in a wedding photography studio.

This kind of part-time job paid better than working as a waitress or dishwasher in a restaurant.

“Hi! Are you Ayla? Come here.”

The manager of the studio welcomed her enthusiastically.

He seemed to be full of energy.

He even gave her a tour of the studio and told her some basic information about it.

She had the same work experience before, so she got familiar with her tasks quickly.

After Ayla’s shift, the manager said to her, “Ayla, you did well today.You impressed me on your first day.By the way, we have a VIP customer coming this weekend.I need you to work the whole day on Saturday, okay?”

The manager checked his schedule, and this Saturday was the most important day.

He couldn’t afford to offend the Smith Group.

As a matter of fact, he had guaranteed them the best service, so he wanted to give them the most satisfying sets of pre -wedding photos.

Ayla had no objection at all.

She didn’t have classes on weekends anyway.

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